Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Dear Mrs.Sonia Gandhi,

The country is facing a crisis of major proportions due to the inexorable withering away of the credibility of the Government headed by Dr.Manmohan Singh.The undoubted economic crisis is the outcome of the melt-down of political credibility.

Unless the downfall of the political credibility is arrested, the economic melt-down is not going to stop.

This is the time for action. Since it is the Congress Party that is in power at the head of a coalition, only you can act to arrest this downfall.

If you fail to act, history will judge you and your party cruelly.

The forthcoming Presidential elections provide an opportunuity for a mid-course correction.The nation needs some electrifying decisions that can re-awaken our brain and limbs and make us active again.

Dr.Manmohan Singh is commanding less and less attention and his authority is less and less visible and palpable.

I feel sincerely that you should avail of the opportunity provided by the Presidential elections  to have him approved by your coalition as the next President of the country in recognition of his undeniable services to the nation in the past. He might have failed recently, but he had done wonderful work in the past.

If you succeed in persuading your coalition partners to support his candidature for the Presidential polls, the Congress should persuade Priyanka Gandhi to enter the political scene and take over the leadership of the Congress and the coalition as the Prime Minister.

The nation wants to see a Prime Minister who is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm and who commands attention without having to thump the table.

From whatever I had seen and heard of Priyanka, she is that bundle of energy and enthusiasm.

The nation needs a psychological turn-around. I feel she can provide that turn-around.

After going through one dark moment after another, the nation needs some electrifying moments. She can provide them.

Let her take over as the PM and form a Cabinet in which the GenNext of the Congress leaders will occupy the commanding heights of decision-making and their implementation.

Let her advise the new President to dissolve the Lok Sabha and call for fresh elections.

Let the elections to the Lok Sabha and the Gujrat Assembly be held simultaneously in November-December.

The nation may still be able to recover its balance and the process of the withering away of political credibility may still be arrested.

This is the time for bold and imaginative decisions.

Will you take those decisions? Or will this letter remain another cry in the wilderness?

With warm regards.

Yours sincerely,


Additional Secretary (retd),

Cabinet Secretariat, Govt of India.

Presently living in Chennai.

14-6-12. 3-30 AM


Sonia Gandhi said...

Hello Mr Raman:

It was nice of you to have written the open letter to me. I am aware of the situation in India, and am doing my best to mitigate it. Do not underestimate Manmohan. He is a very talented person. The government can still successfully deliver on promises made to people during the election. But I have also asked Digvijay, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Chidambaram and Barkha to provide the current central government all assistance.

You are right about Priyanka. She is a bundle of energy. Too bad things arent well with Robert Vadra and her. But after reading this post I will ask her to take over the reigns of the congress party. I agree that the country needs a phsychological turn and only priyanka can provide it. I tried to get Rahul to do that, but somehow things did not work.

I have a request for you. I hope you can help me here. My grandchildren Raihan Gandhi and Mireya Gandhi need tutoring in Strategic Analysis. Could you please provide them with tutoring. I will deposit your guru-dakshina in a secret bank account offshore. This will prepare them for a bright political future and also improve Indias foreign relations.

I have to go. My private jet leaves for dubai soon. I have to meet my sister there. Talk to you later.

Sonia Gandhi.

VJ said...


Please please don't do this. Don't lower your dignity. I loved to read your articles in Outlook. Please don't sell our motherland so cheaply.

Please suggest something radical for us to ponder. Inject some ideas. Lets discuss a system of Primaries in our system. Lets see if every party allows elections between 10 candidates of their own party and see if they can debate issues and get elected by their own party members. Then let the elected candidate from each party fight the general election on their party ticket. Lets allow these candidates debate issues and their stand on each issue.

Please suggest ideas Governance that can work in India. Leave Sonia Gandhi and Modi aside. It is not worth your time and honor.

Gitesh said...

When you see some one talk about Priyanka Gandhi as PM, you realize how much Slave mentality has seeped into Indian minds.

Fence Sitter said...

join the raman limbo ! how low can you go !!!

indian said...


its very true what ever u said is correct we dont have a potent indian to rule india priyanka is the best choice along with pranab as president and isi chief to head raw hassan ali to head ED india can grow at a faster rate

keep it up and write more articles like this jai hind jai sonia jai gandhi family

indiaworldcupwin said...

