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The announced plans of Anna Hazare, the social activist, to go on a fast unto death from August 15 in support of the demand of the anti-corruption movement headed by him for a stronger Jan Lok Pal Bill than the one introduced by the Government in the Parliament pose an executive and moral dilemma to the Government of Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh.

2. The executive dilemma arises from the fact that an attempt to commit a suicide for whatever purpose is a criminal offence under the Indian Penal Code and the Government is legally bound to act against the threatened fast, if necessary by arresting Anna Hazare either before or during his fast in order to save his life and to prevent a public disorder. The executive dilemma is enhanced by the danger that the act of saving his life might be interpreted as a violation of his right to protest and might lead to an even greater public disorder.

3. The moral dilemma arises from the fact that a fast unto death as a form of protest has been an accepted weapon since the days of Mahatma Gandhi. He used the threat of fast unto death on some occasions against the British rulers because he was left with no other way of expressing his protest over the failure of the British to concede his demands. It was a unique non-violent weapon used by Mahatma Gandhi under unique circumstances when India was under foreign rulers and did not have a democratic set-up which permitted dissenters to adopt various forms of ventilating grievances in a democratic manner without resorting to the ultimate weapon of a fast unto death.

4.Anna Hazare and his followers have been carrying on their protest in an independent and democratic India where various forms of democratic mobilisation and advocacy are available to them. They have been making use of these forms in order to educate the public on their demands and to bring moral pressure on the Government to accept the legitimacy of their demands. If the Government has not accepted the legitimacy of some of their demands, it is because it thinks that it will not be in the national interest to accept them and that those demands could be counter-productive.

5. A democratically-elected Government has the right to decide what is workable and what is not and what is in the national interest and what is not. If one is not in agreement with the views of the Government, one has the right to continue with the campaign of mobilisation and advocacy in the hope that the Government might be made to relent in its stand.

6. But one does not have the right to intimidate the Government into conceding one’s demands by threatening to use a weapon which might have been morally justifiable under the then existing circumstances during the British rule, but is no longer so under an independent and democratic dispensation. The Government has a legal obligation to prevent any attempt to commit a suicide and this obligation cannot be diluted because of the moral force of the demands of Anna Hazare and his followers for stronger action against corruption. Even a morally justifiable demand cannot be sought to be achieved through legally impermissible means.

7. Under our Constitution and our laws, every citizen has a right to protest, but not by adopting any means. While protesting, the existing laws have to be observed and any attempt at seeming intimidation avoided. The Government has to exercise its legal responsibility by preventing Anna Hazare from carrying out his threat to die through fasting. Whether that obligation should be exercised by arresting him before he starts his fast or by allowing him to fast for some time to satisfy his conscience and then arrest him is a matter for the Government to decide on the basis of its judgement regarding likely dangers to public order under different options.

8. It has to be admitted that there is considerable public support for Anna Hazare’s proposed fast because large sections of the public are not convinced of the sincerity of the Government’s proclaimed determination to end corruption. The executive responsibility of the Government to maintain law and order has not been matched by an exercise of its moral responsibility to convince the public of the sincerity of its determination to end corruption.

9.It is important for the Prime Minister even at this last moment to address the public on the issue of corruption through the electronic media and through a press conference devoted exclusively to public concerns over corruption.

10. An over-focus on the executive dimensions of the problem while neglecting the moral dimensions of it will maintain and exacerbate the existing tensions on this issue. ( 14-8-11)

( The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and , presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai, and Associate of the Chennai Centre For China Studies. E-mail: . Twitter: @SORBONNE75 )


pranab said...

We understand your problem.
We know why you are opposing Anna Hazare.
This Gov. provides you your bread and batter.

Paresh said...

Sir, when the Government of today is just as ARROGANT as the British, the people have a right to use the SAME tactics as during the Independence struggle!


Sarang said...

