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In a personal  Blog post titled “BJP: A Hub of Hope”, Shri L.K.Advani, former Deputy Prime Minister and senior leader of the BJP, has stated as follows: “I had said at the Core Group meeting that if people are today angry with the U.P.A. Government, they are also disappointed with us. The situation, I said, calls for introspection.” ( )

2. Even as the analysts were discussing the significance of his Blog post, an article in the latest issue of “Panchajanya”, the journal of the RSS, has also expressed openly disquiet over certain recent developments in the BJP focussed on the efforts of some elements supporting the candidature of Shri Narendra Modi as the next Prime Minister to force their will  on the RSS and the BJP.

3. The article states that the  BJP has several chief ministers and central leaders who are capable of being its prime ministerial candidate and hence the decision on this matter should be made after the general elections. ( )

4. While Shri Advani’s Blog post talks in general about the public perception of the state of affairs in the party without naming anyone, the “Panchajanya” article makes no secret of the fact that it has been triggered by the pressure tactics adopted by the supporters of NaMo to force the party to accept NaMo as the prime ministerial candidate even before the next elections.

5. While it would be unreasonable to expect the BJP and the RSS to be more specific in their concerns, these have come to the fore in the context of the recent stepped- up efforts of the supporters of NaMo---many of them NRIs based in the US--- to see that NaMo is accepted by the BJP and the RSS as the prime ministerial candidate.

6. Since the beginning of last year, I have been drawing attention to the Nazi Storm Trooper-like methods adopted by many followers of NaMo to impose their will on their party and then the nation. Anyone aware of the methods used by the Nazi Storm Troopers to force the German people to accept Hitler as their leader would be struck by the similarity of the rhetoric and PSYWAR methods used by these pro-NaMo elements whom I have been referring to as the NaMo Brigade.

7. They  do not call themselves the NaMo Brigade, but they make no secret of the fact that they support NaMo as the next Prime Minister of India. Their worrisome methods, reminiscent of the methods used by the Storm Troopers, consist largely of abuse, vituperation, disinformation, character assassination and psychological pressure. Whereas the Nazi Storm Troopers did not have the benefit of the computer and the Internet, the NaMo Brigade, which has established a dominance over the means of propaganda through the Net in the absence of any opposition to their methods from secular and liberal elements, has been using the social media networks in their PSYWAR.

8. Nobody can object to their campaign in favour of NaMo as the Prime Minister despite his perceived misdeeds of the past. But one has reasons to be concerned over the ways adopted by these elements in an attempt to enforce their will on the nation. If they succeed due to lack of adequate  public knowledge of the sinister implications of their strategy and the inadequate attempts to counter their methods, the nation may have to pay a heavy price.

9. India needs a strong, efficient and effective ruler, but not a Hitler. That ruler has to be chosen by the people through their free will and not imposed on them through stage-managed and orchestrated pressure.

10. It is time to sound a wake-up call about the dangerous implications of the pressure tactics and Storm Trooper methods being  used to force the BJP, the RSS and the Nation to accept NaMo who is being sought to be projected by these elements as God’s own choice to rule India at this critical juncture.

11. While it is up to the political parties to draw up their respective strategy to ensure that such methods do not find a place in our political landscape, it is important for others too to educate public opinion on the activities of these elements and the great harm that they can cause to our democracy.

12. The new strategy to be worked out should focus not on the past misdeeds of NaMo, but on the  future misdeeds that are likely to be committed by these elements if their methods succeed. ( 3-6-12)

( The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai, and Associate, Chennai Centre For China Studies. E-Mail: . Twitter: @SORBONNE75 )


Manoj said...

You just lost it COMPLETELY. This is what I call a "hit job"

ambi said...

daro musalmanon saalon daro. nahin to congress ko darna padega. shaitan aaya. islam khatrein mein. saala tum log peechle elections mein dare nahin toh congress ke lag gaye. for gods sake daro and go loyally to ur only defender cons. hahaha.

propaganda brigade in full swing. gobbels ke baap hein saale. usko bhi inferiority complex denge.

elections bahut jaldi hain. even shankar sharma left stock market sensing the future. hahaha.

