Monday, August 6, 2012


Sikh Temple of Wisconsin shooting: as it happened

By Emily Eggleston and Allan James Vestal / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  1. At least seven people were killed, including one shooter, just after 10 a.m. Sunday at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, police said.

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel coverage of the shooting is at Follow @NewsHub on Twitter for continuing updates.

    Follow the story as it unfolded through photos and Twitter updates from people at the scene and in the area.
  2. mkescan
    Report of Officer down in Oak Creek. Active shooter.
  3. wiatweets
    [WIA] Oak Creek Shooting Report of Officer down & 3 to 4 victims. Active shooter on scene. Mutual aid from several PD's. --
  4. _Val_K
    Sirens like crazy here in Oak Creek @mkescan
  5. DanODwtmj
    BREAKING NEWS: Reports of shots fired and officer down at Seik Temple in Oak Creek
  6. NewsHub
    We are getting reports that 4 people were shot at Sikh Temple, 7512 S. Howell Ave., Oak Creek. Police not giving out any information yet.
  7. DanODwtmj
    Scanner reports indicate Oak Creek Police cannot find shooter at Sikh Temple--crew on scene says it is "chaos"
  8. Muxywithmoxie
    "Something crazy is happening at the Islamic center on Howell ave in Oak Creek - we just saw cops running in with assault rifles." ???
  9. Muxywithmoxie
    "The shooter is still on the loose in oak creek. Stay inside please." -Friends in the area.
  10. KHansen1724
    @Muxywithmoxie please clarify if you can. Sikh and Muslim are not the same. I have friends at the Islamic center. It's not in oak creek
  11. Muxywithmoxie
    My friend who told me about the shooting did not mean to mix up "Sikh" & "Islamic" & she feels bad. She's very pregnant & was in the moment.
  12. dispatchdemon
    Officer down! ‎ CREEK, WI(MILWAUKEE): A BOX ALARM ON LIFE SAFETY BOX #18-23 @7512 S (cont)
  13. L0gg0l
    Oak Creek shooting: SWAT-Team and K9 requested, suspect may be a heavy build white male -- scanner
  14. dispatchdemon
    Oak Creek, WI - I cannot believe another mass shooting. This time at the Sikh Temple. Live PD audio:
  15. NewsHub
    Sikh Temple shooting story is here: Check back frequently for updates
  16. NewsHub
    @WISN12News @DanODwtmj @620wtmj @fox6now Use #templeshooting hashtag for Sikh updates? Other suggestions welcome. Please pass this on.
  17. HerzogJS
    #sikhtemple Head priest locked inside bathroom with cell phone as an estimated 20 to 30 victims in temple. Ambulances waiting
  18. NewsHub
    A person living near the Sikh Temple says he is hearing lots of sirens heading toward the shooting location. #templeshooting
  19. dispatchdemon
    #OAKCREEK RT @wia: Oak Creek Update: 2 confirmed fatalities in lot. Getting "Bearcat" to remove victims from building.
  20. NewsHub
    RT @ParkyPundit:CNN just reported area hospitals told to prepare for 8-20 vics. No word on severity. #templeshooting
  21. AJBayatpour
    Anxious family members waiting to hear from relatives
  22. HerzogJS
    #sikhtemple SWAT team preparing to go inside temple now. Children hostages in basement
  23. NewsHub
    Reports now suggest as many as 20 to 30 people may have been shot at Sikh Temple in Oak Creek. #templeshooting
  24. NewsHub
    Brookfield police rushing to Sikh Temple in their city as a precaution after shootings at Oak Creek temple. #templeshooting
  25. AJBayatpour
    There are two Sikh Temples in Milwaukee area. The other is in Brookfield. Note this is a temple, not a mosque.
  26. NewsHub
    More details staring to emerge of shootings at Sikh Temple in Oak Creek. SWAT team entered the building.
  27. NewsHub
    Reports vary on the number of gunman in Sikh shooting in Oak Creek. One report says one; a second report says multiple. #templeshooting
  28. NewsHub
