Friday, January 28, 2011



" Sonia Gandhi's man".

"Rahul Gandhi's man."

"Digviay Singh's man."

" Licking shoes of Sonia Gandhi & Rahul Gandhi to get a job."

" Congressy."

"A deshbakht who has metamorphosed into a Congressy./"


"A lunatic who has escaped from a lunatic asylum."

"Courier of Niira Radia, who carries her money to Swiss banks."

"Has formed a mutual admiration club with Barkha Dutt."

Who is this guy thus abused for the last two days by the Hindutva Storm-Troopers, who have practically taken control of the web world and are misusing it for indulging in a campaign of defamation and criminal intimidation of anyone who dares to criticise the Hindutva policies on any issue?

That is me.

The unfortunate me, who was unwise enough to step into the Twitter world without understanding how it works.

I found myself surrounded, trapped and waylaid by a group of Hindutva Storm-Troopers in my own Twitter site.

What was my fault in their eyes?

Ever since the first Malegaon blasts of September 2006, I have been writing on the phenomenon of some Hindus taking to reprisal terrorism .

I remained unconvinced that the first Malegaon blasts were carried out by jihadis and expressed my doubts in my writings.

I defended Rahul Gandhi's remarks on terrorism as revealed by a Wikileaks document while criticising him for talking on the subject in this manner with the American Ambassador.

I wrote against the Bharatiya Janata Party's Flag yatra to the Lal Chowk in Srinagar and called it political opportunism and in my Twitter postings called it an attempt to divert attention from the alleged resort to terrorism by some Hindutva elements.

I expressed my skepticism regarding allegations of large-scale conversions to Christianity.

I described the BJP's anti-corruption campaign as a fraud.

I described some of the Storm-Troopers of the Twitter world as "RSS guys" and asked them to go to Bangalore and persuade Chief Minister Yeddyurappa to resign instead of harassing me in my Twitter site.

I described these "RSS guys" as living in their own make-believe world, cut off from reality.

I cautioned them that I will teach them a lesson---hopefully.

Funny people, these Hindutva guys.

I praised Narendra Modi, as I always do, for his honesty and for his administrative talents.

They hailed me as a Deshbakht and tweeted my remarks on Modi across the web world.

I described Modi's ideology as negative and divisive.

They came down on me like a ton of bricks.

I praised some of the programmes of Barkha Dutt.

They abused me as a man of poor judgement and warned that nobody will read my writings in future.

I was grateful to many visitors to my site for strongly defending me and taking objection to the vicious manner in which the Storm-Troopers were abusing me.

Some of them sent me private E-mail messages advising me to keep my cool, not to let myself be provoked by them and to ignore them.

I noticed that Twitter allows subscribers to take up sites, with assumed names & usernames.

I did so. In my confusion, I was stupid enough to send tweets ---instead of E-mails-- to my close friends informing them about the change---without realising that Twitter flashes any message to all those frequenting the site.

It thus automatically flashed my message about my taking an assumed name (R.Iyengar) and user identity (indepthstudies) to all my followers even though I intended it to be a restricted message for only some close friends and contacts.

The message went to all these Storm-Troopers. Before I could realise what was happening they were in my new Twitter site.

I am in a dilemma. Do I continue with my assumed name and user identity , which are now widely known to the Hindutva Storm-Troopers of the world or do I go back to my real name & original user identity (ramanthink) without bothering about the Storm-Troopers?

Don't worry about them. Do what you want. Block them.Ignore them. So say my well-wishers.

I can block them, but how can I ignore them? How can I refrain from drawing the attention of the Indian public to this pernicious phenomenon of misuse of the Twitter world by the Hindutva Storm-troopers for a campaign of defamation and criminal intimidation against those whom they do not like?

How can I fail in my duty of sounding a wake-up call to alert our people to the emergence of battalions of electronic Hindutva Storm-Troopers to intimidate people they don't like?

How can I refrain from drawing the attention of Shri Mohan Bhagwat, the head of the RSS, and Shri Ram Madhav, the RSS leader who has been my friend since 2003, to the worrisome direction in which the Hindutva movement has been drifting?

