Monday, July 26, 2010


Even if the US wants to leave Afghanistan in a hurry, it won't be able to.Afghanistan is not Vietnam. Al Qaeda is not Vietcong.Once the US decided to quit Vietnam,. Vietcong was happy & didn't chase them. It focussed on developing Vietnam. Al Qaeda and its jihadi hordes will chase them and keep killing more.Al Qaeda is a good terrorist organisation.It is not a good insurgent organisation. It cannot fight a guerilla warfare on the ground.If the Americans want to leave Afghanistan and live in peace in their homeland, their troops should enter North Waziristan, destroy Al Qaeda to the last Arab and Salafi and then leave.In Vietnam, the US fought a wrong war.In Afghanistan, it is fighting a right war the wrong way, B.Raman


ambi said...

“In Afghanistan, it is fighting a right war the wrong way,” B.Raman

Sir there is a say in Punjabi, which can be translated as ‘one thousand donkeys led by a lion can defeat one thousand lions led by a donkey.’ It’s a massive leadership failure on behalf of Pentagon & DC. Do not wish to pull their leg, but by any angle what a shame & disgust for any honourable & professional army. After giving the best of technology & equipments if they can’t contain & overcome few thousand illiterate armed villagers, then what are they good at? Is DC in a way accepting that these rag-tag illiterate Taliban who live in caves have better generals on their side then US Army? They are sheer liability on their tax payers money.

If I had not been neighbour of Pakistan I ld ve been laughing at the nauseating dumb charades that are going on across the Durand line. Now I just don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Do these clowns even know Pakistanis hate US more than Indians? Do they even know what it takes to be more hated than Indians? Do they even know what it the level of hatred that is? Do they even know what do they do to those whom they hate? Its not that I say to some Jason Birk, that ‘hey American I hate you’. & Jason Birk replies ‘who cares you jerk’. & we go both on our ways never to meet again. Pakistan just cant stand it’s existence of whom he hates! When Pak hates someone, it harasses them, when pak hates some one; it high jacks its passenger plane to Kandahar, when these fanatics hate someone they carry plane & dash it to twin towers. When these fanatica hate Ahmadis, they just go n kill them without any provocations.

Alqaeda, Taliban , JEM LET etc etc are all Pak Army. When these dumbos will get it I am afraid it ll be too late. Any how that clown in the White House has already lost the plot, n now he shld be prepared for a backlash. Americans are going to be hunted within & outside their borders.

Ram said...

YES Ramanji this is the only option now that he innards of Americans deception has been fully exposed.

All these stupid antics of Aemricans must be making the Chinese dance with delight!

An incompetent and inexperienced American President is making all sorts of mistakes which makes us in South Asia to shudder as India too does not have a capable and wise PM. He carries too much emotional baggage to take the fight to the Pakis!

A Foreign Minister like S M Krishna would have been sacked for incompetence in any developed country!