Tuesday, November 4, 2008



The Presidential campaign is over. The transition drill has begun. Senator Barrack Obama will take over as the President only on January 20 next, but his immense work as the President-elect would have already begun from the moment he left the dais after making the victory speech to his followers and supporters.

2.The Americans call it the period of transition. It is during this period that the President-elect chooses his team of Cabinet members and senior officials, decides on his policy priorities and works out his goals during the first 100 days of his administration and thereafter. Those, who would constitute the hard core of his transition team, would start co-ordinating with the outgoing Bush administration.

3. Senior officials of the US Secret Service, which protects the President and the Vice-President, would have already called on him and set in place the arrangements for his security. Other officials of the Bush Administration would be calling on him and his close advisers to keep them briefed on the actions of the outgoing administration.

4. He will be the President of the US only from January 20, but he will be already entitled from November 5 to a regular briefing by the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Director, National Intelligence (DNI) on important developments in the world. The outgoing administration would not take any major decision or initiative or action without keeping him in the picture.

5. Speculation as to who could be his Cabinet members and other senior advisers had already started days before the elections in anticipation of a certain victory by him. In an article on October 26,2008, the “Independent” of the UK put its bet on the following as his possible Cabinet members:

Secretary of State: John Kerry (Senator from Massachusetts), Richard Holbrooke (former UN Ambassador), Bill Richardson (Governor of New Mexico, former UN Ambassador)

Secretary of Defence: Robert Gates (current Pentagon chief), Retd. General Wesley Clark (2004 Democratic Presidential candidate), Chuck Hagel (outgoing Republican Senator from Nebraska)

Treasury Secretary: Laura Tyson (former economic adviser to President Clinton), Timothy Geithner (President, New York Fed), Paul Volcker (former Federal Reserve Chairman)

National Security Adviser: Susan Rice (Obama's top foreign policy adviser), Retd. General Anthony Zinni (former C-in-C, Central Command), Samantha Power (former Obama foreign policy adviser)

Others: Colin Powell, possible foreign policy special envoy/troubleshooter; Hillary Clinton, health care czarina.

6.There could be surprises because he will have a political debt to pay to those who supported him and they may want some of their nominees to be accommodated.

7.India will have no special reasons to be concerned over the possibility of any of the persons mentioned by “Independent” joining the Cabinet, except possibly Holbrooke, whose taking-over as the Secretary of State could lead to a re-hyphenation of Indo-Pakistan relations, bringing back the hyphen, which had been removed by President George Bush and his Secretary of State Condolleeza Rice.

8.Another person of concern to India would be Madeleine Albright, who was Secretary of State under Bill Clinton. Though “Independent” did not mention her, she was reportedly a member of the inner circle which was advising Obama on foreign policy matters during the campaign.

9.India will also put a question mark on Colin Powell, who was particularly not well disposed towards India during the first term of Bush when Powell was the Secretary of State. It was only after he was replaced by Rice as the Secretary of State that Indo-US relations really started moving forward with many initiatives to acknowledge the importance of India as a major power on par with China. Concerns over Pakistani sensitivities ceased to be an inhibiting factor in US policy-making with regard to India. Zinni is an unknown quantity in India. He has many friends in Pakistan’s Armed Forces.

10.It is still 10 weeks before Obama takes over as the President. One does not know how the economies of the US and the rest of the world would move during this period. Till now, the US and the rest of the world have been seeing only the impact of the melt-down on the moneyed class---- banks, stock markets, business companies, people who have the money to dabble in the stock markets and to keep deposits in banks. The world is yet to see the impact on the common man, who is worried only about his day-to-day living and not about stock markets, mutual funds and banks. The impact on the common man would become evident by the time Obama takes over as the President.

11. The common people in the US and the rest of the world will be watching how he deals with the impact on their lives. Understandably, apart from rhetorical statements, Obama was sparse in his policy pronouncements on the economic crisis. His evasion was understandable because he had to take care that any unwise remarks by him did not add to the prevailing nervousness in the market. The economy would occupy a major part of his attention during his first few weeks in office.

