Saturday, April 16, 2011



Among the E-mails received by me in response to my article on Shri Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, three question my statement that Gujarat under Modi is corruption free and give alleged instances of corruption under Modi. Slightly edited versions of these E-mails are given below:

E-Mail No 1:

"I also want development model of Gujarat to be followed by other States especially in power sectors reforms he had made earlier. Now every household in Gujarat villages is getting electricity for 24 hours without any cut. It is his great achievement. Other States should follow him in this regard but do not know why they are not following him? .... There is a specific allegation against Mr. Modi that about 21 lakhs of farmers have not been paid compensation in lieu of their lands having been acquired. Is this allegation true? "

E-Mail No 2:

"Though myself I am a big admirer and follower of Honourable CM of Gujarat, the fact remains that the ground reality in Gujarat remains different. There is too much corruption at all levels. I am a 35-yr old entrepreneur and am successful in my business in Gujarat but still i am unable to get small works done in government because of too much corruption. Sometimes there is so much anguish that BJP in Gujarat does not care for its own businessmen but wants outside investors to invest. I have investments of almost 75 crores in Gujarat and am willing to invest another 50 crores but because of so much hassles I have stopped building new factories in Gujarat. I must have written over one hundred emails to almost all concerned but no one has ever replied.

E-Mail No.3

"No doubt we can see Development & progress in Gujarat under the able Leadership of CM (Common Man) Hon Chief Minister Shree Narendra Modi. He has implemented all projects announced by the Central Govt with financial help as compared to other state. But Who says Gujarat is corruption free state…???? To give you an example…If you are a farmer & buy an agriculture land you have to pay Rs.10000.00 per account to the Block Development officer (Mamlatdar in case of Gujarat) for getting the land transferred to your name from the old Farmer. You may go to any village and ask the farmer he will tell you that ..the Talati takes money even for a small entry like Loan/Adding name of the family member/Deleating Loan entry after the loan is repaid etc… The corruption in Land transfer is huge and is known to the ministers as well. This is just an example…Gujarat is prohibited state but all types of wines available through bootleggers who are working under protection of local police who take regular Hapta from these elements..State VAT Rates are higher compared to other States…Electricity is costly…Big Industrialists are growing at rapid speed as the Govt..offers them land at throwaway price…One of the example is TATA NANO Project..Acres of land given….Lot of rebate on taxation and very special favor done in repayment of Land Money…So to say I can give you many examples.. Govt Debt is increasing day by day..Govt. Machinery ( Like District Collectors offices/School Teachers and Students..etc.) is used for Party Campaign programs….Advertisement of self praising placed in all cities at whose cost…?? Mr. Modi is popular in Gujarat as poster Boy…Every Govt..Local Self Govt..Advertisement carries his photos in bold….I am a great admirer of Mr. Modi..Because he is a strong leader but I will worship him if he removes ( I know he only can do this) corruption from the state and the common man gets the benefits of the same…Let us not get in to what others say but let us strengthen Mr. Modi’s Hands help him remove corruptions from the state."


( The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai, and Associate of the Chennai Centre For China Studies. E-mail: )


Kaushik said...

Sir, I met Ms.Swaroop Sampat some time back. She wanted to start a project for dyslexic children. All she did is write a mail to Narendra Modi. She was suprised the detailing she received and back-up support immediately after her first mail. I have met many such people but alas u will find a minuscule few....

Step Ahead said...

Mr. Narendra Bhai Modi is a great leader and truely India needs leaders like him, but surely there is corruption in Gujarat, Local Police is most corrupt of all, once i happened to visit Gujarat and i was on my way to the Ahemadabad International Airport from a small town of Gujarat called Modasa, on the highway towards ahemadabad police stopped our car and for no reason at all they made us stop there for more than 30 minutes when i opposed the police inspector tried to hit me, my uncle was with me he mediated and he paid him 2000Rs for no REASON whatsoever, Mr. Modi should start working on curbing this sort of corruption, as i have heard Gujarat police runs after every single vehicle that is from outside Gujarat or in other words if number plates shows a none GJ-xx number.

