Sunday, April 17, 2011



I have been in receipt of more reactions by E-mail to my two articles on Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat. I am giving below edited versions of some of the E-mails received by me

E-Mail No 1:

“I was saddened, but not surprised, to read about the unwarranted negative response you received regarding your article on Narendra Modi. This is certainly not the first, nor will it be the last, time that an individual who has justly praised the chief minister of Gujarat has been vilified by much of the Indian intelligentsia. The disproportionate reactions to any and all praise of Shri Modi is indicative that those hostile to him, hate him not for what he is, but for what he represents. Whilst his detractors claim that Modi is a symbol of 'Hindu Fascism' or something similar, my own view is that this is disingenuous: there are many other individuals who represent political Hinduism (such as Bal Thackeray or Ashok Singhal) who have not received nearly as much calumny as Mr. Modi. The real reason, I suspect, is that Narendra Modi, more than anyone else, best represents Indian Nationalism - and it is this that his detractors cannot stand. Or to put it differently, in slandering Mr. Modi and attacking those who give him due credit, his detractors reveal their true feelings regarding our country. The anti-nationalist mentality of the pseudo-secularist Indian élite has been deftly analyzed by an American convert to Hinduism here:
The Crisis in the Psyche of India

The Japanese have a term mokusatsu - "killing with silence" (Source: ). I am sure you are aware that this technique will now be used against you - and that loneliness is but a small price to pay for the freedom to speak one's mind.”

E-Mail No 2

“I read your article. I do not want to comment on the goodness of it, since whatever you wrote is out in public anyway. Those with eyes open and heart open to their motherland already read it and ignored these secularists. I am writing this to say KUDOS to you for saying "SO BE IT". I have been dying to hear these words from the celebrities like you. I fail to understand why likes of Amitabh and Hazare try explaining their comments. You have begun a NEW ERA and when you said those words the lady who danced in Your Heart and Mind was none other then "MAHAKALI" Herself.
You are blessed by Her to usher a new era to take on these Pseudo Journalists and Secularists. And I pray the movement will reach its pinnacle by 2014. Many after you will say the same.”

E-Mail No. 3

”I have always been a fan of your articles. Your article asking the youth to support Narendra Modi was the height of naïveté. Narendra Modi is a butcher who needs to be tried by an international court and jailed. You say he was not directly involved in the massacres and just dragged his feet. He didn't just drag his feet. He prevented the Indian Army from moving in to prevent the massacre that his goons indulged in. When the violence broke out George Fernandes tried to move the Army in to keep law and order. For three days Modi would not agree to let the Army in while his henchmen went from door to door with lists of people that they dragged out of their homes or shops and burned to death. This pattern of behavior did not start with Godhra. What about all the churches that were being burned in Gujrat when BJP was in power in the center and Modi was ruling the roost in Gujrat. What crimes did these Christians commit? Which train of sevaks did they burn? To overlook a man with a history of violence and hatred towards the minorities and turn him into a hero is ridiculous. Is it any wonder that he is persona non grata in most countries in the world. Crimes by omission or neglect are just as serious as crimes of commission. Humanity and morality are just as important as economic growth.”

E-mail No 4

“I admire your decision to stick with the blog . Greatest people in the history did not modify their views depending on which way wind is blowing, that is integrity and conviction. A handful of loud and noisy people cannot decide the fate of a nation. They have been exploiting the pathological urge among many Indians to look good and be in the good books of some loud mouths who will otherwise tear you down. As far as the readers are concerned probably you sir will have more readers than ever.”