12. His pronouncements on India and Pakistan, which were music to the ears of people in India in the initial months of the campaign, became jarring during the closing days of the campaign. In the initial months of his campaign, he praised India and supported the initiatives taken by the Bush administration in relation to India. He was very critical of Pakistan’s inadequate co-operation with the US in the war against Al Qaeda. He also criticized the Bush Administration for giving to Pakistan weapons, which it could use only against India and not against Al Qaeda, under the pretext of strengthening its counter-terrorism capability. He hardly spoke of Indo-Pakistan issues.

13.But as the campaign reached its culmination, he started speaking of the Kashmir issue in a language, which reminded one of the language of the past from the officials of the Clinton Administration. Obama’s entourage and Gen. David H.Petraeus, former Commander of the Multi-National Force in Iraq, who took over as the Commander of the US Central Command on October 31 and is presently on a visit to Pakistan and Afghanistan, have one thing in common---- they listen a lot to the assessments and recommendations of Ahmed Rashid, the Pakistani analyst, who has written extensively on the Taliban and the war against terrorism. In fact, Petraeus has reportedly nominated Ahmed Rashid and Shuja Nawaz, the author of the recently published book on the Pakistan Army called “Crossed Swords”, as members of a brains trust to advise him on a new strategy towards Afghanistan and Pakistan.

14.Ahmed Rashid has been arguing for some months now that the Pakistan Army cannot be expected to co-operate wholeheartedly with the US Armed Forces in the war against Al Qaeda and the Taliban unless there is a forward movement in settling the Kashmir issue and India is pressured to cut down its presence in Afghanistan. There were not many takers for his arguments in the Bush Administration. But they have already started influencing the thinking of many who are close to Obama.

15.Will he exercise pressure on India on the Kashmir issue and its role in Afghanistan after he takes over or will he let his pre-election remarks remain without follow up action? This is a question which should worry Indian policy-makers.

16.Obama’s policy towards China is also likely to be different from that of the Bush Administration. He will continue to strengthen the US’ strategic relations with India, the foundations for which were laid by Bush and Rice, but the sensitivities of China and Pakistan could once again become inhibiting factors in determining the pace and extent of the relationship. He is unlikely to subscribe to the wisdom of building up India as a counter to China. That was the unstated wisdom behind the policies of the Bush Administration towards India.

17.Obama was supportive of the Indo-US Civilian nuclear co-operation Agreement. Many of the non-governmental experts, who were critical of the agreement, have a greater audience for their views in the Democratic Party than in the Republican Party. They would try to see that the Hyde Act is observed in letter and spirit in the implementation of the agreement. If their views prevail, one could see a slow-down in Indo-US co-operation in nuclear matters.

18.Under Bush, Indo-US relations developed like never before because he was a great admirer of India and was convinced of the need to encourage the emergence of India as a major Asian power on par with China. Obama has so far not given any indication of a similar admiration and conviction.

19.Barring John F.Kennedy, other Democratic Presidents were not very positive towards India. They always thought of India tactically and not strategically. Many major initiatives towards India came from Republican Presidents, who held office after Richard Nixon, whose dislike of India---- and particularly Indira Gandhi--- was well-known. There was a new page in Indo-US relations under Bush. This was facilitated by the decline in the influence of some Washington-based think tanks and their academics on policy-making. With the return of a Democrat to the White House, these old academic warriors are already coming out of their eight-year-long hibernation and will try to influence the new President in his thinking and policies. Their views are no different from those of the like of Ahmed Rashid.

20.We should not hesitate to make it clear to the new administration that while we are as keen as before to strengthen our strategic relations with the US, this cannot be at the expense of our vital national interests in matters like Kashmir and Afghanistan. (5-11-08)

(The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai. He is also associated with the Chennai Centre For China Studies. E-mail: seventyone2@gmail.com )


Speech is Golden said...

For a change, a well researched and presented article but why the scare-mongering title. It is as if you are afraid that any favourable mention of Obama would erode your readership.

Isn't it self-delusional to believe that Bush did what he did to India because he admired the country or its great history/cultural heritage? Wasn't it pure self interest? And why would we agree to the "wisdom" of being built by USA as a counter to China? Is it in our best interest?

Your assessment that the experts in 12 and the academic warriors in 19 may be against some policies makes me feel like i have been stealing from a blind beggar. Oh damn! he has had a corneal transplant. now i can't eat my double scoop of strawberry icecream everyday.

chandrabhan said...

