Sunday, July 25, 2010


I keep getting messages enquiring about my health for which I am grateful. Following is an update on my health:

Since November 11,2009, I am under hormonal treatment for metastasised cancer of prostate origin. It seems to have started about four or five years earlier from the prostate and from there spread to the urinary bladder, a nearby bone and a lymph-node. It was detected late since the first external symptom (bleeding) appeared only on September 30,2009. The cancer is such that it cannot be cured, but can be contained. Till now, it has been responding positively to the treatment to contain it and I have learnt to peacefully co-exist with it. I have not allowed it to affect my normal life. I continue to be as active---physically and mentally--- as I have always been.


RD said...

And Sir, I do hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you continue to be yourself!


suneeta said...

Wish you well soon. Your followers look forward to your blogpost everyday.

ajayinbombay said...

All the best to your Sir.

You have all our respect, admiration and best wishes

Broadway said...

And I hope you stay strong and unbroken forever. By best regards to you and your family.

Ram said...

Dear Ramanji,

We pray for your health and well being. India needs many patriotic and altruistic professionals like you to combat the face challenges the nation today. Your blog and thoughts have been a shining beacon amongst the general mediocrity and once against reminded that sacrifices have to be made to protect hard won independence by our founding fathers since 1947.

Warm Regards


ambi said...

We need you for long time sir. Be in good health!

KRISHANU said...

Hats off to you, Raman , for the blog.Hope you come out of this situation soon.

Krishanu said...

Respected sir,
We at THE VERDICT and The Independent Media of India, pray for your good health. Needless to mention, thinking and writings from dedicated citizen of Bharat is need of the hour.
With respects and warm regards
MuraleeDharan Raghavan, Ms Krisshna Arjun and staff members of THE VERDICT

Sandeep said...

Dear Sir,

Your comment represents the highest form of 'Detachment of Yogi'- the disease from the 'Self';

Our prayers that it is cured and Mother India bless you with the 'strength' and good 'health'.

Kind Regards

Anjaneya said...

Raman ji,
My very best wishes and prayers to Tirupati Srinivasa for you health and long life.


Voyage of Thoughts said...

Dear Sir,

I have been a keen follower of your posts and insightful analyses.

This post of yours moved me, since my father and my FIL suffered from Cancer. I humbly suggest you to try these two:
1. Dr. Saraswathi Hegde -

I wish you all health and look forward to many more decades of your patriotic and insightful analyses.

- Kailas

MANAS PAUL said...

Sir, I pray to almighty to help you retain the strength -mental and physical..I am sure you will keep us enriching for many more years to come...Most important is you teach us as to how one should cope with the physical trauma and persaonal agony and live for a regards and best wishes to you Sir
Manas Paul, Agartala

suresh said...

Wish you live many many more years. We can't afford to lose you anytime soon. Keep up the great work. What a productive second career you have had! It must be the envy of so many others. Do train the next generation well. Godspeed.

theone said...

Saddened to know. Keep writing more vigrously.

Kaundinya said...

I am amazed by your perseverance, honesty and the motivation you have in your life. May the Supreme grant you all that you wish for. I am sure that you will be ever active.

kowsik said...

Hope the treatment keeps the cancer under control. Wish you all the best.

Gaurav.... said...

Dear Sir,

Take good care of your health....May GOD always showers his kindest blessing on you and always keeps you fit.

Warm Regards,

Sarang said...

I wish you all the best, Sir!

Ravi said...

Raman Sir,

I work for at NY. I can try and have your reports looked at by experts for a second opinion.

I like your blog and look forward to your regular posts!