Dr Satya Saraswat said...

Living in fantasy land of your own making Mr Raman.

vikram said...

Probably a bit over estimation of NaMo supporters. Don't think they are doing anything more than sharing and tweeting some of NaMo 's good administrative work. Would surelyike to know what this so called NaMo brigade is doing and how exactly are they forcing NaMo as next pm

INDIAN said...

Dear Sir,

I feel you made a despicable attempt to draw parallels between NaMo and Hitler. By the same logic of yours, every leader is a Hitler and every follower is a stormtrooper. Just because you were abused by a handful of anonymous tweeple you are living in the delusion that all those people on internet who support Modi are appointed by Modi to promote him. If at all a NaMo fan wanted to abuse you, he/she may utmost brand you as 'Sonia Chamcha' or may hurl four letter word.

You know pretty well about left-liberal brigade's vitriolic campaign to malign NaMo. All those who demonized NaMo are freely roaming in Gujarat without any fear. If your imaginary NaMo brigde are really 'Nazi Stormtroopers', would they even allow them to roam in the streets?

Your Sweetheart Barkha Dutt has been maligning Modi on television for the past 10 years, did the so-called NaMo stormtroopers ever physical attack her at home or pub or shopping mall?

Take any leader Sonia, Rahul, Jaya, Karuna, Mamata, Maya, Lalu, Mulayam etc. Go to their followers and speak critical of them. They will show you what stormtroopers are.

When Dinakaran paper conducted a poll, Azhagiri followers burnt the office killing three innocent employees just because Stalin surpassed Azhagiri in the poll. When Kamal sandesh/Panchajanya wrote about Modi, the so-called NaMo Stormtroopers didn't even burn one copy of Kamalsandesh/ Panchajanya. Now tell me, sir, who are Nazis?

Yours humbly,

ANONYMOUS INDIAN (aka NaMo Stormtrooper)

Quasar said...

Why so much Hypocrisy among so called liberals. And how are you liberal when you are seeing only one side of coin and accusing the other side of also the same.What will you call the milking the voter on the name of a Gandhi word. What will you call openly challenging the Election Commission to garner few minority votes. What will you say about last nine years there is one corruption surfacing every third day. I would like to hear your views about that. It is easy to mud sling anybody but it takes guts to accept anybody's good deeds.

A S Raghunath said...

Oh! What a rant! Now we know what kind of raw intelligence must have been flowing into reports from people whose jobs were to research, analyse and report from external fields. Our tattered relationship with all neighbors stand testimony to it.

balaji said...

This is an absolute disgrace Mr Raman. Arundhati Roy can make treasonous speeches,The Taliban style Muslim fundamentalist parties in Kerala which burns the Indian Flag on a regular basis can freely demonstrate their opinion. All in the name of freedom of speech and Democratic rights. But the supporters of a hugely popular repeatedly elected Chief Minister of the fastest growing state of the Country in the past decade cant even voice their support to their candidate. Im not a supporter of Mr Narendra Modis candidature to Prime Minister and i dont think he will ever be but still i defend their supporters right to do so. The words "In the internet" and "free from the control of the secular media" those word are reminiscent of Hitler and almost saying that the so called "liberal media" is acting like Hitler controlling the "talking points" in the media till now.Are you saying that Media should be controlled by a particular view point and not allow any other point of view. Sure thats very "liberal" and very "free speech" infact thats the very definiton of Nazi control. If ever there was an OWN GOAL this is one.Congratulations M Raman you have accurately described the intentions of the "Nazi style secular media" maybe thats the point you were driving at.Get one thing straight NO ONE CAN CONTROL MEDIA whether it is a secular/liberal or a conservative agenda.We live in a DEMOCRACY NO ONE CAN SILENCE ANYBODY.

aasif said...
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vinit patel said...

good article sir.
these ModiTrolls use foul language, intimidation, abuse against anyone who has a different opinion. NaMo is nothing more than a tyrant and showing signs of dictatorial behaviour. his supporters are no different specially on twitter. any opinion contrary to their interest is labeled as coming from a congress supporter or a paki.
god save india from these despots !