The intolerance of critics and the willingness to destroy them and their personality by any means demonstrated by the Storm-Troopers are dangerous not only to you and me, my dear co-citizens, but to the country as a whole.

When the Storm-Troopers and their likes made their appearance in Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy, the majority of the Germans and Italians thought the best way of dealing with them was to ignore them and remain silent.

Germany and Italy paid a heavy price for their keeping silent.

Let us not pay a similar heavy price by remaining silent on these Hindutva Storm-Troopers.


(The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai. E-mail: )


Sahana said...
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Sahana said...

Not every BJP supporter is abusive or does not want to genuinely read what you write. So please do continue on Twitter and learn the technological nuances of blocking these unwanted elements!!


Nishit said...


sridhar said...


Pained at the comments. Please ignore and carry on.

The nation would miss your insights otherwise,

Ashok said...

I think joining Twitter for you has been a mistake. It is compacting your thoughts into spontaneous and terse remarks which take away from the reputation and credibility you have built over the years through solid analysis and superb journalism on security issues. I think the phenomenon really to worry about is that too many young people with internet access in India have opened twitter accounts because everyone there wants to be a celebrity, and instead of joining a gym or a football league, they sit at home on their computer and are taking out their emotional frustration by abusing you.

Sticking to emails and a weblog containing your journalism for communicating with an audience is a better approach.

Frankly speaking, it gave readers a little too much insight into your personal space, allows people who don't have manners and courtesy to directly interact with you and this takes away from your credibility. This was my assessment.

Aravind Murarishetty said...


Please continue to post ur insights on Twitter and avoiding contact with anyone who abuses the difference of opinion. They do not recognize that blind defense of a party/ideology is fanaticism and it is ok to disagree and oppose something one does not like. They are doing the same thing they accuse liberals of, sticking to ideology and 'family'.

Harini Calamur said...

it has happened to many people - including me.
ignore them. mock them. out them. but do not let them get you to leave the platform. everytime, this happens the voices of reason leave or pipe down --- and the bigots gloat.
there are lots of very good people from the Right on twitter - who are civil, rational and one can have a conversation with on areas of common interest.
the people who attack like this are anonmymous, cowardly (they won't reveal their real names) riff raff - do what you would in real life -- ignore, block ...:
stay in there :)

neo phyte said...

ur trying to tread more than one path. and i personally feel ur comments do merit opposition.

modi divisive? ask vastanvi :)

defending rahul, how about a perspective on the issue, its scale. this is rank fear mongering, what is hindu terror? at worst, it is distraught nationalists taking extreme steps against islamic terror.

giving this retaliation a communal color when the state has failed miserably is being insensitive and in very poor taste.

u agree or disagree with an ideology, can't pick and choose. what's a good program when barkha dutt as a person is doing incalculable damage to India with her slant towards separatists.

rama said...

Dear Sir,
I would like to introduce myself as an RSS worker who held many organisational responsibilities for past many years. Eventhough I am not currently active due to personal reasons, I am still connected to sangh ground level leaders in Tamil Nadu where I belong.
I sincerely apologise for those tweeters. From my 20 years of RSS Work in the streets, I can assure you that they are not RSS workers, instead they may be supporters who may have been influenced by RSS ideology. These Kind guys do more harm than good.
I also understand that you regularly participate in many seminars conducted by sangh front oragnisations in chennai and elsewhere. I would like to inform you that there are hundereds of RSS workers who regularly read your blogs and update their knowledge on world affairs. I personally know many of them. All of us may not accept all your views and I am sure you also will not accept all our views.But we are all patriotics and we want our nation to be strong and prosperous.
Please keep cool and please donot be influenced by these pseudo hindutva storm troopers. Please continue your Good Work.
Kind regards

Phoenix said...

Dear sir, I admire your knowledge. But your comments/blogs are used by mostly wrong people for painting wrong impression and making noise again particular community which even you accepted in your blog 'Agenda journalism'. If you see that way you would also understand that the 'storm troopers' phenomenon would only be exacerbated that way. Thus as I and every other informed 'storm trooper' know you are/may be right, but, your willingness to let yourself be used wrongly will force anyone take stands against you.

Inverted-T said...

