Tuesday, December 21, 2010



The exercise initiated by Mrs.Sonia Gandhi, the President of the Congress (I), and her cohorts at the just concluded 83rd plenary of the Congress (I) to have the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) projected and demonised as a Hindu terrorist organisation comparable to the Nazi groups of World War II vintage and the more recent Islamic terrorist organisations speaks of the mental confusion that prevails at the senior levels of her party. It also highlights the total bankruptcy of thinking and the total indifference to sensitive issues that have become the defining characteristics of the party under her leadership in recent months.

2. It is a fact that some members of the Hindu community had during the last three or four years taken to acts of reprisal terrorism against the Muslim community at Malegaon, Hyderabad and Ajmer. It also seems to be a fact that the Hindus suspected to have been involved in these acts of reprisal terrorism were ideologically close to some of the Hindutva groups, including the RSS. The suspected role of some regional office-bearers of the RSS in motivating those Hindus, who had taken to anti-Muslim terrorism, is presently under investigation.

3. But there has been no evidence so far that the RSS as an organisation had any role in encouraging acts of reprisal against the Muslims or in motivating those who had taken to terrorism. The RSS and its leaders seem to have been as much surprised and embarrassed by the activities of these Hindu elements as other sections of the Hindu society.In the past, there had been instances of some Hindus indulging in acts of sporadic violence against Muslims in moments of public anger, but there were no instances of any Hindu or group of Hindus taking to deliberately planned acts of anti-Muslim terrorism.

4.Such deliberate and pre-planned acts of terrorism by elements in the Hindu community, including one or two officers of the armed forces, have been a recent phenomenon triggered off by a growing anger in sections of the Hindu community over what they perceived as inaction or inadequate action of the Congress (I) controlled Governments in dealing with acts of terrorism by some members of the Indian Muslim community and by Pakistani jihadi organisations sponsored by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

5. These acts of reprisal terrorism by some members of the Hindu community called for two pronged action by the Government. Firstly, the arrest and prosecution of those involved. Secondly, action to address the causes of anger in the Hindu community . Instead of doing so, the Congress (I), by launching an unwise and virulent campaign against the RSS, is going to add to the anger in the Hindu community, large sections of which look upon the RSS as an organisation which has been serving the cause of Hinduism in the land of its origin through its religious, social, cultural and humanitarian work.

6. The Hindus are in an overwhelming majority in this country and they have a right to have organisations such as the RSS to preserve the heritage of their religion and to protect and nourish their religious roots. By demonising the RSS as a terrorist and Nazi-like organisation, the Congress (I) under the leadership of Mrs.Sonia Gandhi seeks to insult millions of Hindus in this country who serve the cause of the RSS and discredit their heritage in the eyes of the rest of the world.

7. The anti-RSS campaign of the Congress (I) will not only add to the already existing anger in sections of the Hindu community,but will also play into the hands of the jihadi terrorists by facilitating their objective of aggravating the divide between the Hindu and Muslim communities. Before this campaign starts further damaging the relations between the two communities, the Congress (I) should stop its demonisation of the RSS, which would prove counter-productive. ( 22-12-10)

( The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai. E-mail: seventyone2@gmail.com )


Esoteric said...

If you havent heard this....Im posting a link of what Dr Swamy had to say about the accusations made by Sonia/Rahul about Hindu Terror.


Broadway said...

I do not understand ramanji's sudden change of heart.

Two posts back 2 back criticizing the UPA. What is the meaning of all this?

Sandeep said...

Dear Sir,

Congress leadership that is Gandhi Family is increasingly showing the sign of disconnect with India.
It is becoming a case study of 'children growing in isolation' in a make believe world and the interpreting the world from the eyes of the gate keepers controlling the access to them and vice versa.
I am perturbed by their isolation and allowing themselves to be continuously manipulated.
It lends credence to the postings on Twitter and Janata Party's website by Dr Swamy, which have not been refuted or a case filed against him.
This is in stark contrast to the aggressive media onslaught on ex chief of RSS for quoting a part of it.
It is amazing and confounds an ordinary person like me.
The cover-up action of Dr Sibal ( lawyer of Fodder Scam) is an insult to intelligence of the common man.
Interview of Foreign national Ms Radia in the comforts of her palatial farm house is puzzling.

It is no surprise that the balck money is routed thru the same channels that route the terror monies. Thus providing phenomenal leverage to our nation's enemies.

All these lends to the credence that Ceaser wife has hands in the cookie jar and it is important for Nation to investigate in an open forum the points raised by Dr Swamy by means of his press conference and website that ISI has control of our key national leaders.

We look upon the wisdom and courage of yourselves and our unknown soldiers to save Mother India from the hands of these Kauravas.

Kind Regards

Esoteric said...

Sandeep,Yesterday Salman Khurshid has given a clean chit to Swan Telecom (the alleged links to anti-nationals is more worrying than exceeding stake holding limits in companies).They havent explained the basis of the same.Has Shahid Balwa led Etisalat DB also got a clean chit?

If I understand this right.....and might I say PM is going to be made the fall guy..refer the attacks on him by BJP today and asking for him to resign so that the chosen one can take over..Implicit in this arrangement is the fact that he is least liable amongst the top Congress leadership.

the fix is in...we will still be taken for a ride.

prashhanthkpp said...

Ramanji, your blog evokes with startling accuracy the compelling desperation of the Hindus at the hands of the inexorably foolish Congress. That they have slandered the RSS with vociferous impudence is obvious. In the process, they have slandered the mighty Hindu community at large too, obviously with a sagacious intent to malign them and if possible, to provoke them to a violent retaliation thereby getting to prove that their rants are not without reason. The two principal nominations for this task has been handed over to none other than Diggy and Pappu Baba, both demented.

A furious and brutally effective blog Ramanji. Hope many Hindus read and understand the undercurrent Congress is weaving around the country in the name of pseudo-secularism.

prasad_pec said...

Mr.raman I would like to know from you what is your take on subramnaiam swamy's letter to the prime minister.


and what do u think of sonia gandhi in general is she corrupt,compromised and anti-national.

is she really as bad as subramnaim swamy alleges in his website.


Ram said...

And pigs begin to fly! B Raman suddenly wakes up to the attacks on hindus and RSS by the congress. What happened to the love for the hitherto oh so secular, does no wrong INC.

Srihari said...

I wish Congress heeds the advice of B. Ramanji in larger public interest.

Nachiketh said...

You are absolutely right Sir. The RSS is a nationalistic and patriotic organization. By criticizing the RSS the congress is speaking the language of the Jihadis