Raman sir,
I always have been appreciative of India's foreign policy in reagrds to Afghanistan and we must continue to do so. We must be taking a series of steps(which I am sure are already under way) to keep all our options open and checkmate future American 'Netagiri' in our backyard..
1.Continue to develop ties with Iran
2.Push ahead for the IPI gas link and if possible involve Russia, the 'stans (CA) and also Terrorist state of Pakistan.
3. we must put some severe clauses on the profit money going to military spendings and all of the memebers should put a stake - cow don TSP
4.Prop up the northern alliance - clandestinely continue to support their build up and work with Iran/Russia to acheiev so
5.Continue to work the fissures between the pashtoons - Ghilzai vs Durrani.
6. When the Americans dump Karzai under pressure from TSP, we must give asylum to Karzai and other 'Sarkari' pashtoons and support them in all ways possible( statements like Moderate,secular pashtoons will help)
7. We must tie down Americans to Afghanistan and 'The great game' should devour it's players now - british and their attack dog, US.
8. Pakistan Taliban is nothing but Pashtoon nationalism, they will not rest till the Durand line is gone.
9. How can we forget Baluchistan? They have been done great injustice in 1948, sufferings of humnaity and pain of being a refugee in one's own land( AMnesty etc must be used). Somebody can supply weapons also.
10.we must complete the highway through Iran to kabul quickly
11. pashtoons have been done a great injustice by the durand line - It's high time this is erased and we should be able to create some more Mehsoods to take on Americans.
12. Europeans hate dead bodies and Obama will ahve to share the burden of loosing american lives and we must ensure they ae plenty.
13. Is China very happy with American forces next door :-)
14. An independent Pakhtoonwa is in our benefit but we msut balance it with 'Khudai Khidmatgars'

I am too young to say all this but this is my thought. We must bluntly tell the Americans that they should mind their business and in case Obama is smart, he will understand that he is betting on the dying horse. TSP is history in next 5 years and I am already dreaming of a plot of land in Baluchistan( India's Union territory), provided we play it right.

san said...

Mr "speech is golden" (aka Mr Ramakrishnan)

Why are you so defensive about your new love, Obama? Are you a Kenyan national?

The context of this article is Indian interests, and not Obama's interests or his fan-club's. Please don't take leave of your senses while you moon over him.

The issue is of Indo-Pak hyphenation, whereby India is relegated to being Pakistan's siamese twin. Sorry, but we're not their twin, neither in temperament nor in character.

Certainly I will give preference to a US president who looks upon India more favorably, rather than one who looks upon Kenya more preferably. Perhaps this is because I'm not a Kenyan national like yourself, or some affiliated wanna-be.

Speech may be golden, but thinking before one speaks is golden too.

chandrabhan said...

I believe that is in our interest to engage with Americans but we must continue to protect the red line of territrial integrity and stop some of these Pseudo-secularists (NDTV bandwagon - barkha dutt & Pronoy Roy, Dhoti roy type) by throwing them under NSA. We must not let these guys gtry and float a trial balloon - ala Kashmir.
We are growing population and we have no where to grow.We need additional landmass to accomodate our people. Europeans had North america lands, Australia, Latam etc. Thanks to Nehru's stupidity and treachery of the British generals during the transition phase in 1948, we lost Northern areas to TSP and later on Tibet( rightfully ours) to Chinese due to arrogance and stupidity of Nehru. he was hell bent on being the moral guardian of the world and loved his photo adorned walls.
Anyway, this is not the time to talk about all that but we must not loose even an inch of space to anyone and I am proud of the fact that successive Indian governments have understood this fact.
The natural expansion for us to come from 2 countries - Burma and Tibet in the north once we are strong enough. China can and will expand into siberia. Russia will not have enough people to defend - currently 140mln will go down to 132 Mln by 2025.
Obama or no bama, we must not loose an inch, we must try and get Northern areas anyhow( population sparse, only 7 Million and big landmass).
If we need to go war on it we must. It is the neccessity for our survival- Energy securty as well as land requirement.

