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( To be read in connection with the bomb blast outside the Delhi High Court on September 7 in which nine persons were reported to have been killed. )

Thirteen persons were killed in seven well-synchronised explosions near court premises in three cities of Uttar Pradesh---Lucknow, Varanasi and Faizabad---on the afternoon of November 23, 2007.

2.The explosions came in the wake of the judgements delivered in respect of the Mumbai serial blasts of March 1993 and the Coimbatore serial blasts of February,1998. In both the cases, a number of jihadi terrorists had been found guilty and sentenced to various terms of imprisonment.

3.The explosions also came after the arrest of three suspected members of the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JEM) in UP, who were alleged to have planned to kidnap a dignitary in order to secure the release of Afzal Guru, who has been sentenced to death for his role in the attack on the Indian Parliament in December,2001. The arrested JEM terrorists were alleged to have been beaten up by some lawyers when they were brought to court. The local lawyers had also reportedly refused to defend terrorists in future.

4. An E-mail message purported to be from "Indian Mujahideen" received by some TV channels before the explosions indicated that these explosions were about to take place.

5.The message referred to the severe penalties awarded to the accused in the Mumbai blasts of March,1993, and the lack of action against Hindu police officers, who committed atrocities on Muslims. It also referred to the Gujrat riots of 2002 and the assault on arrested JEM suspects by some lawyers. The message which the sender sought to convey was that the Indian criminal justice system treated the Muslims severely, but was lenient to the Hindus.

6.Last year, there were two messages purported to have been issued by the Indian Mujahideen (IM) warning of its plans to carry out terrorist strikes.

7. The first message was disseminated by E-mail on September 19,2010. It was shown as having been signed by one Al Arbi the same day. It referred to certain anti-Muslim incidents which allegedly took place in Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh on the day of Eid (September 11). It also referred to the day( September 17) when the total number of people allegedly killed by the security forces in Jammu & Kashmir crossed 100.

8. Many of the religious allusions in the message had been taken from some past messages of Osama bin Laden, but bin Laden was not mentioned by name.

9. The statement did not directly claim responsibility on behalf of the IM for the attack in Delhi on September 19 in which two Taiwanese tourists were injured. However, it indirectly hinted at its responsibility by saying: "In the name of Allah we dedicate this attack of retribution...."

10. While over 75 per cent of the statement was about alleged atrocities against Muslims in Jammu & Kashmir, there were also condemnatory references to the death of two IM suspects during a raid by the Delhi police on September 19,2008, to the arrests of some alleged members of the IM by the Anti-Terrorism Squad of the Maharashtra Police in connection with the Pune Bakery blast of February 13 last and some alleged anti-Muslim incidents in Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh on Eid day. (

11. A message dated December 6, 2010, purporting to be from the IM indirectly claiming responsibility for the explosion in Varanasi on December 7,2010, was received by some media outlets to which it was addressed after the explosion had taken place. It avoided any allusions to the messages of Osama bin Laden and was free of bin Laden like language and rhetoric. It had not borrowed from the past messages of bin Laden.

12.It projected the IM as a purely indigenous movement, but needing the support of the Islamic world. It warned the Hindus of continued attacks on Hindu holy places till all Masjids (mosques) belonging to the Muslims were restored to them. It was critical of the Indian criminal justice system, which was projected as anti-Muslim.

13.It criticised the Judiciary as follows: "The Supreme Court, the high courts, the lower courts and all the Commissions have utterly failed to play an impartial role regarding Muslim issues. Narendra Modi who presided over the 2002 massacres of Muslims in Gujarat is given a clean chit whereas the victims still run from pillar to post for justice. Even the 92 Mumbai culprits roam freely and enjoy Government security. All the anti-Muslim pre-planned riots, arson, rapes, losses of lives and properties are still awaiting justice. The list is endless!"
( 7-9-11)

( The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai, and Associate of the Chennai Centre For China Studies. E-mail: )


Eagleeye47 said...

Facts laid out fine...
Isn't it yet time to decide once & for all ...Are we Indian's / Bharatiya first or there are other things 1st religion / sect etc... ?

Americans are 1st American's... Shouldn't we be likewise Indian's 1st. Secular in the true sense of the term is necesaary to bind the nation, our Gov / politicians have just divided us all.

shaan said...

Not just Muslims, many Hindus and Christians too get killed by police in custody. Even among Muslims only when terrorists or terrorist sympathizers are killed it gets highlighted by the media. Some years ago a Muslim tea shop owner was allegedly killed by Vadapalani police in custody for asking money for the tea he served to a policeman. Some people gathered and protested but this was not shown in any TV channel. Ultimately the issue fizzled out.

The terrorists are trying to reach out to their potential sympathizers/supporters by reasoning that theirs is not mindless violence, they are acts of revenge for atrocities that are supposedly committed only against Muslims. But their true intention is to bleed India to death.

Esoteric said...

Home minister should resign.

ambi said...

all these terror attacks take place in congress ruled states. cons allow them to happen. the same pattern was followed earlier. there were not much terror strikes in first half of upa 1. but in the second half there were terror attacks every otr, then in the last few months, almost every month attack took place. n 26.11 was the height of it. same now. there was a lull in the 1st half, mumbai was the begining. be ware all con ruled states. anna movement was a big success. cons ll do everything to divide. ruled states. cons allow them to happen. the same pattern was followed earlier. there were not much terror strikes in first half of upa 1. but in the second half there were terror attacks every otr, then in the last few months, almost every month attack took place. n 26.11 was the height of it. same now. there was a lull in the 1st half, mumbai was the begining. be ware all con ruled states. anna movement was a big success. cons ll do everything to divide.

financeblogger said...

Following is the government action for every problem
The government is doing everything which it is not suppose to do, and not doing what it is suppose to.
One is hurt on the left leg, and the medicine is applied on the right leg.
Just take the case of Lokpal bill. The government has been trying to discredit Team Anna, rather than seeing to it that a meaningful Lokpal bill is passed by the parliament.
The assumption that the movement will die down, we will have it our way is on the outset the worst proposition.

financeblogger said...

Continuing above

There is too much frustration and anger in the masses.
Sexual abuse, rape,kidnapping, extortion, prostitution, gambling are very much on the rise.
Law enforcement agencies have been tackling it. But law enforcement have been treating the symptoms and not the disease. There is a point the law enforcement agencies will be effective.
The above ills are viewed in isolation rather than totality. They are the result of inflation, corruption and a decline in job creation.
Tackling corruption, creating jobs is an effective solution.
Rather than carrying out reforms (land, labour, legal etc) and opening of sectors (defence, retail etc) the government has slowed down the economy by increasing interest rates further resulting in job losses.
The above is a classic example (increasing interest rates) where a person is hurt on the left leg and medicine is applied on the left leg. The problem of inflation is a supply side problem and slowing down the economy will not bring down inflation.
If the polity thinks it can have it their way, they are sadly mistaken.

financeblogger said...

To bring down inflation, tackling corruption head on is the only solution
Post Kargil, 26/11 commitee was setup and recommendation were made.
Those recommendations have yet to be implemented in totality.
The government response to the recent blasts in Bombay itself states, the government action or perhaps the inaction.

Paresh said...

Eerily similar to the numerous, repeated, unchallenged, and unavenged attacks by Mahmud Gazhni on the holy Sarnath Temple. India was stupid in 1000AD, and it remains stupid even today.

Be ready for another 1000 years of slavery!

ambi said...

Pirates of the carribean.