Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hi All

The biopsy report was received today. It has confirmed high-grade malignancy in the urinary bladder--prostrate region.The doctors say they are not yet certain who is the enemy. They have prescribed one more test today. Results will come on Nov.3. Thereafter, the urologists, who have been treating me till now, will consult cancer specialists and decide on the course of the treatment, which may have to be aggressive. Regards. B.Raman. 28-10-09


Nani said...

Dear Raman Sir,
We pray for your quick recovery and good health.

rahul kumar jha said...


For long I have been a silent admirer and
an anonymous applauder of your insightful
views and opinions . Today your
fortitude mesmerizes me.
I join your well wishers to
pray for your quick recovery .

Siva Chinnasamy said...

I pray for you to receive the appropriate and accurate diagnosis and successful treatment.

Treatments for cancer are aggressive and quick success is had when the patient has a calm, composed and determined mind with tremendous positivism / faith in a higher power. I believe you have all of these which will ensure a quick and successful treatment.

Come back soon after the treatments with renewed vigor and vitality.

openlight said...

a silent reader's prayer and wishes for best of your health.

Sundararaman said...

Wish you all the very best for a speedy recovery and we pray Lord for many more years of your service for this nation

n00b said...

I pray for your health.
Get Well Soon.

Shiraj Jahafar said...

Dear Mr. Raman,
May allah bless you and your family with the mental strength to face this situation positively. I pray for your speedy recovery & good health.
Shiraj syed.

manaspaul said...

Sir, You will be fine. I have personally known some cancer patients who have been doing great jobs despite their diagnosed CA for the last several years. One such patient was a high ranking lady Rotarian (Asst. Gov) who had once been according to the doctors at the last stage. Yet, by the grace of God she got cured and dedicated next phase of her life for the betterment of the people. God will also be kind enough to keep you healthy and fit for many more years to come.
Sir, You will just be fine...
Manas Paul

PointSingularity86 said...

Dear sir,
Praying for your good health and recovery...

Spetsnaz101 said...

Get well soon then, old timer!

sukishiv said...

Wish u the very best. Avid reader of your blog
==== Shiv

Anonymous said...

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sbm said...

Best wishes and God's speed in your recovery.

Soumyasrajan said...

We all pray for very quick recovery for you.

indra said...

Please try to keep your spirits high at this most trying time,and please know that i for one will be offering a prayer at my local Hindu temple in the Uk for you an your family.

real? said...

May the king of Lords bless you.
Jah Bless

Pundita said...

Dear Sri Raman:
I have just read of your health trouble. I pray with all my heart that you will recover soon. God bless you.

This is good time to thank you for all the great work you have done for so many years, and for your continued efforts to inform the general public around the world of crucial defense

I have learned so much from the insights you have provided.

Very best regards,