This government follows a two pronged approach: Break and disrespect the Constitution with impunity while plundering and looting the nation when in power (and when the people are not protesting). When people do protest, crush them by citing the Constitution and by using big words such as, "dangerous to democracy", "parallel government" etc. Sorry, Sir, the Indian people are not buying these arguments anymore. Like I said before, they are ANGRY!

Esoteric said...

You wrote "If the Government has not accepted the legitimacy of some of their demands, it is because it thinks that it will not be in the national interest to accept them and that those demands could be counter-productive.

Question - How do YOU know that Govt's calculation includes India's national interest? How do you not ask the Ques whether Govt might be acting 'in its' self interest ie to survive or thrive?

5. A democratically-elected Government has the right to decide what is workable and what is not and what is in the national interest and what is not.

Comment and Question - This is ludicrous.If Govt decides to give up India's claim on Arunachal Pradesh how do you propose to make it appear in India's national interest?

The arguement forwarded that Anna's democratic protest is undemocratic and hence it cannot be allowed to go forward is itself undemocratic.So you will restrict freedom of press,freedom of speech and freedom of protest in the NAME of democracy.

Shameful.Prediction stands..this Govt in one form or other goes in November & whole lot of them see jail by Nov 2012.

Chandrashekar MC said...

Sir, your perspective and opinion are formed by 4 to 5 decades of working in Govt sector. You people are people with power who form around 5% of indian population. Think from the perspective of others, who form 95% of indian population.

shaan said...

Why do you say "intimidation"? Is this government easily intimidated? It is not even ready to accept the democratic role of the opposition. It says the opposition has no right to criticize the government because it lost the elections to the ruling coalition. Is this not enough to show their contempt for democratic processes? The Prime Minister is ready to sacrifice his post if the nuclear deal is not signed with the US but he becomes deaf and dumb if his ministers swindle hundreds of thousands of crores.

Anna Hazare may not be right to box himself in a fast unto death. A fast unto death is not an effective weapon against the government. The protest may fizzle out if he is jailed along with this supporters. Sustained propaganda and protests against the government is needed. Protests should happen not just in Delhi but everywhere in the country.

shaan said...

As far as the democratically elected government's rights are concerned, I would like to point out that it was a democratically elected government that imposed emergency on India. It was a democratically elected government that gave away an Indian island to Sri Lanka disregarding all opposition.

Everybody is ready to talk about rights but what about responsibilities? Why is this democratically elected government not ready to distribute food grains freely to poor people who elected them instead of letting them rot in the godowns? Will the people oppose it or is it not in the national interest? Why did this democratically elected government loot the money of the people who elected them? So is it free reign for 5 years for a democratically elected government to loot, plunder and muzzle the people?

Neeraj Singh said...
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Neeraj Singh said...
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ambi said...

chill dude chill!!!

congress n u babus mindset is not suitable to rule new india. u babus sincerely believe that u guys know everything. those who dont agree with u guys r wrong, a threat, evil n need top be crushed. your 'venomous thoughts' article is a good example of that mind set.

when people were illiterate and cut off from the out side world, they buyed ur bs arguements. but this new generation is so different from u guys and hence the current tension between the two. we trusted u, n u guys have failed us miserably. u guys who have spent whole life congressising each and every institution. there is no leadership in congress. its just a bunch of incompetent people. even when riots were taking place (at the time of partition) mr. m k gandhi used to walk within people without protection, and look at current leadership, madam ran away from the situation at the first sight of the problem. if i am not wrong, even rahul is not here in india. these guys want to lead india. god forbid, if tomorrow some enemy attacks us n bombards new delhi, these cartoons ll be the first one to run away. look at qaddafi (what ever his problem), but still he is with his boys, same with prabhakaran, he lived with his boys n died with his boys. thats called leadership. leader never abandons his people.
thats typical con mindset to run away from the problem.

when bhopal gas tragedy took place, politicians were first one to abondan bhopal, leaving people to fend themselves. no one was there to guide those poor souls, what they shld do in that situation. poor souls ran towards railway station to catch first train to leave bhopal, unfortunately, railway station was the ground zero of that tragedy. if someone ld ve been there to guide those poor souls where to go, where not to go so many good lifes could ve been saved. bechare kutee billi ki tarah maare gaye.

thats why true face of congress n its leadership is coming forward. incompetent bunch.