vinit patel said...

good article sir.
these ModiTrolls use foul language, intimidation, abuse against anyone who has a different opinion. NaMo is nothing more than a tyrant and showing signs of dictatorial behaviour. his supporters are no different specially on twitter. any opinion contrary to their interest is labeled as coming from a congress supporter or a paki.
god save india from these despots !

vinit patel said...

good article sir.
these ModiTrolls use foul language, intimidation, abuse against anyone who has a different opinion. NaMo is nothing more than a tyrant and showing signs of dictatorial behaviour. his supporters are no different specially on twitter. any opinion contrary to their interest is labeled as coming from a congress supporter or a paki.
god save india from these despots !

Sameer Mani said...

The antics of the NaMo brigade, though obnoxious and pathetic, can at bst be ignored as a bunch of ppl taken in either by propaganda or blind hate. However, the Modi brigade is spearheaded by a few journalists close to him, and of course corporates looking for someone to take care of their interests. these are the people we need to expose

Interested Indian said...

and just like that Raman proves me true :), that he is only a mouthpiece of the establishment and will blow according to the prevailing wind in it. When last time, he was praising Modi, I had said that he will show his true colors and all we have to wait is the first time Modi is in trouble (or he throws an open challenge to establishment), woo hoo - as usual when the establishment is threatened, Raman tries to come in as a white knight. There will be some "show" differences, but they are on the scale of a fully invested subordinate not agreeing with the tactics of a master.

As I always said, Sri Raman is the personification of the IB. He is the ideal establishment's establishment. He is just a peek into how establishment of India works. Continuing the role of IB as was created by the British to prolong its rule, IB's role has been to prolong the rule of the dynastic coterie and will continue to be so. Notice the fickleness & how he mouths what they think what the establishment wants him to talk and yes, even the IB reports of then- today would have been written with the same coloured glasses. Just as Nehru individually interviewed civil services to make sure only his ideology is entrenched in them, all the wings of establishment have the same coloured spectacles.

Regarding abuse - I would call it kettle calling the pot black. The establishment's mouthpieces (including Raman) has degenerated the rhetoric beyond measure. Does Raman even understand the import of the words he uses - "Storm Troopers", consist largely of abuse, vituperation, disinformation, character assassination and psychological pressure, "Hitler".

After Raman using such gutter language and acting as a sponge for establishment, with all due respect to him, all civility he gets is a bonus.

PS: Regarding Modi, I personally dont give a rat's a$$ about him.


This seems like an analysis where sanity has been sacrificed for anger. B Raman makes a generalization out of a personal issue. It is stitching up of specific truths to come up with an illogical conclusions. The notorious tweeples endorsing Modi are a small minority. Most of them are not even based in India. There is no direct link between these people and Mr. Modi. The biggest supporters of Modi now are people who are fed up of a weak pusillanimous leadership of the Congress. He has been endorsed by the industry and agriculturists alike. I think the biggest threat to this country comes from arrogant, self-important, attention-seeking retired bureaucrats.

sumit said...

Who Cares !!

RamaY said...

Sri B.Raman is a product of Congress System the is nothing but Brown India Company.

Like they say "Yat Bhavam Tat Bhavati" - What you are is what you see. That is why Sri B.Raman sees Nazis everywhere because he is the product of the Nazi system that pushes Secularism down the throats of Hindu majority in India, while leaving the Christian and Muslim minorities of India to their fascist religious leaders.

Sri B.Raman lost the plot a long time ago when he sold his soul to the Congress System, even during his vanaprastha days.

What a shame. All this for what at this late age?

Is it for truth? Then where are the facts that Sri Raman asks everyone else but rarely uses in his own opinion pieces?

rajeev said...

Wow! This is classic propaganda article. Allegations without any substantiation - pure prejudice.

Esoteric said...

If Modi is Hitler,then you are Jai Chand.

Im not pro or anti-NaMo but surely anti-cong.On what basis have you called him 'Hitler'?As you are an ex-intel officer,we await proof and neutral & valid analysis,its the minimum expected.From normal tweeples,neutrality is not expected neither is integrity of their argument.

