Saturday, January 15, 2011



In the article titled as above in the latest issue of "Outlook", Saba Naqvi has quoted me as telling her as follows: "“Today the threat from Indian Muslim terror groups and Hindus who have taken to terror is equal in scale.”

2. I did not repeat not say this when she rang me up on January 14.I said that terrorism from the Muslim or Hindu communities should be of EQUAL CONCERN to the investigating agencies.

3.The Malegaon blasts took place on September 8,2006.I wrote as follows on September 10, 2006: "Malegon is a wake-up call to the Indian political leadership as to what could happen on the national scale if the seething Hindu and Muslim anger against each other and against the administration continues to grow by feeding upon each other......While one should not be surprised if the Malegaon blasts also turn out to be the work of jihadi terrorists, one should not rule out at this stage the possibility of the involvement of non-Muslims, keeping in view the long history of tensions between the Muslims and the Hindus in Malegaon.....It also needs to be underlined that any ill-advised actions by angry elements of the Hindu community to give vent to their anger over the continuing acts of terrorism, by indulging in reprisal attacks against innocent members of the Muslim community would be detrimental to our national interests and could contribute to an unbridgeable divide between the two communities. The Government should act with equal firmness against whoever indulges in acts of terrorism/, irrespective of the community---Muslim or Hindu--to which he or she belongs. There cannot be one law for the Muslims and another for non-Muslims . ( )

4.Since then, my views have been consistent as could be seen from over a dozen articles on the subject and my observations in my book "Terrorism---Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" published in 2008. Those views were partly based on my discussions with a Muslim IPS officer. He and I respect each other. Practically all these articles were also carried by you.

5.I notice that Saba Naqvi had given some of the points mentioned by me during her telephonic conversation with me as her own views and attributed to me by name a view which had not been expressed by me.




ambi said...

mr raman, if u have any sanity left in you, dont deal with these congi xinhuas in print n electronic mediums. just use ur personal blogs to express ur views. when radia tapes got exposed it was real low for not just our democracy but it also reflected moral degradation of our society, when not a single elect. media showed that news. i dont know how low we ll go from here. media toh almost beek hi chuka hain. these guys ll sell their mothers for a good deal.

Indian Girl said...

nothing about MSM shocks me now. They are what they are Dalals extraordinaire

Just another guy said...

When I saw those statements in the Outlook article, I was convinced that age had gotten the better of u. But now with this clarification of yours, I am convinced that the India media is capable of making a perfectly balanced person look like a total moron.