Dear Mr. Raman,

It is appaling that a person of your stature was subjected to such treatment. Unfortunately, you are not the only one subjected to such treatment. People on either side of divide have faced or much worse abuse. Mr. Kanchan Gupta of the Daily Pioneer apparently received death threats and threats to his family by a few Congress supporters. While twitter has given great strength to the common man, it does come with it's share of troubles.

I do have a different point of view on the level of alarm we need to raise on this. Not more than 6% of Indians have access to the Internet. Almost 3/4th of those 6% use the Internet for purely work purposes. The remaining 1/4th are divided into various ideological groups, cultural, political, business etc. And even that group is further divided since not every such person with an ideology is on twitter. So, come to think of it, you or Mr. Kanchan Gupta were attacked by not more than 10-20 people from the BJP or Congress side, respectively. Therefore, in my opinion, the problem of hotheads on the Internet is not very serious. Having said that, even one abuse against a person of your stature is deplorable and such people should learn to respect out unsung heroes like yourself for the selfless service to the nation that you have provided. I hope you don't these abuses seriously and keep providing your valuable to fellow countrymen.


srbuzz said...

Dear Mr.Raman

Let me start by telling you - I was not one of those who vented at your views in the current context.

I read all of your articles but here's a view on the latest lament ...
1. Hindu bashing is doing fine - and the last thing it needs is for "balanced" intellectuals such as you to ride on that giving grist to the hindu bashing mill
2. I think what is really needed from you is a thoughtful article on whats provoking hindu's who are hitherto welcoming & inclusive - to get into acts of violence / pick up arms / wage war. I think - the hindu's we see acting aggressors - are reacting to terrorism - be it the muslim kind when bombs are blasted/people killed - or the christian kind where people are converted/souls destroyed. And these people take to acts of reprisal since there seems to be no move to tackle the problem at a govt level.
3. For instance - we have had non-stop acts of violence since independence ... with landmark events such as the kashmiri hindu's, the north-east christian conversion, the godhra massacre... and are now getting to see some hindu's react. Yet the entire government machinery is focused on hindu "terror" / rss ... and not on the larger issue - that is the cause
4. So the word Hindu terror is a "red flag" ... and when people hear you support a rahul nehru or a digvijay singh - it does raise the hackles.

I believe, as a hindu - that hindu terror is a contradiction in terms ... what we are seeing is pent up anger at a system that is marginalising the majority - and using every opportunity to beat it with a stick

After-all why do people break the law ... either because they are convinced there is no one to protect their interests OR simply because they can. I am afraid - after all these years, there is "sena" forming of people who believe the former.


Suresh Ramani

Rediscovering Sai said...


I am one of those Hindus on twitter who did not abuse you that day, so take the privilege of explaining the other side to you.

The violent Hindu resurgence to be frank is a local phenomenon which is a reaction of frustration (which I do not support). But generalising it as 'Hindu' terrorism and internationalising the issue by Rahul G and Digvijay and support by intellectuals like you can only enrage the larger section and will only end up accelerating the srpead of this reluctant resurgence.

In a nutshell, we Hindus to a large extent feel,

1) Congress will play down any muslim terror act to appease minorities

2) It will blow out of proportions any minor violent resurgence which is local to control Hindus

3) If this continues this way, we might find it difficult to protect our religion and culture. (Remember that country and religion are tightly coupled in Hinduism. No other religion binds you to India as Hinduism does)

4) Media is also against us

5) So only a Hindu Government is our solution. Remember, BJP Govt has assured through statements and through some actions that It is not anti muslim or anti minorities, but UPA never once appealed or assured the safeguarding of Hindu Identity.

So, they go all out to bash every one who supports UPA or UPA supporting Media and worship everyone who praises BJP or Sangh.

This is an analysis of the mindset and I hope you take the cue and continue your writings with more sensitivity. I always respect Independent thought. Critical or supportive, please present it as your thought than as a supporter of Rahul or Modi.

insane inanities said...