Your analysis is exposed as bogus when you fail to reveal that BJP has been a divided camp for a while with a fight between leaders perceived as popular with rank & file and with a mass base against leaders who are self-appointed and have been managing strategic affairs of the party for 8 years.You have failed to mention D4.

Why have you not been curious as to how loss in 2004 coincided with the ascent of these leaders in BJP.Are you are fearful that Cong will lose now given their 'insurance' is being invalidated.

Whether NaMo is anywhere close to an authoritarian a ruler as Hitler is open to debate but not the fact that you are 100% biased against the right and soft on Congress esp the first family.

Manan said...

Hitlet comparison is very far-fetched though I only have one question.

Why not have this kind of concern when Congress has forced lame-duck PM or is trying hard to force a person with nothing else to show except last name GANDHI as furute PM???

Dolby said...

Narendra Modi is Hitler because a small proportion of his supporters are rude. Sir, I respect you as an individual but I think your article is simply biased. I agree that the tone and language used on twitter and other social media is not always good but I think the problem is across spectrum. One can find vitriolic comments against each and every leader of the country.

Also, as a supporter of Narendra Modi and also a person who has been trying to share his good work through social media and hence by your definition member of NaMo brigade, I take exception to you calling me Nazi. I think wrongly accusing someone of being a Nazi is also abuse, vituperation, disinformation, character assassination and psychological pressure.

Also, the reason why one needs a new strategy of focusing on future misdeeds is all the attempts at proving his past misdeeds have failed miserably.

Jai Hind!!!


Its high time people speak out aginst this - monopolistic agenda of NaMo - Leaving aside - the issue of riots (where he has been attacked - rightly so) - NaMo has brought no good to India - Gujrat was prosperous even before Namo was there.. -- nor has he been good for BJP's party democracy.. India is far more diverse to be ruled by people like NaMO(aka Hitler) with Iron hand...

Ricks said...
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Ricks said...
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Ricks said...
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What They don't Want You to Know said...

Indeed a wake up call, not for those well meaning but ignorant secularists like Raman and Kuldip Nayar but for the all Indians capable of free thinking. The preposterous assertion that secularism is the only way to govern India is stunningly arrogant and ignorant. The logical DEMOCRATIC solution is a Hindu state (to recognise 85% of the popululation) with the right to minorities of tolerance and to practice their faiths in private but no sharia law. God knows that Hindus are the most tolerant and pacific people in the world.

But Raman shows his lack of understanding of democracy by advocating that the BJP should not declare its prime ministerial candidate before the election results. Nonesense! all parties should declare their PM candidates so the the voters can vote for whom they want. The problem is India's political system, adopted without thinking from the British who are themselves amending their constitution from time to time: we should actually have a presidential system more like the Americans so that we can have strong leaders like Modi elected directly by the electorate and not beholden to corrupt regional parties and more power devolved to the states to keep the Mamatas etc happy.


Vihan said...

A kind request to everyone, can we please keep the dialogue to constructive criticism? For those who object or disagree to points made by Shri Raman, the logical approach is to simply point that out to him preferably with logical reasons as to why. When he does say something that is factually wrong, please do point it out and he will correct it. I have personally experienced this. Also, if he has said something that you find personally hurtful please say so that it was personally hurtful, the message will be received.

Regarding Shri Raman's personal likes and dislikes of certain individuals, well, we are a democracy with individual liberty and all of us have a right to it. We can agree or disagree and at the least we can agree to disagree.

What we should not do is use abusive language, and behave like barbarians. Please remember the whole world is watching this blog and many other places. Are we going to give them the impression that India is nothing more than a loose confederation of warring tribes who have too much vanity to spout ad hominem but not enough ability to engage in logical argument?

In fact doing such things undermines our ancient culture which in every sacred text and story identifies अहंकार or ego as the greatest enemy. Let us avoid our egos to get the better of us and proceed ahead with a new spirit.

With best regards to all,

जय हिंद जय भारत!

- vihan

Esoteric said...


Nice job to try and safeguard Ramanji from criticism.

