Monday, October 26, 2009


Mumbai -26/11 saw a mix of commando-style attacks typical of the special
forces of an army and indiscriminate killing of civilians typical of the Lashkare-
Toiba (LeT), the Pakistani jihadi organization. The meticulous planning, the
thorough training of the 10 LeT terrorists, who carried it out, and the close coordination
of the attacks from the command and control of the LeT had the stamp
of Al Qaeda and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence with both of which the LeT
has a close relationship.

The LeT terrorists attacked a mix of targets—innocent Indian civilians in public
places, Jewish people in a religious-cum-cultural centre and members of the Indian
and foreign social and business elite in two five-star hotels. The attacks on the Jewish
centre and the hotels lasted over 60 hours and were continuously telecast live by
the TV channels.

The success of the terrorist attacks, mounted from the sea, highlighted once again
the serious deficiencies in India’s national security apparatus and the role of Pakistan
in the spread of terrorism across the world. Have we drawn the right lessons in
respect of both? Can the Indian people expect at least now a more robust counterterrorism
policy to prevent another 26/11?

A day of Infamy


B Raman 2009 ISBN: 978-1-935501-16-9 Hb pp 242

Published in October 2009


Shalvin said...

Dear Mr. Raman
I noticed an old muslim man (abt 55 - 65 yrs) in the train yesterday making notes and highlighting sections of an article "NIGHTLIFE IN PUNE" that spoke of hot spots in the city on what seemed to be photocopies of TIMEOUT magazine.

On seeing me glancing at his notes he quickly shoved them into his bag and disappeared into the crowd heading towards Andheri East.
My question is : Is this cause for concern?

There was definitely something furtive abt the person...He was abt 5ft 8 inches and sported a white goaty beard, semi bald with white hair.

Anonymous said...

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