Kishor said...

It is quite obvious from slant that some dark forces have overcome your usual independent opinion. This is government is worse than British in many ways, as billions of dollars gained through corrupt means is actively used to buy out some in judiciary, executive and most means of communication i.e. reputable news channels, journalist, etc and use of anti-social elements (we term it as mafia/gunda raj). In these circumstances, we as public, depend on few courageous people like you who would stand up for national interest. Not sure how to interpret your sudden change over to the dark side. Have they got to you as well?

Kasthuri said...

Will the government follow the same kind of urgency in delegating its "responsibility" in preventing a suicide if it was not Anna? What happened to Swami Nigmanand couple of months back? I really wish it was better argued...

Blogger said...

Gets your facts right. Gandhi had fasted several times, even AFTER India got independence. One such incident was his insistence that Pakistan be paid the Rs.500 crores which it was promised. There are at least 2 more incidents of Gandhi fasting in independent India.

Blogger said...

Do you have any idea why your articles receive so many comments? Why we don't ignore you like we ignore the other spineless supporters of the "government" ? That is because we used to respect you. You used to speak FOR INDIA. Your courageous articles and interviews argued the case FOR INDIA. We used to love you. That is the reason we are not indifferent to you. But not any more. Now you are increasingly seen as a sly supporter of the government.

The B.Raman I knew would have looked at the situation in India today and castigated the govt for not heeding to the uprising. The B.Raman I knew would have asked the Govt to announce a referendum on the Lok Pal.

But the B.Raman I knew is dead. He is devoid his testicles.

Anurag said...

Dear B. Raman

What are you views about corruption in India? Does your views on Anna Hazare's protest give some indication about your views towards corruption?

Today India is no longer ready to accept any kind of pretension to accept corruption.
Time to wake up.

shaan said...

Why is there always a revolution happening everywhere in the world but not in India?

Somebody gave an answer to this some time back. The answer was: Whenever there is an issue in India, politicians step in and lead from the front, making it a political issue. This robs people of the need and opportunity to take it in their hands.

What has suddenly changed now?

The present standoff could have been averted if the government and the media had given the opposition its rightful place. The ruling party members always shouted down any opposition leader whenever they made allegations or arguments against the government. The oft repeated phrase was "Shame, Shame!". The media always projected as though everyone in the BJP is a murderer and everyone in the communist parties is a clown stuck in the pre-cold war era. Whenever the opposition tried to make issues out of the multiple security failures they were accused of politicizing the fight against terror. Of course it is a political issue too, is it not? What is the job of the opposition in a democracy other than highlighting the failures of the government?

The government and its media friends closed an opening available for the people to vent their anger against the government. Now the pressure has built up to the point of bursting out.

Paresh said...

If the government feels they can mute criticism and protests by jailing Anna Hazare, they are solely mistaken. Mahatma Gandhi was arrested doxens of times, but his tireless agitations and satyagrahas finally made the British bend. Indians will not stop now!

Paresh said...

Jab nav doobne lagti hai to choohe subse pahele bhaag jaate hai. That reminds me...Rahul Gandhi aur Sonia Gandhi kidhar hai???

jT said...

Your take on matter these days betray your proclivity towards the government. Agreed that the elected representatives have the duty to protect the citizens with sucidal inclination however in this case it is clearly evident that the fasting is to protest peacefully against the deep rooted corruption at the centre and so as to implement a strict watchdog.

Rutvij said...

Sir, with due respect to your genuine and unbiased articles, i would like to know why sir,why sir????? u didnt wrote any article on 16th august?? I was waiting for a whole day, that you might write something about anna hazare. But Sir you really disappointed me. Still i am waiting for a long and Elaborate article that why UPA govt is not accepting Anna Hazare's lokpal bill. what is hidden agenda behind this and Sir what is your opinion on this lokpal bill. Please sir give some views.

