Wednesday, December 19, 2012



The whole of India has been shocked and outraged beyond measure by the bestiality inflicted upon a girl in her early 20s by a gang of beasts.

2. When one tries to imagine her helpless moments at the hands of these beasts, one’s heart bleeds. The whole country, particularly its women, have been outraged not only by the bestiality of the gang-rape, but equally by the politics as usual attitude of the Government and the Congress.

3. This was the time to discard politics and to act to ensure that this will not happen again. The people of this country have a right to expect that the Government will not stand on false prestige in acting against rape. If we watch helplessly as our women ---urban or rural—are subjected to such bestiality, we have no right to call ourselves a civilized nation.

4. It is not a political issue. It is an issue of our feelings as human beings and our pride as citizens of this country. The agonizing call of our feelings has to be heard and responded to by our political leaders--- whatever be their political affiliation.

5. One would have expected Mrs.Sonia Gandhi as a political leader and as a woman to reflect the agony and anguish of the people of this country, particularly its women, and be in the forefront of an epic battle against rapes.

6.Instead of projecting her human personality, she has shown herself to be a woman of stone with no feelings, as a political opportunist calculating only the cost of action and inaction.

7.When the Lok Sabha debated the bestiality, what happened to her anger, her outrage, her heart? Why one doesn’t see any sign of blood in her heart as the flood of reports giving the details of the bestiality pour in?

8.Past woman leaders of the Congress must be grieving in heaven as they watch the stone-like response of Sonia Gandhi to this act of bestiality.

9. We need leaders with bleeding hearts, not a leader with a heart of stone.( 19-12-12)

( The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt of India, New Delhi. E-mail:  .Twitter : @SORBONNE75  )



abhishek kumar said...

Seriously sir, what is the benefit of having such leaders in our country, for whom people's sentiments are mere some political equations. As an individual and citizen of this country our first priority is safety of our family members and other fellow people, and if it can't be provided by our Govt. There is no reason to have such a govt and even the existence of democratic society seems to be just another myth.

Soumya Kumar said...

SG reacts angrily if her husband or govt is attacked but not when a common person is attacked. You aptly captured our politicians' attitude.