Thursday, February 21, 2013



Eleven persons are reported to have been killed and over 20 injured in two well-timed explosions in the Dilsukhnagar area of Hyderabad around 7  PM on February 21,2013.

2. Initial reports indicated that one of the improvised explosive devices had been placed in a cycle or motor-bike and the other inside a tiffin box.These reports are yet to be confirmed. The two blasts appear to have been well-timed and not remote-controlled.

3.I do not so far see any sign of sophistication in the assembly of the IEDs and the synchronization of the blasts. There are no reports of any crater on the ground.If a powerful explosive material had been used, there would have been craters at the place where the IEDs had been placed.

4.The deaths and injuries seem to have been caused by the power of the blasts and not by the use of any projectiles such as nails, bicycle ball-bearings etc.When an IED is placed in a cycle or motor-bike, there would naturally be projectiles in the form of the splinters, but no other projectile has been discovered.

5.Reports of damages to nearby buildings also do not indicate the use of any powerful explosive material. The timer might have been of a conventional nature in the form of a mechanical ( with a clock attachment) or chemical device.

6.Two timed IEDs of this nature could have been easily assembled and planted by one or two terrorists. The involvement of a large team is unlikely.

7.The limited geographical area of the blasts also rules out the involvement of a large team of terrorists.The objective of the perpetrators was obviously to cause fatalities as an act of reprisal.

8.The indications till now are that the two blasts are the handiwork of locals who were in a position to assemble the devices quickly and use them.

9.Till more evidence is forthcoming, it would be advisable not to speculate on the motive and the possible identity of the perpetrators. (21-2-13)

( The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi. Twitter @SORBONNE75 )


speakasia said...

Indian government should act immediately. It seems it is revenge attack for afzal hanging.Its shame ful act. As a Indian I feel so sad and just want to ask why government is not able to tackle such kind of attack. We can not see such kind of heinous act. Govt should act immediately and catch all killers immediately.

My India said...

Sir, Home Minister informs that is he gets a plane he will leave, where is the SOP set by Mr.Chidambaram?

Ammonium nitrate traces and usage of 2 wheelers points to one group which might have used the locals in assembling this

apart from IM there are followers of Shahid Bilal HuJI where a large number of arrests were made both in AP & KA

anonymous said...

Must have been from MIM, Ap Muslim party

chinmay said...

Seeing the nature of twin bomb blasts i feel very strongly it was the handiwork some locals with thorugh knowledge of the place.You cant rule out of the hand of MIM supporters in this as they are seething with anger and assaduddin warned of something big in days to come