Sunday, December 30, 2012



1.Tweet to spread and acquire knowledge and not to impress.

2.Don’t brag. Noone looks or sounds cheaper than a braggart.

3.Keep moving forward despite the tragedy of our Braveheart daughter. Don’t wallow in guilt complex.

4.Keep thinking how we could have handled it differently and what to do to prevent other similar tragedies.

5. Avoid grandstanding.

6.Have the courage to admit your faults at least to yourself, if not to others.

7.There are three kinds of human beings--- those who have the magnanimity to admit their faults to others as well as to themselves; those who have the courage to admit their faults to themselves, but not to others; and those who are not prepared to admit them either to others or to themselves. They are at the bottom of the scale of evolution of personality.

8. You are old? So what? Your ability to contribute to an improvement of your society depends not on your age, but on your mindset.

9. The greatest tribute that one should try to earn from others is---there was never anything mean about him or her. ( 31-12-12)


Carlos said...

Excellent stuff, Mr. Raman. Kudos !!
A very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year 2013 to you and your near and dear ones. Cheers !!

Prem gupta said...

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