Saturday, April 16, 2011


In my article titled "So Be It", I had referred to a senior journalist of a left of centre national daily calling me amazingly naive for my article on Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat. In reply to this, I have been in receipt of a very gracious E-mail message from him which I reproduce below along with my reply to him. I treat the matter now as graciously closed---B.Raman

E-Mail From the journalist to me:

"You are a valued and trusted and respected member of the Indian strategic community and if I was rather free and frank in my reply to your last posting -- in saying that you were 'amazingly naive' about Narendra Modi's government -- I certainly did not mean to cause hurt and offense. For that, I unreservedly apologise. Differences of opinion will always be there but there was no reason for me to hurt your feelings.
I have, of course, no intention of ending our friendship, limited though it is to cyberspace, nor of asking you to stop sending me your engaging, informative and sometimes provocative commentaries, which I will continue to read with great interest."

My E-mail reply to him:

"Thanks. I have already forgotten it. It is passee. Take care." Raman



RAVI KIRAN said...


All those who read your blog appreciate your stature and value you as one of the brightest ,knowledgable, and passionate civil servants India has ever produced. We all know that you have the best interests of the country in mind when you suggested a particular line of thought ( as in case of Narendra Modi taking a larger role , ) and respect and value your views with in that context. One thing whether we agree or disagree with you Sir, We will always be proud of you for the service you have rendered to the nation. The nation needs Karma Yogis like you to stirr itself up and realise its potential. I have always been inspired by the passion and courage which you showed which can only be derieved by the inner reposites of Honesty , and being true to one's own self above all, and will always rever you as one my life's heroes who i look upto for inspiration.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and a blissfull life ahead,


Ravi Kiran

Just another guy said...

See thats what happens when u ignore the "best journalist of the world". She gets back to u, nice and hard.

Anonymous said...

Don't credit Modi with Hindutva