Monday, April 11, 2011




The following are some comments tweeted by me yesterday and this morning in response to questions received from one of my readers, who has specified that he does not belong to any Hindutva group. To be read from bottom upwards. (12-4-11)

She demonises her critics which is wrong in a journalist.Criticise your critics, if need be, but don't demonise them.

Lot of criticism of Barkha is based on prejudices and pre-conceived notions.She has many wonderful qualities---but one negative.

I agree we have a right to criticise her objectively. Prejudices and pre-conceived notions shd not influence the criticism.

She is a professional journalist with no political agenda. I find her coverage objective.

Nor is she the favourite of any political party.Hereafter, I will ignore all Tweets on this subject.

From whatever I know of Barkha, she has no political favourites.

If I say she is exuberant, you guys say it must be because Congress (I) is winning.If I say she is subdued, U guys say opposite.

U guys all the time try to give a mischievous political twist to any remark on or about Barkha.Am sick & tired of this.

All I was hinting was she seemed to like WB (West Bengal) countryside more than TN ( Tamil Nadu) countryside.Her liking for WB cuisine is evident


Just another guy said...


The best journalist in the word can be criticized? Cannot believe it Sir!

Deshabhakta said...

After watching NDTV 24x7 for a few days, do you think you can say that its coverage is not positively baised towards Congress and negatively towards BJP? Just a statement from you is expected. You are known for "strategic analysis".

Nitin said...

I always thought Barkha as a great journalist with objective mind and impatial heart. I too feel that she doesn't have her own agenda or political ambitions. She has always run her show without dramatising the issue with high beat words/phrases or shouting. Many other journalists dramatise the issue so much that it makes me sick watching them. She is really very good...

Prasanna Harpanhalli said...
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AjaiJose said...

Burkha dutt is a journalist on sale just like Vir sanghvi and others.
I agree she is not favouring any political party. Its purely journalistic business in some sense.
The guy who pays gets her vote.
Congress i seems to be the buyer from a long time. DMK is also a joint buyer.

also she does not harbour political ambitions since she has them in their pockets with all their secrets in her kitty.

reminds one of the classic "Jaane Bhi do Yaaron".
nothing has changed in Indian politics since that movie :(
Status Quo maintained!

Carlos said...

Of course, EVEN the best "journalist" in the world can be criticized. And, Barkha is a third rate "journalist" if that.