Raj Kumar said...

My View is something different, I would like to share the analysis of incident from the stand of a poor working person. The reality and final outcome of the movement, or even the Lokpal Bill also...
Link: अन्ना की गिरफ्तारी, स्वतंत्रता और जनवाद का हनन, और "सभ्य-समाज"

Nitjana said...

much of the remarks above stems from anger and ignorance. Yes this country has many problems and corruption is one of them. but the logic of distrusting the elected govt and reposing more trust in some handful representative (self proclaimed) is against common sense. lets not get carried away with witch hunting. Anna Hazare and his types have taken advantage of a decent PM.

Velan said...
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Paresh said...


I can provide a point by point re-buttal to your comment:

"much of the remarks above stems from anger and ignorance."

On the contrary, much of the remarks above stem from anger and increased awareness.

"Yes this country has many problems and corruption is one of them."

Corruption is, by far, the most significant problem facing the nation today.

"but the logic of distrusting the elected govt and reposing more trust in some handful representative (self proclaimed) is against common sense."

They are not self-proclaimed representatives. The government itself invited these guys to negotiate the LokPal Bill. It was the government that made these guys into representatives of the people. Moreover the countrywide agitation shows that these representatives enjoy more popular support than today's elected representatives. If the govt commits such acts that warrant distrust, why blame the common man for distrusting them?

"lets not get carried away with witch hunting. Anna Hazare and his types have taken advantage of a decent PM."

The government is the one on the witch hunt. For the past several months it has done nothing but denigrate, dishonor and disrespect Anna Hazare with utter shamelessness. The sincerity was lacking on the part of the government. They have become arrrogant and hence the people have got to show them that they are after all public servants! As for your comment about a decent PM, well as an individual person he is the most decent man and I respect him too. But as a PM he is a disaster for India! Nothing less, and that is why the people are against him.

Please note, I am not trying to sway your opinion. India is a free country and you are entitled to have your opinions, however isolated from the current mainstream they may be.

Sujit Thomas said...

The vast majority of the comments on this blog are frankly a bit scary. We've heard that you cannot trust the elected government, that some vague nebulous entity that you've chosen to designate 'the people' trumps parliament, that this is India's Second Freedom Struggle. According to some of the above half wits, corruption (not poverty and the lack of rural infrastructure) is the biggest problem facing the natio. And what exactly is the "new India", I ask you?

It might be interesting to do a little study of some of the people who turn up for the protests outside Tihar or at Jantar Mantar these days. They are almost without exception members of the elite upper middle class --- investment bankers, IT professionals, executives. This is a class that believes that they alone are the nation and that all governments must recognize their claim to representing it.

It is of course beneath these social activists to do the decent thing and stand for elections. We've already heard Kisan Baburao Hazare on the subject of the Indian voter --- he went so far as to say that the average Indian voter is content to sell his vote for a bottle of whiskey! I think it's about time you acknowledged the fact that "Team Anna" is nothing more than a bastion of conservative social municipalism and this movement the adolescent whining of a middle class that believes it's voice should receive more attention than that of the majority who elected this parliament.

Don't kid yourself, the great "August Kranti" has no roots beyond the metropolis and beyond the urban middle class. This is not India's Tahrir Square, this is not some fantastic revolution. And anybody who believes that Kisan Baburao Hazare and his cohorts should be making the laws instead of an elected government goes against the spirit and the letter of the Indian Constitution, of the Nehruvian legacy and of everything that the Indian Freedom Struggle stood for.

ambi said...

Manmohan Singh:

Oh by god lagg gayi kya se kya huwa.
dekha to katora, zhanka to kuwa.

Piddi jaisa chooha, doom pakda toh nikla kaala naag! NaaaG!! Naaag!!! Naaaag!!!!

Bhhag bhaag bhag DK Bose! dk bose dk bose, bhaag bhaag DK bose Dk bhaag.

