Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am reproducing blow an E-Mail received by me from a reader:

Environmentalist (38 months ago | reply)
Thank you friends for your visits and for your valuable comments..
These photographs were taken from Sarban Mountain top ( Ht 5500 feet ) and for clarity reasons, it was taken right after the rainfall, as Abbottabad gets very polluted and hazed afterwards..
This photo is showing slums , which were built after Zia's Marshal-Law,..and robbery of national assets became totally out of control during last eight years ,..when Deputy Commissioners were removed ,..
Illegal dictators and monsters need support of pseudo politicians and fake religious people , most of the natural drainage areas, green belts, free lying government lands were grabbed by such people as a black mailing tactic...
If slums were built on private land, even so , Pakistan Environmental Protection Act and Pakistan Antiquities Act , Forest laws, Municipal laws etc..were clearly violated..
Agents in the municipal and local government , either ignored the laws and looked the other way,..or they colluded and took due share in the form of bribes,..
Afghan refugees and migrants from mountains rented such illegal properties and as they had no attachment with the town hence they played havoc with the trees present in those areas,...which they are stealing even today,..and after ten years we will not see even a single tree in this area,.
Ruling elite stayed busy in the developments of their countless posh housing schemes and finally when people realized about this great game, then in 2005 AD, they burnt down the British era land record room in Abbottabad ,.. ( Murree record was burnt few months ago, and Karachi record and maps were burnt down few weeks ago )
Upto 15 feet long hand drawn maps , government confidential papers , survey records,...upto China border,..all kept in neat leather folders ,..disappeared forever with flames on the silent morning of June 6, 2005 ,..Fire engulfed graceful stone and timber structure of Hazara's Mohafiz Khana ,..which was built in 1876 AD..., as usual electric short circuit was blamed, but staff reported that electric main switches were off at the time of fire,..No government agency brought search dogs or investigators after such a big national loss..??

Please note when Army officer's house was robbed in Rawalpindi, then sniffing dogs of Army were called and within minutes culprits were nabbed ,..Ah Pakistan..

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