Sunday, June 21, 2009


The anti-Government protesters in Tehran did not or could not hold their promised demonstration on June 21,2009. Even if they had wanted to hold the demonstration, they might not have been able to in view of the heavy deployment of the Basij militia, the Revolutionary Guards and Police all over the city. After the violent clashes on June 20 between groups of demonstrators and the militia in which at least 20 demonstrators---many of them women---were killed, the authorities were taking no chances.

2. On June 20, the security agencies started to act after the protesters had assembled to form the procession. On June 21, the forces were out in the streets right from the morning and prevented people from assembling. The protesters too avoided any confrontation. The heavy deployment of the militia and other forces and the determination of the Government to prevent any more processions would make it very difficult for the protests to continue in the form of street processions.

3. The protesters are worried that the absence of huge processions might be interpreted as the beginning of the collapse of the movement.They have been telling their followers not to lose heart and that the movement will be passing from the present phase of street protests to one of national strikes and non-cooperation with the Government. If their calls for strike fail to evoke a satisfactory reponse, one might see the beginning of a petering out of the movement.

4. Some of the latest Tweets coming out of Iran are given below:

If u wantto help but are frightened of the streets - give blood - that is big help.

If you catch militia - do not use violence do not kill him - treat him as your brother.

People of Iran - THIS IS THE DAWN - This is the new begining - have hope and prepare.

Gov will respond with electric power cuts - prepare and have gas cylinders at home or gasoline for light/cooking.

Expect food shortage - transport stoppage - money shortage in bank.

Soon Mousavi will announce full national strikes, probably starting with Petrochemical - prepare for this,

If u have CB radio only use when moving - never in fixed location - always off when at base.

If you see helicopter - burn tyres - as much as possible in many location.

Do everything possible to confuse Gov forces - give false info - block telephone lines.

Monday - all day all car lights to stay on to show unity and support for Sea of Green.

If possible buy CB radio for communication between groups - we have these.

Ppl store medication in your homes - our soldiers will need medicine.
If there is tear gas - burn cars - smoke protects you from tear gas.

Tomorrow at 4pm telephone Republican Guard Baseej with false reports all over city.

Tomorrow at 4pm everybody in all parts of country telephone and report street protests where there is none.

Report anti Gov activits who do not exist to Republican Guard or Baseej - send them looking for 'black beans'.

Start to confuse militia - telephone Republican Guard and tell them there is march in your street when there is none.

Ppl stop working - go to work if you must - but do nothing - bring all Gov offices to halt.

Ppl - stop to pay all electricity, gas, water, telephone bills from today - this will starve the Gov.

Ppl if you have money in bank - withdraw ALL your account - Gov is using your money to kill your ppl .

Advice to our people - you can help to destabilize the Gov - we will tell you how.

The Gov is collapsing and the system of control is fast breaking down.

Advice - do not believe anything on twitter which suggests that Sea of Green or Mousavi is surrendered - this is total lies.

Mousavi is planning to announce national strikes - these will show the world and the Gov of Iran the strength of Sea of Green .

Mousavi - We are(Independently) working on a gerneral Strike Plan. Please help us with your ideas if you have expertise.

Faeze Hashemi Rafsanjani and family members being held prisoner in military compound .

Faeze Hashemi Rafsanjani arrested yesterday - confirmed.

Ppl prepare - soon Iran will be cripple with strikes - already petrol shortages being reported.

Mousavi - I did not go to meeting of Guardian Council Sat because their final decision was made on Friday b4 I go.

Many ppls was killed in Iran Saturday - hospital sources say 'tens of ppls killed' .

If Mousavi is arrested or killed he has willed that the nation will strike indefinitely.

Kourosh Zaim - member of national people's party arrested.

There are rumours that Gov is losing control of army .

The bomb in the Tomb of Imam Khomeini is the work of the dictator - they want to blame us but we have no bomb.

All foreign satellite tv news has been stopped in Iran - they think a blinded man cannot see in the darkness.

Iran tv has said almost nothing about Sea of Green exept that some 'thugs' attacked police.

MOUSAVI - continue to chant Allah Akbar from your balconies every night.

Shahab Talebani - arrested - Mohammad Ghoochani newspaper editor - arrested .

Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail now completely out of service in Iran . (22-6-09)
( The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai. E-mail: )



At least 20 anti-Government demonstrators are reported to have been killed in Tehran on June 20,2009, when the Basij militia and the Revolutionary Guards opened fire to prevent demonstrations in support of the call for the annulment of the Presidential elections of June 12 and for holding a fresh poll. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was declared elected for a second term in the elections. His victory has not been accepted by his opponents, who have alleged widespread rigging by the Government machinery.

2. Despite the use of lethal force by the Government to disperse the demonstrators on June 20,2009 and the resulting deaths, the supporters of Mir Housain Mousavi,the reformist leader, who came second in the elections as per the disputed official results, are going ahead with plans for another day of protests on June 21,2009. The Government has not so far used the Army against the protesters.
3. Some of the latest Tweets are given below:

Mousavi we will stand beside you - we will die beside you - Allah Akbar.

It is dawn- we go to pray to Allah - pls people of the world pray with us - God is but one - Allah .

Again we thank you for support - pls see our vidoe links for vioolence in Tehran today.

Mousavi - we have gone too far to stop now.

We have no confirmation of tank in Tehran - that is a rumor from Gov.

We must rest - Tehran is burning with the fire of freedom - but tomorow we fight again - we have injured ppl.

Rafsanjani has stayed silent until now - he has the support of the army - our hope is that the army will protect us.

Mousavi calls on Sea of Green - DO NOT act violently.

Confirmed - Bank Melli hospital Tehran - at least 9 dead.

Confirmed - Rasoul Hospital Tehran - at least 11 dead.

Confirmed - hospital source - hundrends injured Saturday.

We know that the army is not ready to kill the people of Iran.

We are the bird of freedom of Iran - but we have no wing without you Allah - peace be upon you.

Brothers and sisters were killed before our eyes today - the innocent blood of the martyrs of Allah.

We have no future - no life - no hope - without you Allah - our creator - our leader.

Hojateleslam bin Moslemin Rafsanjani holds the honour of the army of this great nation.

We are of peace for all men - we are the blood of Allah - we stand for that which you Will and decide.

Allah you are he creator and to you we shall return.

We are washed in the pure water of heaven and stand before you Allah to be martryred . (21-6-09)

( The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For TopicalStudies, Chennai. E-Mail: )