Friday, October 1, 2010



The following replies have been sent by me in response to queries from an Indian journalist:

1- What are likely repercussions of Ayodhya judgement on internal security issues of India?

The younger elements in organisations such as the SIMI and the Indian Mujahideen will see the judgement as another instance of injustice against the Muslims. Their anger and motivation could increase. I do apprehend more acts of terrorism by them.There will be no communal riots like one saw after the demolition of the Babri Masjid, but incidents of reprisal terrorism could increase.

2- Do you think the security arrangement will be able to take care of it?

Normally, yes, but it will be difficult to prevent sporadic acts of terrorism when anger increases in the community.

3- Do you think some package for Muslim community to give them better opportunities would help diffuse anguish?

Economic measures like more jobs etc won't help when the increased anger is due to perceptions of wrongs against the Muslim community.The Govt. should seek the co-operation of the elder members of the community to soften the anger of the younger elements. ( 1-10-10)


Javed said...

so the ground work is being done for another act of terrorism by organizations like Abhinav Bharat & Co.?
Why there will be anger? It was but expected that in ASTHA vs LAW, ASTHA will win.

ambi said...

there is no reason for anger this time from any side & there is no provocation for violence from any side this time. even after this muslims think that injustice is done to them & they are going to chose violence then what can one say?

after this also any violence takes place then it ll be unfortunate. but any how we are witnessing violence and terrorism without this judgement. We are used to it.

Sarang said...

I am sorry Javed you feel this way. The verdict is simple if you leave out the rhetorics and spin woven by the newspapers (who are terribly irresponsible nowadays). There were three contenders for the land in question and the court has given equal share to all three of them...its that simple. The newspapers for their own TRPs have made it into a Hindu 2/3 and Muslim 1/3 issue. Personally I believe all sentiments have been given due respect here. I have not seen any Hindu organization coming into the streets and celebrating with crackers etc and making it a win-lose or ego situation. The entire country has given a matured, sensible and balanced reaction to the verdict. Personally I would say that the young India where 80% of the population is Hindu has been careful to make sure their Muslim brothers don't feel disrespected...

Let not take the negative of this judgement, but the positive! Even after this if you feel let down, I am sorry you feel this way....

Al said...

So BEnding over to the blackmail of the "Anger of young muslims" is the right thing to do is it? That would set the precedent for something wonderful for the rest of the non-young or non-muslim, right? And you are supposed to be some sort of analyst writing to further Indian interests?

ravinder said...

Javed, Nobody is supporting Abhinav Bharat...

About ASTHA vs LAW look at it this way the astha business was brought into the law by muslims demanding their Sharia compliant Muslim personal law. Hindus have almost forever wanted Uniform Civil Code.

What you Indian muslims experienced is the flipside of your own arguement.

Anyhow, the Mandir stays whether anybody likes it or not.