Tuesday, March 15, 2011



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Air India spokesperson said: "Air India is operating flights to Japan. We have no instructions to screen passengers for radiation." AFP

India downplays radioactive contamination dangers--AFP

What steps India is taking to prevent radioactive contamination from reaching India through transport, passengers, imported foodstuff?

Malaysia starts checking passengers from Japan for radio activity.Thai Airways cancels overnight stops in Japan for its crew.

Of the 62 reactors being built arnd the world,40 R in Asia, according 2 the World Nuclear Assc.China 27, India 5 & S.Korea 5

Lufthansa checking flights from Japan for radioactivity. How about flights from Japan touching Indian airports?

IAEA yet to send experts.

US team includes reactor experts, international affairs experts, and a senior manager from one of the NRC's (Nuclear Regulatory Commission ) four operating regions,

Japan formally asks US & IAEA for reactor blast management assistance. 8 US experts already despatched. 2 more being sent. AFP ( 16-3-11)

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