Wednesday, September 2, 2009



As I write this, the media news is that the helicopter carrying Y.S.Rajasekhra Reddy, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, his Principal Security Officer (PSO) and a senior official of the Andhra Pradesh Government, which went missing at 9-35 AM on September 2,2009, after having lost contact with airport control towers, has been located from air on the top of a hill near Kurnool. The state of the helicopter and of its passengers--- the two-member crew and the three others mentioned above--- is not yet known.

2. While following media reports about the search for the missing helicopter, one mind's went back to April 9,1992, when a Russian built private plane (AN-26), carrying Yasser Arafat, the then head of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), crashlanded in the Libyan desert after getting caught in a sandstorm.The plane was carrying Arafat from the Sudan to Libya.Before-crash landing, the pilot of the aircraft had informed the control tower with which he was in touch that he was crash-landing in the desert due to difficulties faced because of the
sand-storm. Thereafter, all communications ceased----with the aircraft as well as with the security officers of Arafat. The wreckage of the plane was spotted in the desert in Southern Libya by a plane of the Libyan Air Force.Search parties were immediately sent out into the area where the Libyan Air Force plane had spotted the wreckage of the aircraft. When one of the rescue teams reached the spot 12 hours after radio contact with the plane had been lost, it found 10 of the 13 members on board the plane, including Arafat, alive. The two Palestinian pilots of the aircraft and a technician were dead. Arafat had only some bruises on his body and an injury on his forehead.

3. The cockpit of the aircraft was totally destroyed by the crash-laning, but the cabin in which Arafat and others were sitting received only minor damages.The security officers of Arafat were not able to contact their headquarters and guide the rescue effort because all communication equipment of the aircraft had been destroyed by the crash and the communication sets of Arafat's security officers had
stopped functioning.Only after the rescue team reached Arafat was he able to take a communication set of the rescue team and talk to his headquarters.

4.In any enquiry into the mishap to YSR's helicopter, the following questions may have to be addressed:

Do the security rules on board VIP planes and helicopters require that the mobile phones of the security officers will also be switched off as the other passengers are required to do?

If so, is there any independent means of communications with the security officers available in addition to the communication equipment of the plane or helicopter?

If not, how to ensure that the security officers have an independent and secure means of communications with their headquarters instead of having to depend on the equipment of the aircraft or helicopter?

What is the present communications protocol with the security officer or officers on board with the VIP? Is there any need for revising it in the light of the experience with YSR's chopper? (3-9-09)

( The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai. E-mail: )


Naxal Watch said...

Is it that difficult for India to arrange a seperate satellite communication channel for Diplomats, VIP's and VVIP's as US has. A country which boosts of space power, cheap launch of satellites, why it can't provide this facilities to VIP's?

captainjohann said...

Nobody switches off the phone in civil flights while it is NOT followed in any of the military or VIP flights.This cell phone interefering in aircraft navigation and comm equipment is a thing which has to be proved. Some chennls were reporting about SATcomm may be of iridium of chief minister was not able to communicate.
the fundemntal safety aspect is called ELT(emergency locator transmitter) which has its own independent small battery to work for 24 hours. It is this equipment which normallly nobody(aircrew) donot turn on. I donot know whether it works. If this system is made full proof, it will avoid lot of effort and money like 2000 ground troops and 7 choppers along with two sukhois searching.