I've utmost regard for you and was pained to see that few sick morons hurled abuses at you, but Sir I've been following you on twitter and I kind of read your tweet which encouraged this melee. I'm not saying that one is not free to air his/her opinion but opinions must not be vitriolic against any organization or a group of people supporting its ideology. I don't care what Barkha Dutts or Arundhati Roys of this world have to say but when an esteemed personality of your stature say things which are little based on facts/reason and more on a biased standpoint it surely casts doubts over the independency of that person. That being said, I still genuinely believe you're one of those few nationalists who have temerity to call a spade a spade.
Please don't leave twitter, you can always block those people.


Anurag Saxena

ambi said...

'ramchandra kaha gaye siya se aisa kalyug aayega. hansa chugega dana kaala kauwa moti khayega.'
when we see one swamiji put behind bars without proper evidence, n govt protecting hasan ali khan despite having all proof agst him, what else do u expect? u r not the target. ignore these raw but pure emotions at your own peril. tell me how can we support someone who is supporting this govt. we r robbed n cheated right infront of our eyes.

Gurmeet said...

Dear Mr Raman,
Please continue the good work without worrying about the comments of lesser mortals with vested interests and perverted minds -- guys who wish to take our country back to the dark ages.
Warm regards,
Gurmeet Kanwal

ankan said...

Dear Mr. Raman. I agree that it is okay to point out if you see flaws and even to disagree, but foul language is not acceptable.

I hope you are concerned about the foul language and not about criticism. After all, if you put your views in the public people have a right to react.

I repeat, no abuse is acceptable.

Gomzee said...

Dear Sir,

Please ignore these abuses and continue tweeting ,your tweets contains a goldmine of information and/or pointers to them.

Jai Hind

Just another guy said...

When u criticize, you have a right to criticize.

When they criticize, oh, they are Hindutva lunatics.

Welcome to the democratic world of twitter, my friend!

Or perhaps, go back to the "you scratch my back and I scratch yours" world of the Indian Media. That is where you belong. The past, not the future.

msbajwa said...

Early portents of things to come in the future ?

Broadway said...

Mr. raman,
I've noticed that most indians on the web world do not comply or conform to opinions by anyone. It doesn't matter if MMS said it or any other great personality.

Not surprisingly, a lot of these people do not agree to some of your opinions. Neither do i. Particularity, the way you have been pointing and defending a certain journalist even when there is so much evidence against her in the public domain.

Do you expect that by insulting a part of the crowd that makes counter-opinions to your opinions will give you respect?

No compliance without reason

Mukkodan said...

Being an intel analyst yourself, we need not tell you how Cong and it's media works, on how they bend their backs to defend minority terror or minority conversion tactics, while they are quick to exaggerate a so-called/in-existent hindutva terror.

What you see in Social networking sites is the anger of the common Indian against a Dictatorial Govt and it's pathetically biased Media. It has nothing to do with RSS or Hindutva.

Mukkodan said...
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shaan said...

haha ha! you should not be this much sensitive on the www because it often resembles wwf on tv. The web gives voice for everyone and not everyone is a gentleman or is well informed. Just ignore them.

Shael Sharma said...

Dear Mr. Raman,

I am surprised at your choice of words and expressions: Storm Trooper, Batallion, etc? We live ostensibly in a democracy in India. On Twitter, things truly are. Your opinions, insights and commentary is ddeply appreciated in a nation and on a nation, that does not have much of a culture of analysis or situational awareness. You may need to worry about the 140 word communication platform and your adeptness to it nevertheless.
You may have created an impression of falling on one side of the rather very polarised narratives, especially on this flag hoisting business. Please don't err further by torturing cliches of the Hindu Right or indulging in self pity, at least not openly. Your work is far too valuable for either. I will be happy to help you organise your Twitter affairs, should this be of interest to you.

Keep going, we need sage advice and views.



Siva said...
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Indian Girl said...

Dear Sir, I am against abuse but should we blindly follow whatever the so called liberal journalists want us to believe in?
Do we not have a right to express our opinions?
Is this Great Indian democracy a sham?
Why should my voice be silenced on Twitter if I do not agree with some policy of the present government or by some errorofjudgement?
Disagreeing is not wrong but yes abuses are.
I must also bring to your notice that I have nothing to do with RSS still every now and then my twitter handle is mentioned by abusive people on Twitter and none of these abusive guys are right wingers.
So when do I get to see a journalist take up my case of ABUSE BY NON RIGHT WINGERS?
abuse takes place from both sides and one must just block and move on.