Speech is Golden said...

chandrabhan: way to go mate! imperial ambitions. plot of land in baluchistan. too bad u leaked all the secret plans on the net.

san: india IS pakistan's twin. weren't we born on the same day. and who says that twins should have same temperament. let pakistan be the 'evil twin' if it will please u.

how can kashmir issue be resolved (i am assuming we want it resolved at some point of time) without putting pakistan and india in the same table (and therefore in the same sentence). or wud u rather believe that the people(terrorists) fighting for the separation of kashmir have no affiliation to pakistan?

being patriotic does not make crap smell sweet. what is is what is.

and i wudn't wait too anxiously for an american persident to look favourably to india. i don't want india to be the favourite child of america. or lap dog if the imagery isn't clear enough. we cud run out of favour. i want us to be taken seriously... as an equal. i am not being defensive of obama, merely making an observation that the article with its detailed analysis was not anti-obama but the title is basically saying 'beware! he is going to eat you in the night' and i don't like bedtime stories unless there is some sex involved in it.

speech is golden

p.s. i wish i was in love with obama. but i am not gay enough. and he is married.

san said...

Mr "speech is golden" (aka Mr Ramakrishnan) - then for that matter, I can argue that Afghanistan is yet another siamese sibling, since much of their territory is occupied by Pakistan, and was illegally occupied by it even before the 1948 Kashmir conflict began.

So if you want to make such clever comparisons, I can find even cleverer ones than yours.

If Obama & Co would claim that Kashmir conflict is the reason for Taliban, then I would opposingly argue that illegal occupation of NWFP is the reason for both Kashmir conflict and Taliban. After all, Jinnah had to find some way to divert Pashtun attentions away from nationalism, by despatching them against India. And how legal was Pakistan's annexation of Baluchistan, which comprises 50% of its land? All of these things are quite dubious.

If Obama tries to send Clinton or some other special envoy to Kashmir, encouraging a rise in terrorism, then I would return troops to the LOC. This would force Pak to pull troops away from the War on Taliban, as it redeploys them towards India.

Also, Iran will soon be crossing the nuclear threshold during Obama's first term. That means Obama either has to bomb their infrastructure, or else allow them to go nuclear. In either case, Obama would be hard-pressed without a friendly India in the region. Our strength and our leverage grows everyday. We need not be ambiguously polite about pressing our interests to those who don't understand them.

chandrabhan said...

My friend, This is not imperial ambition, this is a strategic requirement. Baluchistan is the key to Middle east and the western govts tolerate 'Terrorist state of pakistan' alias TSP just because of this. Think Gwadar, Iran, Oil and all.
Obviously you live in some lala land and have no clue of strategy. Moreover these have been historic areas of Indic influence. You have said this( India and Pakistan being twins) on this forum, don't tell this to any TSP mullah or TSP army men. They seek their identity from the Arabs not from this civilsation.That's another matter that Arabs give them no importance and they Pukis are left orphaned. We say that Pukis look like us but they never say it publicly. The whole reason for existence is under cloud. the culture which they slammed is lapped up their middle class, their artists make more money in India, cricketers ditto. they want to live in India.
To be taken seriously, we need to make more money and combine it with hard power. Stop these siamese twin theory with TSP and let soft power confront China in event for event, book for book, every 2 scholars for their one.
Keep your pedestrian knowledge of this civilisation to yourself and stop dragging India to puki's level.
I have lived in America and there is only one thing American self interest. We also shd have the similar thing on mind. We are not begistan, We are descendents of great civilisation and we must strive hard to get our place back in the sun.
Regarding plot of land in Baluchistan, that may become a reality in my life time and as a kafir Hindu that I am, I wish to do the same in tibet. wash the sins of founding father os modern India in Mansarovar lake( Nehru & company).Whetehr you like it or not. we msu tfind land to expand and there is nothing but Burma and tibet in our periphery. War is inevitable with Chincoms over issues starting with Braham putra river.
You just learn and grow up Kiddo

chandrabhan said...

Iran, As i mentioned has to be cultivated at all costs. it provides us a cushion against the Sunni mullahs in India and also gives us a foothold in afghanistan and Baluchistan. We are on the verge of winding up 'The great Game' and we msut not let up the hard work done so far.
Our way to Afghanistan goes through Iran.


Mr Raman,

I came by your blog today. it contains a mine of information. thanks.

Bengal Under Attack


In fact I have critiqued the Rashid & Ruben comment at : http://bengalunderattack.blogspot.com/2008/10/from-great-game-to-great-bargain-ending.html

chandrabhan said...

