Wednesday, January 9, 2013



Nako said...

But New Delhi must create strong disincentives for hostile actions by Islamabad

Has the disease made you senile or something?

We don't have a leverage. We don't any leverage. Most importantly, pakistanis don't care about diplomacy. They laughed when india gave a dossier. They laughed yesterday when indian politicians warned pakistan "not do it again".

Talking with the same state which formally authorities militant warfare is so dumb.

The indian male must definitely turn naturally senile by the time they hit 50.

btw, siddarth vardarajan taking over the hindu must the greatest tragedy in the history of that company.

Unknown said...
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Siva said...

@Nako - What a stupid blabbering. I do not see any issue or problem in the word that Mr.Raman had written. I myself do not subscribe to all his assesment but this one is well thought,written and particularly the highlighted line.I believe there is a problem with your english. A comment should never be written with malice,bias and it should be decent,civilized in addressing an elder and his status. Also please understand this is a special interest blog and not the TRP based news portal where you can blab anything

Carlos said...

I agree 100% with Siva.

Raman has written an excellent article indeed. Well reasoned and well articulated.