Tuesday, March 29, 2011



I sent the following Tweets (@ramthink) in response to a comment from a reader on Barkha Dutt, the famous TV personality of NDTV:

@anuyawarty @BDUTT It was a great show by Barkha. I enjoyed it. She was sparkling as usual. I have E-mailed my comments to her.

@anuyawarty @BDUTT At same time, I felt it was largely a Punjabi show.Would make great impact on Punjabi viewers, not on others.

@anuyawarty @BDUTT Inder Gujral,MMS, Barkha, Amarinder Singh & many others. They R unable to grow out of their Punjabiness.

@anuyawarty @BDUTT For them, what they like, others ought to. What they think, others ought to likewise.

@anuyawarty @BDUTT They fail to see that large sections of pple view Pakistan thro diff eyes.Their views shd not be ignored.

@anuuyawarty @BDUTT I have started advocating a new approach to Pakistan. At same time, I constantly keep in mind fact that very few, even in my profession, agree with me.I try to convince them without imposing my views on them.Barkha doesn't try to understand & convince the non-elitist sections who feel uncomfortable with her views.She rides roughshod over them .

@anuyawarty @BDUTT That is why she evoks extreme views towards her. Total admiration as in my case or strong criticism from others

@anuyawarty @BDUTT No scope for a middle ground.Despite all this, I remain her unashamed admirer.

@anuyawarty @BDUTT I consider her one of world's best TV journos. Her mastery of TV medium is unmatched in India.

@anuyawarty @BDUTT She is a born TV show personality.So too her intellect, mental sharpness & courage.Country ought to be proud of her.

The following is a subsequent comment---not tweeted. Barkha has to be careful. She has to be alert. How many of those admiring eyes are the same old eyes that keep following me everywhere? Are there any new eyes among them? How many of those applauding hands are the same old hands that had always applauded me? Are there any new hands among them? How many of those tweeting their admiration to me are the same old tweeple? How many new adherents to their ranks? She should constantly keep posing these questions to herself in order to keep her feet firmly on the ground. She should not be blind to the shifting sands of popularity and adulation. (30-3-11)

( The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi )