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I paraphrase below the points made by me during a discussion on a TV channel on the night of January 10,2011, on the reported involvement of some members of the Hindu community in the explosion on the Samjauta Express running between Delhi and Lahore in the Indian territory on the night of February 18,2007, and in three other terrorist strikes directed against the Muslim community (Pl see my earlier article at )

* The reported involvement of some Hindus would be embarrassing not only for the Hindutva organisations, but also for the Government of India and its investigating agencies. The agencies were blaming the jihadi terrorists for these explosions, but now the investigation is pointing in a different direction towards some members of the Hindu community. This is bound to affect the credibility of our investigating agencies in the eyes of the international community of investigating agencies. They may not be taken seriously in future.
* Our investigating agencies should re-establish their credibility by vigorously pursuing the investigation into the alleged involvement of some Hindus to its logical conclusion in a methodical manner and successfully prosecuting those involved. We must be honest with ourselves in vigorously pursuing these cases till the truth is established
* It is natural that Pakistan will exploit our embarrassment for propaganda purposes. We have been accusing Pakistan of not being thorough and prompt in its investigation and prosecution of the Pakistani end of the conspiracy relating to the 26/11 terrorist strikes in Mumbai. Now Pakistan will say that we ourselves have not been prompt and thorough in the investigation and prosecution of the above-mentioned blasts. The only way of countering the Pakistani propaganda and regaining our credibility is through methodical investigation.
* A confession made to a magistrate is an important piece of evidence, but it will acquire value for the successful prosecution of the cases only when it is corroborated by independent evidence. I get an impression from published reports that our investigating agencies have not been able to collect much by way of scientific evidence.
* I agree that we are in a denial mode with regard to indications of the involvement of some Hindus in these terrorist incidents. Many of our problems arise because of our lack of professionalism in the investigation of terrorism-related cases. Political considerations distort the professional investigation. That is one of the reasons why we have not been able to satisfactorily deal with the problem of terrorism. (11-1-11)

( The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai. E-mail: )


Sarang said...

Chinese soldiers walked into border areas of Indian Ladakh - unapposed. Different arms of the Indian government are either denying or accepting it. There is total confusion whether to accept it and what should be our response. Your comments please, Raman Sir?

Esoteric said...

Its a fact that our investigative agencies are under resourced,poorly led,politically manipulated,lack modern investigative skills,corrupt and lack vision to pursue cases to their conclusion.This sloth is typical of any Govt agency in the country and not limited to these agencies.

The issue with Samjauta case is not just the investigation per se.It seems to be a political lever which turns the accusing finger towards the community that the ruling party finds an appropriate target at that time.

Indian accusations against Pakistan have not been taken at their face value over the last two decades by design or due to their merit by the west.Mostly by design,at times due to the knee jerk nature of accusations.Indian investigative agencies whether they pursue this case well or not are not going to win any Intl awards for popularity or effeciency.They are already infamous,inside and outside India.

Thus,my conclusion is that due to the scam pressures Congress has decided that to survive in power it must paint (rightly or wrongly) BJP as a perpetrator of Hindu terror and also put RSS in the dock.In other words, its ready to barter away national interest(of keeping pressure on Pakistan) in favour of party's interest.The timing of this suggests,even if Hindu terrorists have been involved in Samjhauta or other acts; they are not considered a real the Govt or intel agencies because if they did they would wait for the situation to reach this stage before acting.

Either way,this shows congress penchant for anti-national activities.Shocking.

Esoteric said...

Pls read it as....The timing of this suggests,that even if Hindu terrorists have been involved in Samjhauta or other acts of terror; they are not considered a real threat by the Govt or intel agencies because if they did, the Govt would not have waited for the situation to reach this stage before acting.

Either way,this shows congress penchant for anti-national activities(first by not acting in time if the Hindu terror is a reality,secondly if the Hindu terror doesnt exist,its misleading the nation and giving Pakistan a lease of life).Shocking.

ambi said...

truth will finally prevail. i request govt of india to open and investigate all the old cases along with samzhauta attack. i am sure that if 93 seraial bomb blast case in mum or akshardham attack n others are investigated by NIA again it ll be proved beyond doubt that it was a handiwork of saffron terror n poor muslim youths were falsely implicated in it. down with you congress for spoiling the life of inno. muslim youth.

AjaiJose said...

congress has been and will keep screwing this country.

give more power to Raul baba and he can take it to a different height and push india from there.

Talking to central idiots agenci and whispering sweet nonsense for the generals pleasure is boot licking and total Luncay.

Vote for Raul Ghandy India, Vote for him! and screw your future for eternity.

Just want to see one good thing the raul idiot ever did his in his entire "illustrious" career which his mom or teacher could write home about

ambi said...

oops! i forgot to mention that all those poilice officers n that time home min shld be seriously punished for spoiling muslims youths life. i request BJP to force the government to open all these cases n punish those criminal officers who (i am sure) falsely implicated innocent muslim youths. satyameva jayate.

nri2008 said...

Dear Ramanji,

a)This is another example of sheer incompetence and ill advised politicking by UPA Government headed by PM Singh and Sonia Gandhi.
It has given Pakistan big stick to beat India notwithstanding 26/11 attacks backed by Pak secret service ISI where nearly 200 Indians died.

b)How come are Indian Government is so inept and selfish that in blind hatred of oppposition BJP and RSS it can go to any extent to hide its wrongdoing like Bofors, 2G, Commonwealth Games Scams.

Truly this nauseating Communal,corrupt, Divide and Rule policy of Congress party and UPA Government makes one feel ashamed! The former American ambassador Robert Blackwill has commented rightly Indian politicians will go down to any extent (Shameless!)



P.S.-Another cap for Indian Parliament where Lok Sabha is fast becoming monarchy with most MPs from political families and news report in TOI wjher Rahul Gandhi lauds dynasty politics in India! How low can Indian democracy stoop?

Also will at the end of day NIA release all suspects for lack of evidence as it has all signs of political drama rather than tackling serious national problem of terrorism!

ambi said...

Aap kuch bhi kar lo madam ji, lagta hain aapka to badluck hi kharab hain. poora band baaja baarat ho gaya hain. bihar mein apna band bajj gaya, up mein baaja bajega (bahan mayawati to apan congis ko up mein ghusne bhi nahin degi) aur jaganmohan ap mein apni baarat nikalega (woh to abhise apni khol khol ke maar raha hain). upar se apne govt ka super governance! baap re baap. lagta hain aapse kahin pe galti se mistake ho gaya. nahin?

Esoteric said...

Could you weigh in on the below?..Is the Taseers assasination a hint of a bigger strike in the offing? The article also links Hindu terror to the Karachi project.Could that be the missing link?...

I quote below..

"High profile assassinations in this region have, on more than one occasion, preceded high profile terror attacks elsewhere. The 9/11 terror attacks in the US were preceded by the assassination of Ahmed Shah Masood by Al Qaeda. The November 26, 2008 attacks on Mumbai were preceded by the assassination of Gen Faisal Alvi by individuals said to be closely affiliated to Ilyas Kashmiri. It is anybody’s guess whether Salman Taseer’s assassination is a precursor to other events. However, news comes from Karachi of an assassination of considerable interest to India"

Author - Shashi Shekhar