Unknown said...

sir i commend you for saying truth and thinking future of india,narendra modi suited to be best prime minister and make india super power atleast level of superpower country in 10 years,we are all with u,means millions from usa honestlyappreciate ur article

W0lf said...

Who says Modi isn't corrupt? His corruption is the same as that of Adolf Hitler.
He allowed a pogrom to take place in his state. By doing this, he made his subjects complicit in his crime.
Now there is an understanding in Gujarat between subjects and ruler. The ruler gives the subjects "development", and in return, the subjects sing his praises, live a guilt-free, blithe existence, and also keep the ruler safe from the hangman''s noose.
A very mutually convenient arrangement indeed.
Perhaps some people (like you and your admirers) are ok with this model of development, where the ends justify the means.
I am not. So sorry, your praise of Modi does not cut much ice with me.
I am just surprised that people are so trigger-happy with Modi-praise without objective analysis of socio-economic indicators.
It is almost as if some people will find any excuse to be his fanboys.

InstantKarma said...

In every country, there is an admin fee for land transfers. Rs. 10k seems like a reasonable amount for a transaction that requires several checks and validation.

The fact remains that even in the six western nations that I have lived there is no such as a 100% free corruption system. Gujarat is the least corrupt in India, and its CM deserves the credit for that. People are voting for CM Modi with their investment dollars and people from all communities (including Muslims) are moving there.

Congress & Left are just jealous of CM Modi. They can take a hike.

rudraveena said...

i am a big fan of modi and have followed him since his reclusive and meditative life in sanskar dham. I know many leaders who are well read but modi is one who is better understood than those well read leaders who doesn't have perception of their own. yeah but i agree that there is rampant corruption at the lower level but how can we blame modi, when the society so caste ridden, and the social justice come very late after the wealth generation. The race of becoming wealthy in Govt. officers is intense, and at the lower level there is corruption, BUT HOW CAN MODI BE EVERYWHERE, AT LEAST HE HAS SEALED ALL UPPER LEVEL CORRUPTION

ambi said...

i dont know! but some how ur sudden love for modi sounds strange to me.

by projecting modi as a leader and starting a debate on it without a reason, u r trying to make (indirectly) muslims insecure and go away from BJP. A congress ploy? God knows!!!! Time will tell.

But at this time i feel so. Congress knows their muslims. they know how to handle them. for last six decades congress has been fooling them.

not sure whether u ll publish it or not...Divide and rule. Time tested formula first by britishers for 150 yrs and then by congress for last 6 decades....

Abhishek Akhani said...
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Abhishek Akhani said...


I am from Gujarat and i live in Delhi. I have stayed in many states. After Coming out of Gujarat i realized the value of Modi's a example

1)I have uninterrupted 24 hours power supply in my small village in north gujarat which is the backward most are of gujarat, before ten years there were only hardly 10-12 hours power supply.

2)In my village we were drinking salty water, now we have clean water to drink.

3)when i came to delhi and gurgaon i saw that even thogh these cities have too much industries the govt. is not payin attention to them. there is 12 times power cut in a day. Every company or appartment has to keep their own generator for power supply.In Delhi-Gurgaon-noida region people has to buy water from tankers(this is a daily process). but in Gujarat things are different.

4)in Gujarat there is corruption but it is very very less compared to other states, people only give bribe to get fake documents and fake procedures. Otherwise officers are scared of anti corruption bureau. My dad is a govt. servant, he abuses Modi (but i like Modi) because he has made every government employee work hard(without easy money).

All these anti-modi people also know the facts but I dont know why they are highlighting rare corruption cases...

We have to appreciate Modi's Hard work and dedication to his service to our country...

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Unknown said...

Corruption is directly proportional to the growth rate. However good and foolproof systems can do some checks on corruption, but nobody can altogether remove corruption, if there is growth.

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