    Police asking media to not broadcast any photo, video or tactical developments at temple. #templeshooting
  29. JasonTHowell
    RT @davidatkwqc: Photo of the scene of the #templeshooting at #Sikh temple in #OakCreek from Milwaukee's WTMJ 620 AM.
  30. dispatchdemon
    RT @js_watchdog: Authorities: Police engaged shooter on scene. Officer shot multiple times. Shooter is down. #templeshooting
  31. dispatchdemon
    Wounded Officer has been trans & expected to survive. Susp who was shot remains "down" at the scene. via Press Conference #templeshooting
  32. PWeiskel08
    I guess mass shootings of people who aren't white aren't important enough to interrupt the #olympics #templeshooting
  33. NMenonRao
    Extremely tragic shootings at Wisconsin.Embassy seized of situation. In touch with NSC at White House. CG Chicago deputing official to spot.
  34. NewsHub
    Our latest update on Sikh temple shootings. SWAT team still sweeping Oak Creek temple. #templeshooting
  35. NewsHub
    3 victims of #templeshooting being treated at Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa. All are adult males. All suffered gunshot wounds.
  36. NewsHub
    RT @john_diedrich: FBI-led local Joint Terrorism Task Force on scene of #templeshooting; Oak Creek PD taking lead for now, but feds...
  37. amberleamoody
    My heart hurts 4 my city &the fams. Very poignant photo just in: Line of ambulaces outside Sikh temple in #OakCreek.
  38. kylemaichle52
    One of the photos from where #templeshooting victims situated in Oak Creek, WI. #wiright
  39. Rachelle_Fox
    Another day, another killing spree in the #US. When will the madness end? #templeshooting
  40. NMenonRao
    Our hearts bleed for precious & innocent lives lost in Oak Creek.This is a very tragic time for our community. We must maintain calm.
  41. NewsHub
    Latest in #templeshooting. 7 presumed dead, including gunman. Oak Creek officer being treated for wounds. Still fluid situation
  42. Ddub_Soldier_1
    A view from the air. The Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, WI. #templeshooting #TMJ4
  43. AnupKaphle
    PHOTO: A family member waits to hear information about his loved ones inside the Sikh Temple. #templeshooting
  44. NewsHub
    Oak Creek officer who was shot is a 20-year veteran with expertise in tactical incidents. He exchanged gunfire with gunman. #templeshooting
  45. kylemaichle52
    Two Milw. CO. Transit buses show up to pick up hostages of #templeshooting at bowling alley #wiright
  46. NewsHub
    Good timeline of #templeshooting put together by Reddit
  47. csdickey
  48. jianghomeshi
    It's both interesting and disturbing that CNN keeps feeling the need to point out that Sikhs are not Muslims. #templeshooting
  49. Rachelle_Fox
    Perpetrator of the Oak Creek #templeshooting has not been identified, neither has motive. Comments and reporting should reflect this.
  50. JohnAxford
    Please keep all the people at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in your thoughts today! Terrible terrible news.
  51. sikhactivist
    Fellow Tweeters report: "Witnesses speakin out- the first person dead was a 10 yr old kid" in Sikh Temple #TempleShooting
  52. NewsHub
    Gov. Walker statement talks of "struggle to comprehend the evil that begets this terrible violence." #templeshooting
  53. NewsHub
    NYPD tells @wcbs880 that its stepping up patrols of Sikh temples in NYC area. #templeshooting
  54. NewsHub
    White House official says president told of shooting shortly before 1 p.m. by John Brennan, his Homeland Security advisor. #templeshooting
  55. cschweitz
    "What did we do wrong? Was this a mad man? Did he hate us for our appearance?" asks bystander at #templeshooting
  56. BuntyBains
    RT @Kbsingh7: RT @GormoJourno: Here's a picture of the crowd outside the #templeshooting from the Oak Creek Patch
  57. Le_Tweeter
    RT @UPI: Photo of #templeshooting scene from Mike De Sisti of Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal (@Newshub)
