Sunday, January 16, 2011



1. ISI chief visits Washington without fears of summons or arrest due to case against him in NY court.

2. Zardari meets Obama & CIA chief Panetta. Obama comes with aides. Zardari alone. ISI chief present in meeting with Panetta.

3. ISI chief travels to Washington separately, not in Zardari's plane.

4. One knows China’s stealth plane can fly. Is it really stealthy?

5. BJP as usual has played its scam cards badly. Will Congress (I) have last laugh?

6. TV channels: Political cockfights score over professional discussions.

7.Political cockfights bring money. Professional discussions only yawns.

8.Dad called him USAma. CIA calls him USAma. Astrologers feel it’s ominous first three letters are USA.

9.Better he dies of old age like you & me and not in a Drone strike as a martyr, but he is only 54.

10.His DOB 10-3-1957. No horoscope is possible because time of his birth is not known.

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Esoteric said...

Awesome! #8 is so intriguing..will we ever know?

So true about BJP,the moment people start to believe them, they mess up.

Keep these coming....