Tuesday, July 14, 2009



I was in receipt of a question from a Chinese reader of my articles on the Urumqi uprising asking why the Indians are silent on the brutalities committed by the Uighurs on the Han Chinese. The reply sent by me is given below:

In India, people are worried over the brutality of the Uighur jihadis to the Han Chinese civilians. I personally support strong action by the Chinese security agencies against those involved in riots and violence. I am sure in their heart of hearts many Indians will feel the same way against the trouble-makers. At the same time, they don't say it openly because the Chinese authorities remained silent when the jihadi terrorists in Kashmir acted in the same way as the Uighur rioters. Moreover, the Chinese delegation to the UN opposed the declaration of the Lashkar-e-Toiba as a terrorist organisation till the LET attacked in Mumbai in November last. Both India and China face jihadi terrorism emanating from Pakistan. They should jointly combat it. That is possible only if China stops helping Pakistan and considering it an ally. (14-7-09)

(The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai. He is also associated with the Chennai Centre For China Studies.E-mail: seventyone2@gmail.com )


Deshabhakta said...

Must have been an eye opener for the Chinese brother. Thank you Raman ji for the most appropriate reply. May be even the Chinese people thought about us whenever we were attacked by the jihadists aka Hindu haters. But their govt suppressed their feeling and voice. Chinese should understand that the voilence in their land is by the same breed of jihadists that their govt stands by.

murali said...

well said, sir! i just hope that many more people read this and be aware. I do not understand why the Indian Govt does not issue some good statements like this.. May be this will help in making the chinese public more aware of what India feels?

Unknown said...

Dear Mr Raman,

Thanks for all your nice articles. I have travelled to all parts of China including Urumqi,Kashgar etc. I am aware of the subdued tension that had always prevailed in Xinjiang, Nei Mengol (Inner Mongolia) and Tibet but first time, it had exploded this way in Xinjiang.

I am interested to know the strategic implication of this in China-Pak relations, on the expansion programme on Karakoram Highway. on the proposed rail link between Pakistan and China through Xinjiang, How China might look at problem in Kashmir - How China will look at Terrorism emanating from Pakistan affecting India, overall India-Chinese relations etc etc.

I have been to Pakistan many times including the trouble spots like NWFP etc and I always felt that they need Chinese support , so the Jihadis can target a soft-target like India and create nuisance, as far as possible in many other countries. The need for Chinese support is because China can veto any move against Pakistan, also ensure supply of weapons. Incidentally most weapons in FATA, beyond Hayatabad, (just outside Peshawar) is Chinese-origin in arms mandi in NWFP.

If time permits, pls write on these issues, in particular what it means to India

Vijay said...
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Vijay said...

excellent reply Ramanji. What you said is so true. People often fail to apply to themselves the same standards they impose on others.

Unknown said...

Good question, good answer. Who can make the Chinese understand the injustice they are inflicting on the Uighurs and Tibetans? These people have been made minorities in their own land by waves of Chinese migrations supported by their govt. There is bound to be repercussions.