Nilmadhab said...

Extremely pained at the intolerance shown to your remarks. All I would request of you is to continue sharing your wonderful insights with all of us.

It was not your eyes which was at fault. It is rather the age-old weakness of human psyche to be unable to tolerate differing opinions which has been on display.

I would leave with these lines by the Father of Nation, "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win".


Eagle Eye said...

This abusing, cursing, threatening or just speaking in a manner not conducive of a gentleman is not at all acceptable. This will in no way help any religious group, whoever be they.
Fascists & not democrats try to suppress others thoughts & speech. Bharatiyas' will never ever accept this.
This is most unfortunate & regrettable. Mr Raman majority of Hindu's are peace loving & decent. Please ignore this oppressive minority be it from any religion/ caste / creed.

IPL said...

I am just disturbed after reading this post. I have seen recent trend on twitter, who ever criticize/oppose (I am not talking of abuse) Barkha, Sagarika, Bhupendra Chubey n some other are labeled as right winger, RSS , internet Hindu, lynch mob...n bla bla...

I feel what you see is anger of Indian middle class who are not a vote bank for any one...who is helpless and continue to be fooled & looted by politicians.

There is vote bank for minorities, castes, language...

I was expecting as a strategic analyst you have a better view as in how media works.... would love to see a post from you on the root cause analysis on the based on all the comments mentioned to this post

I repeat everyone who has a difference of opinion is not from RSS or Right wing...

If some one is abusing u, plz block them

But if some don't agree to you analysis and feel you are biased to xyz, will that be abuse?

lalith said...
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lalith said...

Branding, name-calling..etc are what kids do. What's the difference between you and your critics ? If you call them "RSS guys" and compare them with 'Nazis' and 'fascists' without even bothering whether they acknowledge it or not then they will surely come back to you with similar words like "Sonia's man".

Before you "brand" others get ready to be "branded". Your holier-than-thou attitude is also responsible for your misery.

Sarthak K said...

Mr Raman, abuse is of course not good, and you always have the option of blocking abusive tweeters.

However, everyone who criticizes you does not automatically become an RSS or Hinduvta lunatic. This is such a stupid conspiracy theory flouted by some of our media-persons led by Sagarika Ghose.

What you see is the frustration of the middle classes on the rising and brazen corruption by the ruling party, rising prices, a media that is too supportive of the ruling party (proved beyond doubt in radiagate), and extreme exaggeration of 'Hindu Terror' threat by both the ruling party and its media.

Thanks to the internet, the Indian middle class has access to objective reports of what's happening around the world. It was not lost on the internet savvy Indians how the Indian media barely covered the events in Tunisia and up till now in Egypt. Was it due to instructions from the 'high command' for fear of a replication in India? Call it a conspiracy theory if you will, but even you indulge in that when you call your critics on twitter 'RSS brigade' or Hinduvta supporters.

I agree with comments made on this blog by by Rediscovering Sai, insane inaninities and Just another guy

Nilim Dutta said...

Remaining silent would be a mistake. So would not responding to the vicious lies and abuses. Twitter is public space and we need to reclaim from fanatics and bigots every square inch of that. One need not respond to all the abuses and provocations, but a few well directed and intelligent thrusts every now and then should do the job. The fight has to be fought with intelligence, humour, sarcasm. Nothing bothers them more than the fact that you refuse to take them seriously, mock them occasionally or seem to carry on with the same good humour without losing your cool. That is your victory.

Ami said...

I dont follow you per se.
However, I did follow your story yesterday. It is sad.

However, I would have expected a person of your stature to ignore it. I am not upto your level, however I have an experience of being called various things. It is sad, but unavoidable.

I would request you to please come back. Not all are bad. It will be great for people like us.

Hummingbird said...


Kindly continue to post your views both on your blogs as well on Twitter.

Your well reasoned arguments bring a fresh air of authenticity to the articles which you write on security subjects and is an very important and credible source of information to the people, even if the reader(s) don't agree to the conclusion(s).

