Monday, January 17, 2011



1.Chinese Navy Holds its first live-fire drill in Gulf of Aden

2.15 Die In Bus Blast near Kohat in Pak.Accident and not terrorism?

3.Karachi: Pashtun Supporters of MQM Targeted.

4.Quattrochi guilty only under Indian law. Not under laws of other countries. Extradition difficult.

5.For extradition, one must be guilty under laws of country seeking extradition as well as extraditing country.

6.People's Daily write-up on HU's US visit describes Taiwan, Tibet & Xinjiang as major concerns. Xinjiang mentioned for first time.

7.No reference to S.China sea. No mention of core interests

8.Global Times deplores US paranoia about China. Unwarranted, it says.

9.Chinese commission documentary to project soft image of China. It highlights inter alia space achievement.

10. Critics point out it will add to paranoia of US common man and not soften China's image.

11.Problem: China has no soft side to its personality like democracy, human rights, religious diversity, ethnic empowerment etc.

12.Chinese personality consists of its GDP growth rate, its foreign exchange and US bond holdings, fast trains, train to Lhasa etc.

13. These scar Americans.

14.Japan: In a review of relations in 2010, China highlights positive & plays down negative.

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ambi said...

remember madam ji maine bolatha ki aapka badluck hi kharab hain? u had cracked big jokes this time n lord krishna is going to laugh at u n congis. guess what? wikileaks has rcvd the swiss bank acc. details. n all the details (including indian acc.s) are going to be available for public. maa kasam!! now that u have invited lord krishna's laughter, best of luck madam ji!