Kisne kisko loota? Kiska maatha kaise foota, kya pata?
bhaiya, we dont have a clue!!!!
Itna hi pata hain, aagey daude to bhala hain. peechey to ek raakshas aaye hoooo!!!

Ek aandhi aayi hain. sandesa layi hain.

Bhhag bhaag bhag DK Bose! dk bose dk bose, bhaag bhaag DK bose Dk bhaag.

ambi said...

sujit thomas bhaiyya, wrong again. go to ralegan siddhi. r these illiterate people r software engineers and investment bankers? r u nuts? thats what this idiot manmohan n chidu thought, that it is an urban spohisticated pheenomena without much public support. just give 1 or 2 hard blows here n there at most, n the problem ll wither away. just see what has happen. for gods sake, wake up to the ground realities. when they saw the sheer public outrage, congress ki ga**d fatt gayi.

they were about to crush this movement as they did in Ramlila. as Mr. Digvijay Singh said, at most they ll be 10000 odd. we can handle that.

for gods sake see the writing on the wall. dont kid ur self. Manmohan yeda hain. he doesnt understand, what problems awaits him. as i had said, Soniya usko latkane wali hain. just see how she ran away from the scene. arre bevkuf (to Manmohan not to u) apni chamdi bacha. yeah Gandhi family ke liye, khudki bali kyon de raha hain pata nahin?

Sarang said...

@Mr. Thomas

Before you go calling majority of 1.2 Billion Indians "half-wit", please ponder upon this:

1. This is the second struggle for independence - but independence from Corruption!

2. The present agitation is a protest, not a revolution. No one wants to overthrow the present government or the parliamentary system of government. the people agitating on the streets are not maoists, hell bent on replacing democracy with dictatorship. On the contrary the protestors are proud of the Indian democracy and the freedom it offers to protest their governments wrongdoing.

3. The people on the streets represents the simple common man fed up with deep corruption. If the government were to accept their very simple demand of a strong bill against corruption, all the people will go home.

4. There is absolutely no threat of undermining the parliament. The protestors have not unilaterally accepted the JanLokPal Bill. Kangaroo courts have not been set up where corrupt officials are tried and summarily executed. Every Indian accepts that the bill has to be first passed though parliament to make it a law. The people are angry because the arrogant UPA leaders are trying to force a toothless bill on the populace. They lack sincerity.

5. The government has lost its moral authority to continue in office. Yet it shamelessly holds on to power. Yet none of the protestors have called for early elections.

6. On the contrary it is the Gandhi family which is subverting the Constitution by holding the actual reins of power behind the scenes through the unconstitutional NAC, installing a puppet PM in the process. This has not only allowed Sonia and Rahul, to hold infinite power without public authority, responsibility, scrutiny or accountability but also devalued the post of the PM.

7. There is no reason Anna Hazare or any of us have to stand for elections. We are engineers, doctors, traders, rickshaw drivers and social activists. It is our duty as common Indians to keep a check on our elected representatives. On the contrary, this protest has made our democracy stronger. It has sent a warning to our arrogant leaders that they cannot force corruption down our throats anymore.

Wow! I am on fire! This is the anger and frustration the common man is venting in the streets of India today. To his credit, the agitation has been completely non-violent. Now if super-intellectuals like yourself cannot understand the prevalent mood of 1.2 billion Indians, I don't care if you call us "half-wit".

Paresh said...


Passionate comment. Totally agree with your views.

Basically, everyone has to understand that this is not a power struggle. There is no threat to our democracy or even the UPA government. No one wants to 'overthrow' Dr. MMS, the parliament or the Constitution. This is just fear mongering let loose by the government and some innocent people are buying that.

This is a simple protest against increasing corruption in our country. The simplest solution is for the government to gauge the overwhelming public mood, draft a water-tight LokPal Bill in consultation/advice of public and see to it that the guilty are punished. IS it that difficult to understand?

Unfortunately, the government has made it a huge ego issue and is paying the price for its folly.

nri2008 said...