As regards the extreme views of some people, I guess that it is due to complete blacking out of space for alternate views in the mainstream media (newspapers, magazines & TV channels) which routinely brand all Hindus as communal and ignore blatant communal propaganda by some politicians etc. This is my guess. If MSM appears more balanced, I feel, Indian people won't get into extreme views. Social media like Twitter being free of controls, I guess, such people are venting out their anger. This is no excuse for what they do - it is only my guess as to what could be possible cause.

I personally feel that on issues involving national security, political considerations should go and there should be only one view - whatever is good for the country - that should be the one that should be adopted and implemented.

I hope and pray that 2011 be a better year for the aam aadmi - on various fronts viz., terrorism, inflation, corruption - each of which is killing him.

Warm regards.

Ishan said...

Mr Raman , I don't agree with these people .But i just want to know that do Hindu have no rights in this nation?Then let us persecuted or make us christian or Muslim - so that we can live securely. Please sir we want a name ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF INDIA- i want you barkha ,kaveri ji of twitter to do this .please do .BTW don't use twitter coz blocking them won't end their ideology .Sir also comment on Digvijay Singh's launched book which states that 26/11 was planned by RSS & JEWS. please do this sir

rsrirams said...


With the same fervor, could you please blog/expose those in the media whom you tweeted regarding "Hindu Terrorism". If i am right, you had tweeted "Some big media ppl are not interested in thorough analysis of the topic, but rather wants only snippets from me that suits their story.

Arun said...

Dear Raman,
Person of your status is expected to write backed by facts, just making sweeping remark like “Modi's ideology as negative and divisive”, makes you one among Burkhas and Sanghavis. Sadly, by name calling all those who criticized you as “hindutva**, you have proved that you are no different than those who ABUSED(?) you as Sonia/Rahul/Digvijay‘s man.
However, I greatly appreciate your articles on international affairs. Request you to stick there. Wishing you good health.

Shiva Subramanian said...

Dear Mr. Raman, this is the second time these attacks are happening to you and has to be strongly condemned.

I agree with many of your views, and disagree with many, and you have duly posted most if not all of my few comments in either situation. That is admirable.

If we only follow blogs of those we agree with, we risk going into a bubble and not progress in our thinking and get closer to the truth.

I hope you can hire the services of a tech geek or find a trusted volunteer who protects your space online as much as possible.

We may like your analysis or dislike it, but its hard to ignore because your writings indicate that you are your own man and i hope u can continue to be that. Please keep going.

Just another guy said...

The way you wrap your criticism against the CONgress is really funny, because you claim to say things as is. There is hardly any damning things we have heard from you against the CONgress. On the other hand you have supported lunatic statements by the clown prince. That probably tells about the quality of your analysis of late.

As for your ranting against your foes, the Hindus, well you do deliver a bunch of no holds barred punches, under the slightest provacation.

And oh, btw, you are also the victim here.

Murthy said...

Dear Sir, you may be overreacting to a well-known internet phenomenon--anonymity brings out extremists and abusers, and there is not much to be done about it.

The phenomenon of storm-troopers (as you call them) and chamcha-types who only want to hear good things about their political masters is not new nor is it confined to Hindutva. It is a sad reflection of Indian political thinking as a whole. As an experiment, try laying the blame for originating mass-murder of ethnic minorities where it belongs, with Rajeev Gandhi who invented the "if a big tree falls, the earth shakes" justification, which was later adopted by Narendra Modi.

I suspect you would have more to worry about in that case than a few abusive brainless hotheads letting off steam.


Siva Chinnasamy said...

Dear Sir,
Internet has become a place for intellectual cowards who mistake name calling for debate. I hope you ignore them and continue to write for the silent majority that is enlightened by your objective and fair analysis and has very high respect for your fairness, analysis, objectivity and judgement.


walter said...

Mr. Raman,

As regular readers of your blog, we cannot agree more with your sentiments that the use of foul language and personal remarks on twitter or the blogosphere are deplorable.
However, some of the criticism levelled against you is laced with language which while not amiable is also not foul or personal. We do recognise instances where they claim to view prejudice in your opinions.

