Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I have received the following E-mail from another reader:

I hope this letter finds you in good health.
I have been closely observing and reading your blog
posts regarding your support to Barkha Dutt and I have
a few observations.

1. Whether one likes it or not, people like Barkha Dutt
are popular (their twitter following is an indication)
and are in a position to influence the popular discourse
in the country through their prime time shows.

2. The more criticism of her from the right wing sometimes
to the point of abuse, the more people like her move to
the other extreme of ideological spectrum and more bias
becomes the public discourse. I believe there should be a
healthy mix of left and right opinions in the media. In India,
I find left opinions dominate the print and electronic media.
I see this imbalance as a problem.

3. I see your support to her from this angle. By lending
your support to her, you may have knowingly or unknowingly
stopped her slid towards the other end of the ideological
spectrum and hence may have stopped a problem (point 2)
from becoming worse.

As I said these are my observations and I am not
passing any judgement here. You are free to ignore this.

Before I end, I must say I am a long time reader of your
articles and I hope you keep writing for a long long time.


kabalan said...


Barkha's alleged involvement in Radia tapes may or may not be true. But what is true is that she and the media house she is associated with is the mouth piece of congress.

1) when India beat Pakistan at Mohali this is how ndtv celebrated the win

2)when Rahul Gandhi was served a court notice for an alleged rape, ndtv didn't care to report that news.

3) even you have written an article "sonia gandhi can do no wrong " asking why the media is silent on her role in the scams. i request you to ask this question to Barkha dutt

Sir, after reading your articles you made me think why Barkha shouldn't be given the benefit of doubt, for her role in Radia tapes.
but how are you going to defend now ? i may be wrong. so, please speak up and enlighten the mortals like us.

Shital said...

Sir, Barkha ji ka topic chodiye...Aap apne aap me hi ek alag unchai ho..aap se hame gyan pratit hota hai.. na ki barkha ji ki baato se....Hume sirf aap ka bhagwan mane aap ka kutnaitik vishleshan sunne ki abhilasha hai. Aasha hai ki aap sada acche rahe aur, kisi baat se bhi vichalit hokar apna dhyan bataye. Hume hamare Raman sir ki Pakistan aur kashmir upar likhit Raman encyclopedia sunnaiye....aapka kripabhilashi