Raman Sir,
Please use your influence in ensuring a line of credit to TSP - atleast $3-5 Bln and then we can selectively leak it to media. We have "Begistan" cornered. Mullahs will not tolerate it and commit some grand suicide bombings, commoners don't care where the money come from as long as they are ensured cheap 'Bakra' and Roti. Puki army will oppose it as they have always been selling the grand idea ," India is out there ot get us" and it will be punctured in the face.
We must use some beautiful lines , " We were one country after all, We have Sindh in our national anthem".
Leave some oblique refrence to 'All weather friends' and deny the money forcefuly in media :-)As a result TSPA will be under pressure, as they are the guardian of the idea of Pukiland( may conduct a coup or push the govt to not accept the money). We will earn lot of brownie points also with 'Developed nations' - gurdians of free trade. We can put conditions on the money to be spent only in Baluchistan and FATA ( Durrani areas).
Off course I may be day dreaming but I am 'Maha' excited as the player has been taken over by 'The game' (US/UK coalition). Sadly MMS is a joke and lacks the foresight and guts. He had been a clerk all his life and remains so.
Today, I rue the day i refised to join civil services :-( 'Our Pathan brothers' will ensure the extinction of the land of the pure.

You guys do something about the BD jokers in your state.

Speech is Golden said...

clever san: i wasn't trying to go one up on u (somehow it seems pointless). but to clarify the pakistani occupation of aghanistan... let's just say my siamese twin has raped a woman. that doesn't make her my twin.

i do live in lala land. but i find the 2 reasons u have given for occupation of baluchistan or afghanistan (1. we need it and 2. if pakistan can do it, why not me?) inadequate, even puerile. i do not want to consider the argument that since baluchistan has indic influence, it is ok to annexe it. there is indic influence in the greek and roman civilisations. lets go to war with everyone.

san said...

"Speech is Golden" (aka Mr Ramakrishnan), yes, by that same token, just because the Moghuls from what is now Pakistan have raped India historically (they were the real Aryan invaders), it doesn't mean we should regard Pakistan as a twin. We should recognize that Pakistan does not share the same values with us, and therefore we should not be trying to associate ourselves with it. I certainly wouldn't take any comfort from being affiliated with Pakistan.

san said...

likewise, just because West Pakistan raped East Pakistan, doesn't mean we should try to see Bangladesh as a sibling twin either.

chandrabhan said...

Mr Ramakrishanan,
You are a typical commie, Liberalised product. I, thankfully do not fall in to the category of your Ilk - Dhoti Roy, Vir Sanghvi, Barkha dutt and loads of Fake Hindu Liberals Who are apologetic to be born on this land and see evrything wrong with Hindu way of life.
Anyway, That's not the point we are discussing, wea re talking hard core real politic.
Baluchistan is important for future energy security of this country for it's closeness to middle east and it provides the required sea access to land locked Afghanistan. Should I write in some other language? It was the outpost of Indic civilization and people like you won't understand that. Learn something from Israel , it took them 1800 years to take their historic lands back But for fake liberals like you Israel may be the occupation force - right? Every invasion that has happened on 'Bharatvarsha' has happened through these two routes - passes of Afghanistan and lands through baluchistan( close to another mighty persian empire).
People who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it, my friend. Regarding your thinking ability and mental calibre, my silence speaks for it- Roman empire,Pukiland.... guzzle down some beer and chase woman around sydney , thats better for you. Don't make argument for the sake of it- grow up

Speech is Golden said...

i stress my point again... that the present day Baluchistan was the outpost of our civilisation makes no difference to its national integrity. any attempt to settle there is imperial ambition. that china or israel does it will not make it right. and that it is important to our energy security is not sound enough reason. i shudder at it b'coz i wud never accept america or china waging war against India, because that is "essential" for their economy.

thank u for putting me in the same league as some pretty famous people. i am flattered. and actually i am chasing around beautiful women and it is awesome. being a liberal means i can sleep around without any moral obligations, right?

i have a lot of growing up to do. i know. but i don't want to. what if i begin to think like u after i grow up. yuck.

san: i was always poor in history. but remind me where were the remains of our Indus valley civilisation found. something like harrapa and mhenjadaro come to my mind but i don't know. us indians and them... we are like water and mineral water. very different

san said...