Let me point out a few of our own. You described the people who employed disparaging remarks against you as "RSS Guys". While it is tempting and all too convenient to view those perturbed by your opinions as the same people you intended to speak of in those opinions, there is no way to validate those views. That would be akin to me penning an article against say, indiscriminate and unregulated teaching of a radical branch of Christian philosophy, and then labelling any subsequent rude remarks made against me with respect to that article as made by the "Vatican Church guys" or "YMCA Guys" or "Altar boys". In your case, it could and most likely would be people who are sympathetic with the RSS ideology, yet have a half-baked understanding of it. Sounds familiar? If it does then that's probably because those are the exact kind of people who have also hijacked Islam in recent decades. Hence the term 'jihadist Islam" or "radical Islam" and not 'Jama Masjid Coalition' or the "Nation of Islam stooges". It is correct for you to point out this phenomena and how the moderates cannot remain silent. But to label someone 'RSS Guys' would be a gross disservice to fair editorial standards which every blog author is expected to adhere to.

It is also not unfathomable to imagine that these comments came from regular people. Regular people who do as a matter of fact, curse and make noise in everyday India. The remarks you saw could be what happens when they are provided internet access. It could be a knee-jerk reaction to your coverage. Our point being, that there always will be less than desirable people who frequent your blogs/twitter and post harsh comments. Sadly, the only remedy in such cases is to be thick-skinned at the detractors and also to distinguish baseless personal comments from comments you might disagree with. For these reasons, we find that the fault lies not entirely at the people you complain of. A large part of it can regrettably be traced to the phraseology used in your opinions.

skiran said...

Dear Mr.Raman,
I am one of those who appreciate your in depth analysis. I am also one of those very active on Twitter, with vocal support to RSS on many issues.

However, I hardly talk about Hindutva. So, the first message to you is that not everyone right of center in political views in India are automatically 'Hindutva troopers'.

Secondly, abuse of Twitter of any social network is not limited to one ideology. It's sad that you had to face the wrath of some who also happened to be on the same side of political leanings as me. My apologies, even though I have not followed it. You should spend a few minutes learning about how social network abuse happens from all corners.

Thirdly and most importantly, I fail to understand why your post and followup blogpost (29th Jan)was so emotional. Sir, welcome to uncensored & unrestricted new electronic age (even though your blog disallows anonymous comments still). Gone are the days of TV channels conducting 'agenda' discussions involving sham 'intellectuals'. The cat is out of the bag. With just 3 million or so Twitter users, India has seen a huge impact following "Barkha Gate" aka Radia tapes already. It's best to learn to swim in this new current, by taking criticism for what's worth it, effectively ignoring those who cross a personal line and most importantly, not giving up what you want to say.

Please do keep writing blogs. Do tweet with your real name & picture. Don't quit.

Your friendly,
"Non Hindutva trooper" RSS Fan
- Kiran said...

Respected Shri Ramanji
We at THE VERDICT and The Independent Media of India, as usual stand by you. You are a real patriotic, not a traitor like other former bureaucrats and self-styled politicians, who=ever-it-may be.
Vande Mataram, Jai Hind

HP said...

I think your problem is that you think of Internet/blogs/twitter as a publishing medium, a way to convey your thoughts without getting any feedback. I have looked at your posts on the blog and have failed to find even a single comment by you in response to other commenters. I think you should try responding to people who read your posts and are trying to either better understand your position or to counter it.

RamaY said...

B Raman garu,

It is funny to read your "Hindutva Storm Troopers" post. While, you do not mind painting some saffron color on anyone and everyone who doesn't agree with your posts/tweets; you cry foul when others do the same to you, by calling you a congressi ;)

You cannot expect others sit quite while you raise this saffron-terrorism without any proof and start supporting Rahul Gandhi's of the day, who have no qualification except being born into a certain family.

Those days of people accepting everything a person from high-position says are long gone. Internet offers the commoners an unbiased forum to access, read and comment on any issue.

That is the new way of life. As an erudite and experienced person, I hope you see the writing on the wall and adjust your thinking accordingly.

The moral of the story is; my respect for you cannot blind me from seeing the truth.


immu070 said...

sir i am a great admirer of yours..