  58. HolaBrody
    Harrowing @newshub photo of a family member praying in a parking lot while waiting to hear info on #templeshooting:
  59. wiartteacher
    “@NewsHub: An interactive map of mass shootings in the U.S. can be found here: #templeshooting
  60. MissPronouncer
    @NewsHub points out today's killings mark 4th mass murder in Wisconsin since 2004:
  61. cnnbrk
    Seven people killed, including gunman, in shooting at Sikh temple, police say.
  62. hinabob
    Praying for those loved ones lost & suffering. Hate solves nothing. #templeshooting xx
  63. SinghLions
    A woman awaits word on Shooting at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Photograph: Jeffrey Phelps #templeshooting
  64. lashea32
    Prayin for the victims of the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting
  65. NewsHub
    Hotline set up for Sikh members seeking information about their family: (888) 298-1964. #templeshooting
  66. steph_alanis
    Mass shooting at Sikh temple: At least seven dead and dozens injured after gunman… #MailOnline
  67. destatter
    @NewsHub #templeshooting Oak Creek Police Chief: "treating this as domestic terrorism case"
  68. NewsHub
    Sikh Temple remains a crime scene, Oak Creek chief says. SWAT team still inside. #templeshooting
  69. sikhactivist
    Police provide phone number: (888) 298-1964 for family and friends of victims only, who need more information about the #TempleShooting
  70. XL_Radio
    Press conference: Sikh #templeshooting - "everyone has been evacuated from the building"
  71. DanODwtmj
    Mayor: City of Oak Creek is outraged by the #templeshooting but grateful for heroic actions of officers
  72. NewsHub
    Sikh temple update: 7 dead, including gunman. Three injured, including Oak Creek officer, who is expected to survive. #templeshooting
  73. NewsHub
    Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards says there are "weapons on scene," but doesn't elaborate. #templeshooting
  74. js_watchdog
    Authorities searching home in Cudahy. Neighbors say ATF, Milw Co Sheriff among them, several streets blocked off. #templeshooting
  75. NewsHub
    @AC360, aka Anderson Cooper, Tweets he is headed to Wisconsin for his show on Monday. #templeshooting
  76. NewsHub
    RT @mdesisti: FBI Evidence Response team on the scene in Cudahy with serious equipment. #templeshooting
  77. patricksplace
    RT @abc7newsBayArea: Police in Wisconsin say Sikh temple shooting suspect 'ambushed' an officer tending to a victim.
  78. ikKy101
    No place is safe anymore if you can't even be at peace whilst doing your prayers :/ #templeshooting #sadtimes
  79. sikhactivist
    Sikh Temple Chairman, says few suspicious men were seen on Temple premises yesterday. #TempleShooting
  80. DhanTamber
    RT @trenni: Saddened & sickened by shooting at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek. Met many Sikh’s in India. Kind ppl who aim for tolerance & social justice.
  81. sikhactivist
    Members of Muslim community are on their way to support victims of Sikh Temple Massacre. #TempleShooting
  82. emmajp24
    RT @AP: Police evacuate homes in Milwaukee suburb north of Sikh temple where gunman killed 6 before being shot dead: -RJJ
  83. DonWalkerJS
    RT @js_photo: We're about 300 yds. from home in question related to #templeshooting. You need these to see anything.
  84. Wonam6
    RT @MiMiopoly: RT @NewsHub: Woman in Cudahy neighborhood where FBI is searching a duplex says residence had been vacant until recently. #templeshooting
  85. NewsHub
    The Journal Sentinel has created a separate page pulling together all of the coverage from today's #templeshooting
  86. hayleytenpas
    A peaceful vigil has organized at the Capitol in support of those affected by the Temple shooting in Oak Creek.

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