Monday, December 6, 2010


Date: Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 9:35 AM
To: Prem Jha

Thanks, Mr.Jha. You are welcome not to use my writings in the " Financial World". Warm regards. B.Raman

On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 8:05 AM, Prem Jha wrote:

Dear Mr. Raman,

I am not going to post a comment on your blog on Barkha dutt. But I must warn you , out of respect for your writing that you are doing yourself considerable damage by minimising wher9 and by imnplication, other journalists' involvemenr as intermediaties in government formation. That journalists do getinvolvedas intermediaries in affairs of state from time to time , is not unusual.The key issue is whether they do so in the national interest or in the private interest of a minister or a political party jockeying for power , when the purpose of that jockeying is to secure lucrative ministries.

I have great respect for your writing and have been intending to use your postings regularlu in theFinancial World ( Tehelka's daily paper, which starts next month) . I would be deeply disturbed if you become controversial and your credibility suffers, on such a trivial issue, whenyou have so much to contribute to the public's understanding of the threats that India faces.

With warm regards

Pre,m Shankar Jha
Editoy Financial World


Deshabhakta said...

such bad english and he calls himself editor of an english paper?
but this letter exposes the true nature of tehelka.

Ajith said...

Possilby an impostor or a 'comatose' editor given how the comma has been placed!

Raj said...

Your earlier post regarding Barkha Dutt was highly appreciated. Every sensible person knows that you were merely defending the indefensible by defending Barkha. But, you cleverly attacked N. Ram which was well done.

Clearly, the Hindu, the Open, the Outlook, and the Tehelka comprise leftist media, and I appreciate your clear understanding that they are the biggest evil. Your post undoubtedly hits them the hardest.

Let me be clear. Any intelligent person would understand that your defence of Barkha was deliberately fake and was with a purpose(and also satirical to somebody who really knows your gifted mind). You are truly a modern day's Chanakya.

No Mist said...

well i must say that "Financial World" if it ever comes out and if the said Prem Jha is really the editor of it, would be the most comical paper in the world ... i would be looking forward to it.

Broadway said...

Nice to see that ramanji knows how to have fun on the internet :)