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Shri Arvind Kejriwal of India Against Corruption (IAC) has to be complimented for drawing the attention of the public to the alleged wrong-doings of Shri Robert Vadra, the husband of Ms.Priyanka Gandhi and the son-in-law of Mrs.Sonia Gandhi, the Congress President. By doing so, he has shown that in the fight against corruption, there cannot and should not be any sacred cow.

2. At the same time, all right-thinking people of this country have to be concerned over some of his political tactics in order to give himself size and shape as one of the future political leaders of India determined to give the country a clean administration and corruption-free governance.

3. It is clear he is a man with political ambitions and a political agenda, who imagines himself as the Moses of India leading the people of this country to their Promised Land. How intensely he pursues his political ambitions and agenda would be evident from the fact that in pursuit of his agenda, he  decided to break even with Anna Hazare, his mentor, but for whom many of us would not have heard of Shri Kejriwal and his hangers-on. He used Anna as a ladder to climb to public prominence and then kicked the ladder away.

4. Simultaneously with his campaign against corruption in high places in which he enjoys considerable public support, he has launched a  campaign for contesting the next elections to the Delhi Assembly. He has every right to do so and one wishes him well in his efforts to seek political pastures.

5. At the same time, any well-informed person will be worried over some of the tactics adopted by him and his hangers-on in Delhi to seek public support. One would have expected them to draw up an alternative programme of development and corruption-free administration and place it before the people for approval.

6. Instead of doing so, he has embarked on a highly dramatic and high profile agitation to instigate people not to pay their electricity bills on the ground that the electricity charges are unfriendly to the poor. He and his hangers-on have also been unilaterally restoring the power connections of poor people cut off by the Administration for non-payment of Bills.

7. His tactics disturbingly remind one of the tactics adopted by the Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) and other Kashmiri separatists, at the instigation of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), from 1989 onwards. These organisations instigated the Kashmiris not to pay their electricity and water charges on the grounds that the rates were exorbitant and that the Government in Srinagar, which allegedly did not represent the people, had no authority to collect these charges. Millions of rupees worth of utility charges remained unpaid and uncollected.

8. The separatist elements, whether in J&K or in the North-East, and the Maoists in Central India will be carefully watching the tactics adopted by Shri Kejriwal and his hangers-on. If tomorrow they do a copy-cat of Shri Kejriwal and appeal to the people not to pay their charges, what will happen to this country? There will be fiscal anarchy.

9.While supporting Shri Kejriwal’s campaign against corruption, the public has to be cautious about his inflated political aspirations and his tendency to see himself as ten-feet tall. An over-ambitious political aspirant, however well-intentioned, can prove destabilising for the country.

10. Shri Kejriwal is a Moses in a hurry. He should be brought down to earth. ( 9-10-12)


(The  writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai, and Associate of the Chennai Centre For China Studies. E-mail: seventyone2@gmail.com  Twitter @SORBONNE75)


Trying to Stand.... said...

Raman : A Paid Moses

(Rule 1 for writing a paid article : Always start with first Para writing god about victim)

Raman here definitely should be applauded on his literary skills.

(Rule 2 : Since u r paid its quiet obvious u should not let anywhere discuss millions of bad things about ur employer but a conspiracy theory that how can a man be this good he must have some hidden motive)

(Rule 3: Never let ur conscience interfere while writing these articles as they might cause problems. And never in ur Article let any of ur statement point out that ur employer might have done millions of miss deeds.)

It seems u definately are sure that Gandhi Family is pure and our Political system have saintly people.

Respected sir A pure person come forward to be Scrutinized(Read Kejriwal) And not hide behind its Power(Read Gandhi's)

Lets assume ur conspiracy theory is correct this guy have some hidden agenda. Then what u are stating is that u need to do these things to go up the ladder. So with ur lagic Since Gandhis have reached so high They must have millions of Skeletons in thr closet. Why not discuss that.

And abt ditching Anna, In democracy its possible to have difference of opinion. But how u portrayed is like Someone has done the blasphemy.

Anyhow talking abt blasphemy, Somebody called ur country Banana republic? It seems u are ok with that.

Grow up Sir. either try to write something which is neutral in nature. Or make it clear that U are looking for ticket in next election and this is quiet similar stunt u are blaming kejriwal for.

Capt. Ajit Vadakayil said...

we Indians do know of wadhera family from Sialkot, and what their culture and trade was .
Robert is a wannabe gora sahib. Lekin pickle ka bhaans hamesha aayega Wadhera bhia!
This weird looking , akkal ka dushman, with a funny hairdo got himself a style icon trophy for 2011.
Suggest you run away from India before 2014 elections.
There WILL be a proper investigation into your ill gotten millions.
NDTV and CNN IBN cant save you.
Poor priyanka, bad choice!
Punch into google search --
Capt ajit vadakayil

Pankaj Jangid said...

I wish you write an Article about Robert Ji and Sonia Ji. Which I am sure you cannot dare to write. You belong to the same diplomat class to which MMS belong. You will always be bossed; can never have guts to be a boss.

Non payment of bills is wrong for Aam Aadmi but this is practiced by our ministers. They are doing this since ages. I wonder why you didn't write a single word about that.

Sorry Sir, that came out of emotions. I follow you on twitter and I really admire your writing skills.

Pankaj Jangid said...
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YourBuddy said...

if you have to change the system, u need to be within the system.. this is what Mr. Kejriwal is trying to pursue.
He tried it from outside the system but it was of no use and people in government didnt support him for his janlokpal. So he has every right to contest elections and pass janlokpal bill.

eveningshadow12 said...

Dear Raman Sir,My view of your blog. What you have mentioned in Para 1 is absolutely correct. Para 2 is not of relevance, at the moment at least.Your para 3, I think is uncharitable, to say the least. Every one you see in politics today have got into the arena riding piggy-back on someone else or to use your phrase using someone else "as a ladder".There is no one who got dropped into the political arena from the sky. You will agree with me, I hope.
Paras 5 to 8 : YOu are correct. His methods are absolutely wrong.He has no business re-connecting the power supply after the same has been cut, for whatever reason.He is giving the govt a valid reason for filing a case against him on several counts .This stupid act of his can get him out of circulation for a couple of months if the authorities so want, for sowing the seeds of anarchy.His act is Totally illegal.
Para 9 & 10: I beg to differ here. he is doing what you and I wouldn't dare do.Lets wait and see what he is able to achieve. He has just started.Give him some time and then we can decide.He might go the way of all politicians - or is he by any chance the messiah that we are waiting for ? Time will tell.

eveningshadow12 said...

I wonder what you think of the foolish remark made by Shri Vadra, calling India a "banana republic". I shall be very glad to see what you what you have to say about this.Please do comment on your blog site.