E-Mail: No 5

“I have been a silent reader and admirer of all your analytical papers published on various topics ranging from politics, strategies, terrorism and international situations. I am 32 yr old business IT consultant and work with an MNC in Hyderabad. I am presently working from Amsterdam, NL . This is the first article (#4429) which I strongly feel is not going at all with your image and analytical skills that you possess after serving Govt of India for such a long time in various capacities. I am feeling dejected that you could have made statements through out your paper in the favor of one person who has been considered as almost next to Hitler by of course not by you but by so many Indians like me, who at least know a bit of internation history and contemporary Indian history and politics. Indian youth is not in favor of politician like Narendra Modi but would like to follow a clean and developmental political process. Tying the development plank with his image was the only option left with Mr. Modi which he grabbed and now the result is, people like you have changed the opinion about his ill administration. I have read most of your papers and remember it was article (#429) where you could have thought about the consequences of Mr Modi's admin ignorance leading to various terrorism scenarios within country. Again, my feeling is - had you not published your personal feelings favoring Mr Modi (a.k.a. 'Dev' Purush) it would have made more sense to follow your thoughts and suggestions (at least) to me. Your thoughts had earlier ignited my thinking towards building intellect driven country but I am sad, you may be loosing at least one Indian who may not favor your ideas now onwards. I am very apologetic if I have hurt your feelings, but I thought to share my thinking than sinking within. A Silent Admirer who will still follow your articles! “

E-Mail No 6

“Bravo!!! I am glad that you stood behind your article on Modi. That was indeed a brave act, and my respect for you has only risen. It’s time the rest of Indian citizens start applying critical thinking skills in finding a good leader who is beneficial to rest of India, than just blindly supporting someone who “appears” benign and naïve, or blindly aping what the self styled “secularists” in our country preach. I am sure that when the current younger generation becomes more active in politics, things would change. And until that happens, it’s important that people like you who have the experience and wisdom in geopolitical matters, help guide and shape the opinions of the younger generation through well meaning articles.”

E-Mail No 7

” I read your article with deep interest. Can you define a step by step process for the youth to follow against stop Modi campaign?

E-Mail No.8

“Its good people of your calibre & maturity are still there to acknowledge a common man(C.M) Llike Modiji.It all comes to either the pseudo secularists are all super brilliant,who pass all kinds of comments on Modiji,or most of the Gujaratis are rank brainless idiots voting in ever greater nos for Modiji repeatedly.
only one of of this could be correct. Shri Annaji is not a fool to comment on selectively shri Modiji & Shri Niteshji,India’s 2 best CM ever in 63yr history.

’In my opinion Sri Narendrabhai is a hindu (nothing wrong with that) he is not communal neither is he anti Muslim. His best friends from his original village are Muslims. thank God, Guj had Modi as c.m,who contained the riots & chaos. Gujarat has not even had a "curfew" in last 11yrs,let alone riots.

”Modiji is a great asset to India,a "desh bakht", a man of great vision for the country. In spite of all this media & tv channel abuses & one sided views & comments he has taken Guj in 10yrs what no C.M IN INDIA HAS DONE IN ANY STATE IN 60YRS. HIS MUSLIM CANDIDATES OF BJP ARE ALL WINNING LOCAL ELECTIONS.




E-Mail No 9

“I enjoyed this article.But will anyone clarify whether the rulers who were ruling during the incidents like genocide against pandits, anti sikh riots, rowdism during Chennai Corporation elections, killing of Swami Lakshmanandha despite his appeal of threat to his life etc. did any better job than Modi in containing violence. Did they not allow the genocide go unnoticed and resulting in loss of lives of people belonging to these communities.? In denigrating Modi and Anna, I am of the firm belief that the role of almost our entire media cannot also be ruled out because of their loyalty to the self appointed secular parivar. I also suspect their role in circulating CDs against Bhushans.Even the BJP jokers do not raise these valid issues and put the Congress, the indigenous and imported Gandhis on the mat.

E-Mail No 10

“I used to be a fan for your analytical writing. I noticed that your
admiration of Mr. Modi, which led to the words of "Keep him
quarantined in the past". Actually, this particular citation has
inflicted me a lot. RSS or other Hindu elements, never let freed the new Muslim Generation in India from the past, they kept quarantined the entire community in the past, which many of the descendants are unaware of, and brought up in more different environments. Those so called, Hindu ideologists did it with out any guilty feeling. Now, you are supporting them, yes, they did it. Let them free from this, keep them away from quarantining
in the past. Why is it so indifferent? This is just unfair.Anna Hazare, has mentioned about Nithish as well, but you have comfortably chosen to mention Mr.Modi only. This shows your true color.When you are stripped of your real colors, we simply lose the credibility of your writings. My wonder is that, you were in the IB for several years in a higher hierarchy, and you had this kind of partial mentality. Now I realized that why there are no blasts, or bombs in India recently, because, all those IB (RSS) ideologists were retired now, and a new blood is there in the helm, that's why we don't see any such "incidents". If we look
back, these hindu-muslim hatred started way back in 1980s, now, those IB crew seems retired. Thank God.We want to live in peace, not with hatred. Please help us to live our life fully, and peacefully.”


