Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I have been reading your Blogs for the past three years and as an Indian I feel very happy for my country to have a person like you with such a great insight in to the startegic issues.I would say that many of your articles had helped us to analyse the strategic issue in a perspective that may not be possible for a ordinary citizen with very minimal worldly/startegic knowledge.Recently I happened to read few pages of your book Kaoboys of RAW and was very happy to know the achievements of you and the organization.Then I realized that we are not worthy enough to criticize you for any of your opinions or your preference.I have vocally cricized you in many forums for your support of certain journalist but realized that its your preference and every person is entitled to their friendship and opinion.I sincerely apologize for my actions earlier and others who still rant on your blogs without understanding your stature.They still havent realized that they are reading the opinion of a great man who was part of the wonderful turn of events in my nations history and whose analysis were opened only for handful people till some years ago.The general public always tend to succumb to their emotions and may not think before they speak.So i request you to consider the some of the the harsh comments of the general public as a collateral to discussions in public. As a fan,Indian I thank you for all your educative analysis and pray to god that he bestow you with a long life and a good health....Thanks so much.


Esoteric said...

Because one is a fan,shouldnt stop one from expressing differences of opinion with his idol!

Similarly, a difference of opinion shouldnt stop the idol from paying attention to the fan.

My two cents!

aaran said...

It's sad some one is praying for a person who believes a nation's strategic interests are important than ordinary people's lives, who uses his ability and position to draw a distorted view of events while thousands perish and suffer for the concept of nation.

Why do we need a strong country if it cannot bring any good for its ordinary citizens?
Why do we need a strong country that built with the blood and tears of ordinary citizens?

Karma is mightier than prayers.