Sunday, February 13, 2011



This is the week of my quarterly cancer check-up. Due on the 18th when I will also be given my quarterly injection.

2. I had my tests on February 10. Everything seems normal. But one never knows with cancer. The doctor wanted me to have a scan too. That I will avoid. If the scan result is negative, that could affect my morale. I am living on my morale.

3. Learnt in October 2009 that I can hope to have a maximum of another three years of life. Sixteen months are already over. A maximum of 20 months more remains.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

---- Robert Frost


Nipun said...

Sir, we hope you get better and wish the best for you.

r12341980 said...

We wish you will get better.

Sita said...

A Fighting Spirit will help Survivors much more along with Medication.So don't give up the Fight.Wishing you all the best.

Sita said...

Also Dealing with cancer is similar to dealing with terrorists.Intelligence helps:-D ;-)

Sita said...

I am just trying to laugh at a grim situation,sir ,so please don't mistake me or my intentions.Cancer is that kind of a disease,which needs a lot of resistance,Laughing at/about,and Knowledge to get you through.We are all in the same boat in one way or another,but you've been given a prognosis which need not be accurate,which you don't have to take to heart,except to be Prepared.You can defy it.Once again,Best Wishes to you and Family during this trying times.

CauseEffectExaminer said...

Raman Sir,

You are a very precious asset of our motherland and we pray for your long life. Being a well read man, you must be surely aware that many people have successfully fought off cancer and lived for long thereafter. We therefore hope that you too shall overcome this ordeal with your strength and determination,
Cheers, we are all with you!

Just another guy said...

Whatever my disagreements with your hypocrisy... Get well soon!

safik said...

Insha Allash you will get better.

Kaushik said...

Wish u well sir

Hummingbird said...

Dear Sir,


By God's grace the words of the Doctor(s) will be proved wrong.

A request - please ignore the 20 month time frame as it can become a self fulfilling prophesy. Please continue with the national service which you are rendering by way of your excellent writings on security matters.

I will offer my prayers on your behalf.

Best wishes & warm regards.

- Dilip, Mumbai

PS: Incase you believe in Sai Thatha, please visit Gourivakkam Shirdi Sai Temple. The Lord there is called 'cancer' cure Sai. Nothing is impossible for HIM.

Kautilya said...


Your moral is our moral.Please do not let down yours moral at con sequence, India will remember you whenever history sought precious analysis.We wish you and pray for you.

ravi said...


Remember we choose whether we want to live or die . Death only occurs when we at some subconcious level decide that we have achieved whatever we have decided , when at the time of coming to earth( We plan our Life Design) . If you still have the passion toward your work and intention to contribute positively DEATH CANNOT COME TO U . TRUST ME ON THIS SIR

Vijay said...

Best wishes good sir. I wont pretend to know what you are feeling, but my prayer is that you never give up the fight.

nri2008 said...

Dear Ramanji,

I am sure by God's grace and your innate determination and courage you will have a long and fruitful life. The nation needs wise, committed and experienced patriots like you to lead the Indian youth by your sagacious example in these turbulent times as nation faces dangers of 2 mortal enemies on its borders coupled with scourge of terrorism and a weak, corrupt and nepotistic Government in India.

Warm Regards


Singapore said...

Respected Sir,
We the patriot Indian's could not think an India without people like you.
We will pray for your long live.

sanjay said...


Get well soon.

Jay said...

May You Live a Thousand Years more Sir.

This is the wish of my heart not the decison of my head.

Lexington Green said...

They told my father in 1974 that he had only a few years. He's still here. Sometimes these predictions, done with the best knowledge available, are not entirely accurate. I will pray a decade of the rosary for you, sir.

Lexington Green said...

I will pray a decade of the rosary for you, sir.

MANAS PAUL said...

Dear Sir,
You are gifted with an extraordinary spirt and courage. I am sure you will keep us enriching the way you are doing for many more years to come. I have known at least five cancer patients personally who have come back from the last stage and are living perfectly well. One of my elderly friend's father was detected cancer in 1959 and was told to have only some months. He died in 1984 normally.
You will be able to conquer the cancer. I am certain of it. Be God with you in your fight.
Manas Paul
Agartala, Tripura

Jayaraman said...

Well done

What we realise is sub chor Hai with an helpless honest PM answerable to Soniaji


Sadagopan said...

Respected Sri.B.Raman Ji

I'll Pray for your behalf.I hope you will get better. Jai SriRam.

Chandra said...

Dear Raman,

My prayers for you to get well soon. As Shridi Sai Baba has said, we work out our karma. May He give you strength in very respect. I wish I had known you before and read your writings. I know you only for a month now. very interesting writer you are.

My regards and love