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The twitters from Iran have been decreasing in number since 4 PM Indian Standard Time on June 17,2009. Some Twitters sites have been covered with pornographic pictures.

2. The Iranian authorities stepped up their efforts to silence the Twitters after a Twitter appealing to the members of the Iranian soccer team playing in South Korea to wear green wrist bands as a sign of protest was sent across.

3. Some other Twitters monitored before 4 PM disseminated the following messages:

confirmed by MOUSAVI - Thursday march - in memory of those killed - location tbc - sea of green.

Tehran march TODAY 5pm - 7Tir Sq - Meydan 7 Tir - silent - sea of green.


Khamenei has said he will preside over Friday Prayers in Tehran this week - sea of green.

Mousavi supporters to march on Friday to Friday Prayers - Namaz Joame - Tehran - sea of green.

IRIB has been saying that demos r work of anti-gov thugs. IRIB want to turn ppl against Mousavi - hack them pls.

It is now dawn in Tehran - streets are quiet - we must move from here - this was good internet connection but not ours .

Last night thousands stayed in streets between Parkway and Vanak sq until after 2 am.

Unconfirmed - several Generals have been arested.

In Azadi sq the killing was by Baseej ONLY - military did not react -
Baseej militia and Etellaat following orders - they cannot contain country without Army.

Unconfirmed - military has refused orders to shoot protesters.

Kamenei is under pressure and fighting for survival - without ANejad his authority is finished.

Large demo today outside Tehran tv-radio headquarters - Karroubi attended .

Support for Mousavi in Tabriz is v-high - many protests .

Conflicting reports from Rasht of many dead and all night street fighting.

Situation in Ahwaz critical - many many dead in past 48 hrs - hundreds arrested and beaten .

Reliable hospital sources say that at least 8 killed in Azadi sq Monday.

Sheereen Ebadi - Nobel laureat - says Iran election is void.

Militia in streets of Tehran all night trying to scare ppl .

Sannaie & Bayat supporting Moussavi.

Several HR activists inc Ebadi have spoken out against election.

Reliable source - Montazeri has withdrawn support from Khamenei.

From Tuesday our march was big success!! militia are now frightened of us - they know world is watching.

Several arrests today after tracking thru twiter proxys.

Any proxy addss shown on twitter is possible trap - freedom twitters in Iran DO NOT follow - YOUR LOCATION IS VISIBLE.

Any proxy addss twittered is blocked almost immediately.

Sorry for delay - no ISP could be accessed for long time - are now in a different location for very short time with access.

DO NOT RT any other tweeters posts unless u are 100% sure they are GENUINE .

RT all my posts as much as possble to help confuse censors.

Our lives are in real danger now - we are the eyes - they need to stop us.

Pls everyone change your location on tweeter to IRAN inc timezone GMT+3.30 hrs.

For all followers outside Iran pls follow my next tweet - v\important .

You will know them by looking at their past tweets.

I cannot name the reliable sources because we are now the main attention of censors.

Ignore all instructions from new twitters or twitters with no history of accurate posts.

Do NOT follow any instructions on twitter except from the trusted sources -

IMPORTANT to all tweeters in iran - follow my next message carefuully.

Tonight twitter is full of gov usernames. all users IGNORE all posts except from reliable sources .

Reports of street fighting in azadi sq and surrounding st's -pepper gas and fires.

1000's on balconys - Tehran is alive with sound of freedom - marg bar dictator.

Many many arrests in Tehran 2day. hundreds. - now is dark. baseej start to make trouble.

Also DoS IRIB - all hacks IRIB.

DoS vezarat ershad - DoS - pls.

Sorry for not responding to soooo many follower. v\bad internet connection - thank u everybody 4 following.

Confirmed - tomorrow Haft Teer Sq at 4pm pro mousavi\freedom - carry flowers for baseej - no confrontation .

Our scout at Evin reports many many prisoners being brought and high security outside.

If u have functional portal\proxy which has not been twitted - pls do NOT tweet it - will tell u what to do with this later.

Unconfmd major incident at Azadi - shooting - fires - ppl running.

Tonight we will have full info about Ahwaz - contact has arrived in Tehran - v\weak internet today plus diff computr k\board.

Hackers pls target vezarat ershad website - we know they jaming from that proxy.

Unconfmd - Montazeri speaks out rejecting election result.

Call from Niavaran saying plainclothes going door2door now looking for satellite dsh.

ANejad supporters not civilian, but plain clothes, many from out of Teharn.

I estimate more than quarter million for mousavi.

Demo today v\peaceful but it is going to change tonight - too many baseej tody .

Some students have left but need to get off street before night.

We have info that Tehran uni will be attacked tonight - have contact inside - says uni blocked.

Have returned from valli asr to update and request help.

Everybody try to film as much as poss today on mobiles - v\imptnt - these are eyes of world. (17-6-09)

(The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For TopicalStudies, Chennai. E-Mail: )

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