Dear Ramanji

Do you ever in your wildest dreams inagine that CORRUPT in INdia will be punished and national wealth retuend to the public exchequer? As distinguished member of Intelligence Services you may be privy to more information of how political and industrial leadrship loots the nation.Why is every Indian forced to pay petty bribes for any Government work? Why are Biilions of Dollars wasted by the Givernment of Idnia and similar polittical parties? Why do more than 100 Member of Parliament with criminal backgroubnds allowed to be MPs? Do yo mean top say they will turn a new leaf? The Indiain criminal law and justice system is deeply flawed uin favoir of rich and powerful-Do you have any doubt? I know personaly of leased public land since 1947 being shown as PRIVATE land by bribing ministers of Eastern Indian state capital city (whre hige steel plant is coming up)and is this NOT repeated on colossal scale all over India?? OFFICIAL LOK AYUKTA bill is nothing but facade to rotect the GUILTY AND CORRUPT Government ministers, officals and buisnessmen? If we accept it means INDIAN DEOMOCRACY IS A SHAM/MOB-OCRACY controlled by Rich and Powerful caste Group and not by people of India!


DO you have a workable solution to the questions raide by Anna Hazare if not his demands?

I hope you will not brush off my reuest as illogical and deem to reply.In fact is thre any other peaceful way to concede these just and legitmate demands?

Warm Regards


Sujit Thomas said...
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Sujit Thomas said...

To the gentleman who would have us believe that this does not pose a threat to electoral democracy, I would direct you to what is currently being said by Mr. Hazare and his associates on television.

Apparently there is no question whatsoever of calling off the protest unless the government not only introduces the Jan Lokpal Bill but goes so far as to pass it. In other words, your beloved leaders are not willing to accept it if the Parliament refuses to enact the bill. It's frankly disgusting, moreover, that Hazare and Company seem to expect the government to put all other business on hold and to pass the bill before the monsoon session ends.

Sujit Thomas said...

To "Ambi": No, I am not nuts. And as for being "wrong again", I wasn't aware that I was wrong the first time. May I bring to your attention the fact that none of the news media has reported any agitations in support of your August Kranti except in the metropolis? It's interesting that Mr. Kejriwal wants the news media to go to the villages first; the logic seems to be: you want a rural revolution, then first give us cameras. And I'm very reluctant to accept the logic that Anna Hazare's native village is somehow typical of the rest of rural India. That's the most ridiculous suggestion I've ever heard. I'd like to add that the number of protestors has not yet come close to 10,000. So it seems that Digvijay "chidu" and MMS as you so endearingly ncall them were not far off the mark. Perhaps if you'd spend less time swearing on the internet and more time reading the newspapers or paying attention to media reports, your arguments might make sense. I wouldn't count on it, though.
Additionally, just because it is urban, why should we assume that it is "sophisticated"? That is precisely the point I am arguing. Sophistry it may be, but sophisticated it is not.

Mr. Sarang, I marvel at the fact that you use the phrase "super-intellectual" derogatorily. I value intellectual content far higher than sheer emotional appeal. If you are not an intellectual,you are not willing to Think. If you did, you might notice that I do not believe that 1.2 billion Indians are half-wits. There is a distinction, here. May I draw your attention to it? I am as much representative of your 1.2 billion as you are. The error of this movement is in assuming that it speaks for the whole nation in support of the Jan Lokpal and in opposition to this government.So I am Not calling 1.2 billion Indians halfwits, only that section of it that will uncritically support the Hazare Show. And the fact that you are unwilling to critique some of the arguments I make or even engage with them firmly establishes your credentials. Please do not fall into the error of assuming that the people at Ramlila Maidan today are in any way representative of the whole nation. They are not, for instance, representative of me, or for that matter any of the people I happen to know. There may be no kangaroo courts, but people like you will not hesitate to challenge the patriotism of citizens who speak against Mr. Hazare if not necessarily for the government, citizens such as myself. Apparently, I am not one of your 1.2 billion Indians. This is in no way democratic, nor is it democratic to reject the will of the Parliament whatever it may be. You may say that Mr. Hazare and company are prepared to let the bill be passed through the Parliament, but on what terms? If the UPA leaders are arrogant then the opposition will check their efforts and demand amendments to the bill. If you don't have faith in Parliament and in its decisions, then you are expected to stand for elections to challenge it. And yes, you Do need to stand for elections if you are so angry with the state of affairs in the country. If you don't, then it's sheer hypocrisy. But you won't because your 1.2 billion Indians will reject you just as they would Mr. Hazare or Mr. Kejriwal or Mr. Bhushan should they stand for elections.