I think someone hijacked Raman's blog and wrote this crap article. Please ignore this article.

Hanumanthappa Benne Thuppa said...

Only one person can save India from the current crisis.. and its...............and its.......Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. Coming soon to theaters near you. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. An Indo-Italian Production.

raj said...

god bless you Raman ji.

Dr Satya Saraswat said...

Can Mr B Raman kindly enumerate the qualities he sees in Priyanka Vadra to lead the nation apart from the lucky Surname.

Esoteric said...

After reading this article,I regret having spent so much time & effort reading,replying and analyzing stuff on this blog over last 3-4 yrs.

I have no words to express my regret at having read this piece.Obviously,either author sold his soul & country or lacks intellect.

You are the true Nazi hell bent.Its a reverse extermination,where minority will exterminate the majority.

PS:Author should next write which ghettos he intends to send patriots once his recommended plan is executed.Im sure he is using his intel experience to build an 'Auschwitz in India.

Arindam Sp said...

Mr. Raman you precisely analyzed the negative points that UPA govt has but how you failed to analyze the root cause of the issue. On what basis you want Priyanka to be the PM. Does she have any political back ground where she has worked with party or any other initiative. Why did not you choose any other congress leader other than the G family? No words to express ... please grow up

Shael Sharma said...

Of catharsis and demons of the mind. And you demean all of us with a desire for more cults than already plague us in age of the republic? Was the republic just propaganda? Schizophrenic camouflage for the trojan in an evil kingdom.

IdiotAtul said...

Oh c'mon guys mr.raman was just trying to be funny, you people either didn't get the joke or took it seriously

Manoj said...

So what credentials in Biyanka has impressed you, Mr.Raman? Or are you gladly promoting nepotism?

subra said...

Dear Raman,

I take it that I have to read your blog along with the first comment which is allegedly from Sonia Gandhi.(Does she reply to such blogs and in the manner adopted?)

I am sure you are not serious in making the suggestion about Priyanka becoming PM and it is a spoof. A poor one indeed. If it is indeed serious, I will pray to God that he should cure you of some ailment which has crept into your brain. Who in his/her senses will make such a suggetion?


Paresh said...

Raman Sir, will we next request the British to come back and reclaim their rightful place as India's rulers?

Unknown said...

Mr. B Raman has lost his mind. Seems the cancer is more in the brain than elsewhere. Having been in the intelligence community for his entire career, Mr. Raman would very well be privy to information he will carry to his grave. This would also be about the Nehru-Gandhi shenanigans. And yet he finds time and effort to come out with this piece.
Sir, don’t insult our intelligence. India’s tryst with the Nehru-Gandhi family has to end sooner or later. It is absurd that this nation of a billion hangs on to a family for leadership. It is time for India to move out of the Western shackles designed to keep us ready for slavery. If there is any evidence of our post-independence slavery, it is this family that has ruled India on its whims; giving us leaders like Nehru whose strategic blunders India has not rid itself from, Indira Gandhi-who was the fount for the current corrupt, self-serving government, Rajiv Gandhi- the non-leader and now the bumbling Prince-Rahul. Not to forget that foreign maid-servant Sonia.
India needs to think out of the civil-service Anglo-Saxon bureaucratic model of governance. Of English imposed models and assumptions of the Indians. The IAS and allied services have done more disservice than benefits. For a diverse nation, we are incredibly centralized and bureaucratic. The common citizen can expect no respect from such governance. It is either proscribing or patronizing, nothing in the middle. From birth to death, the Government ties up the citizen in a complex web of corruption and red-tape. The Congress, for all its services of the family to the nation, has bought us to this pass. More of the same would be wrong.
I have always felt that the IB-RAW bureaucracy is inimical to India’s genuine interests and your post has proved me right. Struggling with a cancer, you still find time to write such dung. Please come out with reform ideas, how we can make ourselves better governed and betted managed, not clinging to such corrosive ideas as dynastic deference.
What axe do you have to grind, Mr Raman? What are your stakes? After spending a lifetime serving our government, don’t you see how it treats its common citizens? If I am proud of one thing, it is of being an Indian. If I am ashamed of one thing, it is of being an Indian citizen. For the state, the common man is a mere statistic. Our state does not know how to treat its citizenry with respect. Its first line of interaction, the clerk is uneducated and semi-literate. Why? Because our recruitment norms are of British vintage. We desperately need to evolve forms of governance suited to this nation.
For India to regenerate itself, this foreign noose around our neck has to go. For good or bad.

yajsingh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
yajsingh said...