Lets go over your list,one by one.

Constructive criticism - Not sure I understand.If Modi is Hitler and I disagree and hence I say it is bumkum,wccccccso could it be constructive for me to ask him to compare Modi to 'Indira Gandhi'? What constructive ideas did the author gave in his attack on a serving CM and his alleged supporters?Why didnt you criticise him?While your point is taken but I do see it as pro-establishment and anti-change.

Freedom of expression - So author is free to criticise Modi or whomsoever in whatever manner possible but benign criticism of his blog is exploitative of the freedoms granted to us your majesty's in power?

Abusive language - Just like in Cricket,a bit of sledging is expected and is fine.Anything more is unacceptable.Ofcourse agreed.

World is watching & Ancient Culture - What?? Come again?For Congi's with their punctured identities everything is a 'show' where they are judged by foreigners.What rubbish?Its India that taught all the world respecting others cultures & non-violence.Grow up and have some confidence in yourself.We are not here to put a show of bonhomie but express our true opinions.If western sensibilities cannot take it then they just need to evolve to our level.Problem is India is ruled by people who have similar trepidation as u have about outsiders..inferiority complex.Read the right history to correct this.

Ego - Strong views can be mispercieved as ego.However,most opposition to article's content is 'logical and factual';the problem is you are watching Congress sponsored main stream media and believing their stories;whilst most comments her come from folks who read many reports,articles,viewpoints etc before forming an opinion.

On this point,I know even Ramanji is ill informed or has made a poor judgement.I will give you an example.Watch the movie 'Black Friday' & watch some TV would have believed every word that Sanjiv Bhat types say.But then if you were to dig deeper and find out the truth that they are but paid would find it tough to not get agitated when such stories are planted as 'Gospel and taken as truth by a large section of the Secular Liberal elite.

Esoteric said...


"abuses against any opposing voices, intimidation, spreading fear, even statements bordering or equalling threats" & calling them storm troopers is objectionable for many reasons.Firstly,SS was a paid force of Hitler.Ramanji is suggesting that someone is paying these so called supporters money.However,he hasnt produced any proof except an assumption.Secondly,where is the pressure & how is it being used has not been explained.How is that alleged pressure any different from the authors own views expressed in the blog?

``India needs a strong, efficient and effective ruler, but not a Hitler.Ruler has to be chosen by the people through their free will and not imposed on them through stage-managed and orchestrated pressure"

Since he talks about Modi,he is equating him to Hitler.Do you expect a smoking gun the form where photographs are posted with Modi morphed in Hitlers salute and uniform?No its done subtly but surely.No sure how do these alleged stormtroopers orchestrate & stage manage imposition?Last I heard India's PM is a member of RS/LS & needs to meet those criteria.Will voters not have free will to choose corrupt congress if they chose to?

With respect to your paragraph (with ornamental english which I had to find a dictionary to decipher) about my comments are of a personal nature.Hello,what are you smoking?Just as you have replied to my & others comments,I posted a response to the same.They are not meant to attack you PERSONALLY.My apologies if you thought otherwise.

Last but not the least,by taking them personally you ducked answering/responding to most of comments.But thats for another day.

Esoteric said...

In some comments in mainstream newspapers about Presidential elections there is an outpouring of misgivings about a section of netizens rejecting claims of Pranabda's suitability to be a President.

It appears that some in MSM and other opinion makers are starting to smart at perceived 'unqualified & amateur' influence that these netizens have on the discourse.

This is nothing but their frustration that common people sitting at home and using the internet are able to see through prejudiced analysis and reporting.This is the beginning of their end of influence peddlers.

The article suggests that any opposition to Pranabda is a Capital Sin and he MUST be seen as neutral and not belonging to a party(Congress);this is notwithstanding whether he has support from important people within the party.Pranabda has been a career politician and Congress loyalist to boot,why must he be considered a neutral whilst Kalam not?

Its a question,they are unable and/or unwilling to answer.More likely,they just are singing for their supper.

Admin said...

Haha! Just read a spoof of your nonsense here -

What a pathetic scum of a writer you have become!

Paresh Rao said...
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