I'm just as angry as any of you about the degree of corruption in this country, but I refuse to accept that this is the way to protest it, nor that these are the people we must trust.

Sujit Thomas said...

I could go on and on pointing out holes in what you have just said. Traders, doctors, engineers, software technicians, businessmen, executives, certainly but autorickshaw drivers have not joined the protest. I expect you to understand that there is a distinction between one or ten autodrivers and the unions themselves. A small-time union made an appeal two days ago but it was completely unsuccessful. This movement expresses nothing more than the vested interests of an elite group --- the upper middle class. In what universe, I ask you, are "doctors, engineers, traders" the 'common man'? Your ignorance of the class dimension of this movement is appalling.

Traveler said...

Mr. Thomas why do you put your foot in your mouth?
Keeping aside the truth in the statement that not many autowallas have joined the protest, you have forgotten dabbawallas of Mumbai. They went on strike for the first time in 120 years. Probably you must know the details of their Swiss bank account; therefore, they are somehow above the autowallas.

Dude what are you smoking?

romulus102 said...

If you don't agree with team anna, you are with the govt and their lousy bill...most people's comments here seem to be headed that way.
So my question, so don't the other people other than team anna and his supporters supposed to a opinion, albeit a different one.The govt bill is a toothless one, no doubt about it, but the team anna version asks for too much and inadvertently seeks to create another power centre.Everyone here is against corruption. here the focus should be on the pros and cons of both versions.Such a important bill needs a aggressive debate and with the hightened attention of the masses this is the right time to have it.

Ruchi said...
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Ruchi said...

Anna Hazare Collusion is misleading people ..... if they want to sanction any law they should opt for elections in 2014 so that they could pass law subsequently after winning elections ....there way of doing things is completely autocratic n against democracy.....i salute dr.manmohan singh de way he z handling the currpt india 4m last seven years.if anna hazare was married .only den he could understand its oodles of times more difficult to run a country den four members or five members of family.....many people are with you Sir dont worry......

Atule Kedia said...

Lage Raho Anna !! Lage Raho Sathiyo!!

Atule Kedia said...

Lage Raho Anna !! Lage Raho Sathiyo!!
atule kedia

raju said...
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raju said...

Delete Comment From: Raman's strategic analysis

Blogger raju said...

had the janlokpal bill been passed when the movement was in full flow, nobody from our huge population would have objected that this is not the right way, the previous system was well and good, get that back becoz everyone would have been thoroughly satisfied.. so basically everyone wants to get the bill passed.. and the opposers if you cant support the bill please dont oppose it as well because it does not do any harm to you...

hp said...

This movement of Anti-Corruption will not be for Only this government, as, this will continue to be for all the governments who are in power. There should be a complete reform in our government structure to replace the team with Fresh minded people who are Educationally also well qualified to govern the people.

AMBARISH K. Sharma said...

Completely agree with you Sir, the populist notion is, if not always, a dangerous mechanism to follow.
Democracy is not something private to Indian Constitution, it inherits its mechanism and principles from all across the globe.
Succumbing to populist pressure is certainly going to weaken the basic structure of our democracy.
Agreeing and abiding to populist principles is nothing but an another form of anarchy where 1.3 billions are the rulers.
Its in the best interest of the country to behave maturely and contribute to strengthening the system.