Osho once remarked about then PM Morarji Desai, "Morarji, has risen to become a PM but he will remain a babu; because that's what he's done most of his life".

Now take a guess on how "babu" Raman came up with this strategic thought?

Gud said...

Mr Raman, I hope this article was your sense of humor else all I can say is - Vinaash Kaale Vipreet Buddhi.

Remember - whenever BHARAT MATA is in trouble its children always bring brilliant solutions to resolve the mess. Be it ‘Creation of Sikhs against the brutality of Islamic kings’, ‘Non-violent process of throwing British out’, ‘Emergency in mid 70s’ or the ‘Foreign reserves trouble in early 90s’ or any other situation when we looked down & out. This is our fate from the beginning of time.

Nehru-Khan-Marino family has done enough damage to Bharat Mata. They have got a very tight hold on this country in last 70-80 years. Now the time has come when they pay for all the past sins and evaporate from the face of this earth as a bad dream.

-Bharat Putra

Gud said...

Mr Raman I hope this article was your sense of humor else all I can say is - Vinaash Kaale Vipreet Buddhi.

Remember - whenever BHARAT MATA is in trouble its children always bring brilliant solutions to resolve the mess. Be it ‘Creation of Sikhs against the brutality of Islamic kings’, ‘Non-violent process of throwing British out’, ‘Emergency in mid 70s’ or the ‘Foreign reserves trouble in early 90s’ or any other situation when we looked down & out. This is our fate from the beginning of time.

Nehru-Khan-Marino family has done enough damage to Bharat Mata. They have got a very tight hold on this country in last 70-80 years. Now the time has come when they pay for all the past sins and evaporate from the face of this earth as a bad dream.
- Bharat Putra

kaiser said...

The British laid down an age of retirement, which meant that a man looses his mental potential after this age. B Raman is over 70 now, he still thinks senior Indian Officers who were more capable than him are mere Idiots!Raman never was an additional Secretary, he was a ranker who rose to the level of Director with passage of time and his indecent affiliation with the congress party.As a civil servant particularly an intelligence operative he should never have been biased.Can Raman exonerate himself from his involvement in the Rajiv Ghandhi assassination?(See the Jain Report)B Raman has already lost credibility he is only good for fixing Pakistan but as I read from the international media, his analysis lacks credibility and truth!How can an intelligence officer comment on foreign relations and diplomacy? a realm of the foreign service.When will we honourably retire such outdated people from our systems for they are now doing more damage than any credible constructive effort.
Sher Singh

kaiser said...

The British had laid down a retirement age for government servants because a man looses his potential after this age. Mr Raman is now well over 70 years, he still thinks that the present leadership in government are mere Idiots and he is more aware of Intelligence.B Raman never was an additional Secretary, he rose in ranks from a ranker to ht post of Director RAW by his clear bias with the congress party whereas the common Indians do not know of his involvement with LTTE and Rajiv Ghandhi's Assassination ( see the Jain Commission Report). what is more irking is that he ventures into analyzing situations in the realm of Diplomacy and Foreign relations as if seasoned Diplomats in the Indian Civil Service never existed.Are we not sending a wrong message to the world that Indian analysis is intelligence oriented and not Diplomacy. He is only good at Fixing Pakistan and Bangladesh and concocting their relations with LET and Al Qaida.I recommend that we should honourably retire Mr. B Raman since his antics are more damaging to India. With due respect how can a former Government servant have the guts to criticie a President. I suggest to Mrs Sonia Ghandhi to send her children to seats of international acclaim for enhancing their political acumen rather than retarding their thinking process by the influence of an outdated pseudo intellectual.
Most Respectfully

SUMAZLA/சுமஜ்லா said...

It’s a serendipity that a daughter of a building mason to become one of the most powerful women in India - Sonia Gandhi

Gopal said...

Raman is gone. But his venom is working now in Ayub's affair. Sad that his wish for Priyanka to snatch the reigns is still remains a farcry.