Monday, August 25, 2008


Defeatist campaign to run down security forces seen
Special Correspondent
Former RAW official says Arundhati Roy is to blame
HYDERABAD: B. Raman, former head, Counter Terrorism Division of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), has regretted that a campaign was being run to create a feeling of defeatism in the minds of security forces fighting terrorists and felt this was as pernicious a trend as the ideology of jihad.
The defeatist campaign which was started by writer Arundhati Roy should be resisted before the “virus” spreads, he told a meeting on ‘Tackling jihadi terrorism’ organised by an NGO, Social Cause here on Sunday. Mr. Raman said the security forces had never shown signs of fatigue so far and this was the strength of the country.

Of late, however, people were falling for arguments questioning the utility of fighting terrorists. This was as dangerous as terrorism itself.

The former RAW official said it was unfortunate that not many studies were done about jihadi terrorists in India although extensive knowledge about the mindset of Army personnel belonging to Pakistan was gathered and incorporated in the training programmes for security forces here.

Understanding the mindset and ideology of jihadis was important to control the problem, he said. Some of the components of the ideology were – loyalty to a particular religion, religious solidarity taking precedence over cultural solidarity and religious beliefs have no national frontiers, he added.
Former Director General of Police T.S. Rao sought a stringent law to cut off support to terrorists. Andhra Bhoomi Editor M.V.R. Sastry said political support is leveraging terrorist activity.


san said...

Mr Raman,

I find this endless recalibrating to be futile and pointless. One day we are chiding ourselves for reacting too quickly, the next day we are chiding ourselves for reacting too slowly. One day we are kicking ourselves for not having researched enough, then the next day we are kicking ourselves for having over-researched and delayed action.

In Greek mythology, there is the myth of Sisyphus, who was condemned to push a boulder up and down a hill for eternity. We need to break the Sisyphian cycle, and stop the appeasement of those who will never be satisified. I'm a non-religious atheist, but that doesn't mean I'm going to be a sucker.

The policies of Nehru and his Congress cronies have been a catastrophic failure. There's no sense in trying to save a marriage with someone who will only cry 'Talaq' 3 times as soon as the mood strikes them.

It's time to kick the separatists of the Valley of Kashmir out of India. If there's a hullabaloo about it for awhile, I could care less. Just shift the entire population of Srinagar across the border. If they want to march across the border, escort them with all haste. Then don't let them back in. Just mine the area, lay down the barbed wire, trenches, etc, and don't let them come back in. If anybody wants to return, make them first sign in writing that they renounce any right to separatism for all perpetuity. I could care less what the howling liberals think, as they will always scorn us anyway.

Putin has the right idea. When someone keeps biting at you, then hit back hard enough to break their teeth. Western opinions be damned -- they went out of their way to create the jihadi menace anyway. No point in jumping through hoops for their approval, which will never come.

san said...

I want to reiterate my admiration for what Putin did in Chechnya, and now in Georgia.

He hit the Georgians so hard that they folded up like a house of cards. Their loud-mouthed rhetoric was no match for the ground-level reality of a good hard blow.

This is how to decisively put a problem to rest, instead of letting the problem fester and grow and worsen with each passing year.