Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My dear Raman,

I have often wondered at the courage and fortitude you show in daily life since the discovery .Writing your morning piece with your first cuppa coffee as I once teased you .You are keeping up with life as if nothing has changed ,

Metaphorically what else can be described as not worrying about the end and having conquered the fear of death and death itself and fearlessly going on like a Karamyogi.

What a bench mark for others.

My salutations and respect to you .God bless you for as long a time as he can to keep you healthy and us daily well informed.

Warm personal regards Gajendra


I was greatly touched.It is friends & well-wishers like you who have kept me going. And my interest in the subject and the love and loyalty of my readers---many if not most of them young.I will keep going for as long as I can.Take care, dear batch-mate. I still remember our working and drinking together in Paris in the days of the Emergency.Oh God, how much I used to drink those days! I could drink four large pegs of S & S, one or two glasses of wine and some Cognac and drive for 300 KMs anywhere in Europe without getting into an accident.Now I am allowed to drink only socially---not more than two large pegs on each social occasion.I miss my daily S & S.

Those were the days, my friend
I thought they never end.
I'll sing & dance
For ever every day,
I'll live the life I choose,
And always fight & never lose,
For I was young & sure to have my way.(Mary Hopkins,1968)

Those days are in the distant past.
With bags of affection. Raman

We have lived life we felt like living .You could some and more even when knees sank.No regrets .

We can have one more when you come here .

Cheers Gajendra