Monday, January 17, 2011



1.Pak police revise earlier claim.Bus blast near Kohat terrorist attack & not accident. 18 dead.

2.Will Tunisia have domino effect in Arab world?

3.Nervousness in Egypt, Jordan, Yemen and Kuwait. Small demonstrations in Jordan & Yemen.

4.Russia denies reports of Stuxnet virus attack on computer system in Bushehr nuclear power station built by it in Iran.

5.TCS maintains market lead among Indian IT companies in China. Provides services to four major Chinese State-owned banks. 1200 employees

6.WIPRO to set up R & D centre at Chengdu in Sichuan in Western China.

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shaan said...

What do you think about this latest episode of an Indian diplomat in the UK beating his wife and then claiming diplomatic immunity? Is this for what diplomatic immunity is offered? Are arrogant morons like him really needed for the country? More alarming is the report that the Indian High Commissioner himself had threatened the victim for making the case public, though it is clear that the case became public only because neighbors had to step in as she was brutally beaten up by the bastard.