"speech is golden" (Mr ramakrishnan)

Yes, look at how far Mecca is, and yet you seem to find it closer to us than the Indus Valley. I certainly feel that the land of the Indus Valley is a great sign of our past to feel kinship with, and yet the people living on it are a different matter. They seem to care more about faraway Mecca and reject the value of anything predating it -- a contrast worth noting.

chandrabhan said...

Are you always this stupid or these are one of the special days? Right is a matter of Perspective and end objective nations want to achieve.
china as well as US have gone to war in past with others and each other and continue to do so. Right or wrong is useless. Our leadership has been lecturing the world on non violence , universal disarmament, denuclearization and ceding land to Chinese/pukis and look where have we landed? We need energy for growth to lift peple out of poverty or you can produce gas by being moral guardian and our people can cook food, light homes with that -correct?

Continue this gasing

Speech is Golden said...

if ur stance is that capturing baluchistan is morally wrong, but who cares about morality, then i understand if not agree to it. as long as u accept that it is thievery and we are simply burglars breaking into our neighbours house so we can have a rolex watch and nano car (ends justifies the means), i am fine.

that u care for the poor people in india who can't light homes or cook food is admirable. but what do we do about the people of baluchistan? should we factor them into our plan? or will they welcome us as liberators?

chandrabhan said...

Hi Ram,
Thi thread is not about Baluchistan, It is about Obama and his country's future policies reagrding our back yard - TSP, Afghanistan and the resultant impact it will have on our future as a single entity.
It's opinion , no belief that we need to take care of my interests with a missionary zeal. Engage with Amir khans as when required as equals in the mission to stablise this part of the world and not allowing too much interference from them in our backyard. No nation, can survive outsourcing security and it is something nations sates will need to do themsleves.
Baluchistan, as I mentioned earlier, happens to be piece of land that is sitting on huge energy reserves and is next to world's largest landmass ( in temrs of oil prodiction), middle east. Moreover the population is merely 8 million and TSP does not have the money to develop the potential. We surely don't want the chinese there to control the major energy sources. Chinese already have head start in Africa over us. This land mass , baluchistan historically have been our part and we will simply need to relcliam it and settle our people. UP( similar landmass) has a population of 165 million. We can bring prosperity to this land and frankly speaking, I don't care about what happens to anyone else as long as I can lift my own brethren out of poverty and darkness.I am not into sainthood and nation states are not built by saints, they are built by blood and toil.
My first obligation is to the nation state I am born in and a 60 years of division of land can not erase the history of this 6000 year old civilisation.
On the other hand we must also take NA(POK) anyhow. that's another access to energy rich Central asia. Leave the TSP as it is in Pakjab and SIndh. They deserve each other.If you don't know, Burma used to be a part of India till british times and was separated during the late 30's into a separate administrative area. Bahdur shah jafar was sent there after the 1857 revolt and spent 14 years in captivity before he died near Rangoon. This is our history and the land inhabited by Indian races has been truncated over time and again but no more it will happen

san said...

Obama has sent Madeleine Albright to represent him at the G-20 Summit:


This is not a good sign.

chandrabhan said...

I agree, All the hawk's & 'intellectuals' of clinton era are back. Someway i feel we should stop bothering about Obama and his cronies.
1. US power to tickle is considerably reduced since 1998( Hegemon days) due to China's rise, Assertive Russia
2. Economic mess that he has inherited, thanks to greenspan and handsoff policies of GOP will keep him tied down. he will also need abigger begging bowl to take to china.
3.We are a 4Trillion economy(PPP terms) now. 1Trillion officially from a 270 Bln. 4 times bigger.
4.We are the second largest source of legal immigration to US now.
5.We have US in just our backyard and Obama knows that our indifference can harm US interests permanently out here.
6. he can't hold us hostage on the name of nuclear deal, We have signd one with france and russia too. After the ratification by NSG, we don't to depend solely on US. France more or less follows an independent foreign policy.
7. He has a bigger worry - China(who is continuously devouring US companies and the wall street)

These Madeline albright types are passe now. Pukis are funny case and they remind me of my neighbor who put a gun to his head wanting me to let him drive my car whenever he wants to.

Seth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Seth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Seth said...

Chandrabhan - I admire your views. I hope after our elections, we will have a hawk in the cabinet who thinks in the same line as Mr Raman and yourself on Afghan, Baluchistan and our national security. edwetters like Ramakrishan are wimps who are afraid and spend their whole life trying to please others.

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