Wednesday, June 17, 2009



Some more twitters have managed to come out of Iran (10 PM Indian Standard Time. Time of origin not clear). These are given below:

Mousavi has asked police ministry to prevent Basijis beating ppl .

Yesterday Basji army attacked Day Hospital (In Vali-asr st, neer Vanak sq.).

Today police telling protestors: we won't beat u, but escape from arab militia. .

Pro-gov get angry of clerics for being silent!

Plz dedicate next episode of Club Life to our brave hearts in Iran!

Sources confirm 2days gathering is at Enghelab sq.

Friends! I have received a lot of proxy servers. Please don't send me proxies now so I can manage and distr. these.

The CANADIAN embassy in Tehran h/b close since Sun morning until further notice!

NO CONF. yet

Karaj open university student reporting they were forced to shout "death to mousavi" those who didn't were beaten.

SUGGESTION: RT: Use cell phones briefly, pull battery & move to diff area. Short comm, pull battery, then move

Obama refuses to 'meddle' in Iran.

Don't know freedom virus, but the link i shared is good. abt the proxies, plz email to

Turn the new version of Opera into an unstoppable grid of proxies for Iran

RT @FreedomVirus Skype software has encrypted messaging & voice commun. and can't be blocked or listened in on.

Asking question about ARMY coming to Tehran or no, plz read half of

Excellent article by Omid Memarian on Iran & US policy:

People in Mashahd have gathered in the shrine of eigth Imam in protest ( 17-6-09)

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