“Modi is a change agent, whereas so called secularist are surviving on their so called secularism. These elements are still singing the song of “Garibi Hatao” which is decades old, given by the grand mother of amul baby. Given a choice, no power worth it's salt would like or invite a change, because it poses threat to their existence. These elements have perfect motivation, but their motive is ulterior; their determination is like iron man, but it is focused on only one agenda “remove Modi” and dis-integrate all the other parties, (like they did during Janta Raj), and they have covered their (vision) eyes like horses pulling the cart, since they can see what their master's voice want them to see, hence their vision is very limited. As a result, given a choice, these so-called secularists would like to maintain the status quo ; their preference would be continuing with the most popular slogan “Garibi Hatao” , keep talking about development but do not permit any evelopment without their kickbacks like Bofors to CommonWealth, and Adarsh to G2, let hazar Hazars come, come what may ! And they want all their voters to be Garibs , backwards, religiously backwards, mentally backwards, surviving at Rs.2/- per kilo Dal-Atta and Chaval, begging from their NGOs, looking at them for small small helps, and with such motivation, determination and vision, how can we expect them to permit Gujarat, Bihar, Chhatisgarh or any other States and by that way Gujaratis, Biharis, Rajasthanis, Upians, Bengolies, Chhatisgarihs, etc., etc., to progress ?”

E-Mail No 12

“ I read your article about Mr. Narendra Modi and I completely agree with your point of view. I am writing this mail to present to you my views. I think in today's age ideologies do not matter to the extent to what some people believe. The basic driving force of the world is economics. Even the communist states of West Bengal and Kerela are in continuous lookout for fresh investments. The monetary system has completely over swayed the ideological world. In future lives of people will not better because of following a particular ideology but by getting away from this myriad of ideologies. To any sensible mind it would be impossible to find any difference in actions of "secularist" Congress and "right-wing" BJP. Policies of both these parties are pro-rich and both provide similar lip-service to poor. Here I would like to say that it would be foolish not to path we took in 1991 as in any case, India as a country does not really have much of the option.But it would also be wrong to say that ideologies do not play any part at all. But their significance on the changes they can affect on common man's life is minuscule. All of us would be much better off if keep ideological considerations aside and judge parties and leaders based on their work on ground level.In the end I would like to say that I agree with you that hindutva ideology of Mr. Narendra Modi should be curtailed to a point where it is not harmful to others. At the same time good governance provided by him to the people of Gujarat should be hailed.”

E-mail No 13

“I could not stop myself reading your next article for which I have been waiting since last night. I can understand that you must have gone through strongest ever criticism due to only one person. Is not that sufficient to give you enough hint that it is not because of favorism of development policies but because of the person you favored, you have fetched the criticism ? I am admirer to Mr Nitish Kumar who knew how to balance his deeds by not only providing strong admin but also maintaining communal harmony and not asking Mr. Modi to campaign in Bihar. He is SECULAR despite of being non-congress party person (I am open to tell). So the truth is every Indian is somewhat secular in its own sense, else the time BJP government came in the power 15 yrs ago, they should have passed first legislation of declaring that India is now a Hindu nation and we don't care about secularism. I am sorry to say that somehow you also picked up the wrong path by criticising secularists who have been existing as non political entities even before our constitution was adopted and that has been according to me is the essence of Hinduism. Believe me, by blaming so called secularists you will get more and more criticism that you must stop. People respect your thoughts because of your knowledge, your upward thinking and balanced analysis except (#4429). I will continue reading your articles as I respect your knowledge and would like to be beneficiary of that. “